The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge #5

Welcome back for the 5th day of The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge. Leannaatc @Short Story Long has this idea of a month full of Harry Potter and you can find the prompt for each day here here.

the hp 30 days challenge

– Day 5: Who’s your favourite male character and why? –

I’m going to cheat here and say more than one, I can do that, right?


Ok, so I’m gonna say The Weasleys! All of them (except for Percy, he’s a prick!). I obviously love Ron the most, out of all the males in these amazing books, Ron is my favorite, but all of the Weasleys are pretty amazing.

Think about it for a while… This is a family who has basically nothing, they can barely afford themselves, and yet, they foster Harry during ALL the summers and most of Christmas, and Hermione as well. They go all out of their ways to include them, and they don’t even think twice about it. They fight for what is right, not because Harry’s father was their BFF (I love Sirius and Lupin, just saying), but because of their values and morals.

Ron befriends Harry when he doesn’t know anyone, and even though he has always lived in the shadow of his older siblings, he once again lives in the shadow of his best friends, but is fiercely protective of him.

The Twins, Fred and George, do enough for Harry than when he wins the Triwizard tournament, he gives them his winnings. They joke and prank, but they welcome him into the family with open arms.

Bill risks his amazing job at Gringotts to fight against Voldemort, he spies and risks a lot, including death when he comes face to face with Fenrir Greyback, but still he fights. And later, he welcomes the trio and some other unwelcome guests into his own house.

Charlie, who’s mostly with the Dragons, always includes Harry as well.

And finally Mr Weasley! Arthur is such a great character. He’s such a loving father and husband. He considers Harry one of his kids and would do anything for him.

So yeah, talking about guys in Harry Potter, I would always go with the Weasleys!

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The 2014 Quidditch World Cup Final (and what we learned from it)

Yesterday, the Quidditch World Cup Final was finally upon us, and with it, a long promised update with full coverage of the event by no others than Rita Skeeter and Ginny Potter!!! J.K. Rowling published the whole coverage of the match on Pottermore.

Amazingly, the coverage from Rita’s part focused entirely on the VIP box, and we learned so much about our favorite wizards and witches! Albus Potter doesn’t mind supporting a different team than his family; Rose has Ron’s hair, but Hugo took after Hermione; Luna married in “rainbows, spangles and a tiara made of silver unicorn horn.”; Neville is Albus godfather (I cried on this one…); Ron and Hermione show some PDA; Ron roots for Brazil – he doesn’t want Krum to win, given that he dated Hermione and all…; Rolf Scamander and Charlie Weasley are totally bros, also, Charlie never married; Teddy Lupin and Victoire can’t take their hands off each other… Billy had to intervene; Albus almost falls off the booth and Ron catches him, while Harry just gives him the sweets that Luna baked; Harry and Neville are close; Hermione kept her maiden name; George is wealthy; Harry who?! Ginny is my new hero… maybe because she just jinxed Rita Skeeter…