My Top 6 Moments of this Week’s TV

My favorite moments of the week! There were a lot of great other moments, like the Cam/Michelle/Finn triangulation on Bones, or Sheldon admitting that Penny helped him on The Big Bang Theory, or all the meet-cute’s of this week’s Cougar Town, or all the Sarah/Neal moments on White Collar, … But this is my week’s top 6! (Update: I just got around to watch last Sunday’s Shameless and I just had to include it!)



1. Community (S04E03 – Conventions of Space and Time)


This has been, so far, my favorite episode of the season. It had a great concept, costumes and my favorite 2 moments of the week.

The first is right in the beginning, when Britta has to sneak out of Troy’s room through the window so that Abed doesn’t find out that they’re sleeping together. She dresses on her way, in a highly skilled manner, curls her hair with Annie’s curly iron and lands on the corridor outside the apartment where she gets the bag of donuts she had hidden, along with her shoes and then she knocks on the door… genius…

And the moment when Jeff tells Annie that if she was really his wife, he wouldn’t be flirting with another woman in the hotel lobby… priceless!

(Note: I keep reading critiques to this Community post-Harmon era… I liked the 1st episode, I did not care at all for the second, but this one was pretty good! People keep telling that it feels off… well, every show has a point where it has to take a slightly different direction or it will have no space to grow…)


2. Beauty and the Beast (S01E14 – Tough Love)


That kiss… it finally happened. And by the preview of next week’s installment, that’s not the only thing that will happen…

Catherine: “Crazy stuff happens, all I want to do is share it with you, figure it out with you. My ‘normal’  it’s when I’m with you. I love you! I don’t need walls or doors.”

Vicent: “I’m so in love with you.”


3. Shameless (S03E05 – The Sins of My Caretaker)


Mickey kisses Ian! A moment I actually thought wasn’t going to happen on TV (probably because I read on Cameron Monaghan twitter that he thought it wouldn’t happen either). But it did. After Ian told Mickey that at least Lloyd wasn’t afraid of kissing him, and while preparing for a robbery  Mickey gets back in the van and kisses his man! Aleluia!

The episode had another amazing moment: the phone call Lip does to Karen. Priceless!


4. Castle (S05E15 – Target)


That hug Kate gives Rick after Alexis has been kidnapped, while Gates is probably watching… it speaks volumes about her feelings for him…


5. How I Met Your Mother (S08E17 – The Ashtray)


Just loved the moment when when the Captain offers Lily a job as an art consultant… After she voiced her pain about not being anything more than a kindergarten teacher, it was a definite win for her and she totally deserves it!


6. Law & Order: SVU (S14E15 – Deadly Ambition)


Poor Amanda Rollins! She spends all her time trying to help her sister only to find out that Kim orchestrated the whole plan, to have Amanda kill her boyfriend… The moment when Amanda realizes what her sister has done and then she gets to her newly emptied apartment… heartbreaking!