Release Launch: The Player by K.Bromberg

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]Baseball has never been sexier in an all-new novel by New York Times Bestselling Author, K. Bromberg.

Easton Wylder is baseball royalty. The game is his life. His passion. His everything.

So, when an injury threatens to end Easton’s season early, the team calls in renowned physical therapist, Doc Dalton, to oversee his recovery. Except it’s not Doc who greets Easton for his first session, but rather, his daughter, Scout. She may be feisty, athletic, defiant, and gorgeous, but Easton is left questioning whether she has what it takes to help him.

Scout Dalton’s out to prove a female can handle the pressure of running the physical therapy regimen of an MLB club. And that proof comes in the form of getting phenom Easton Wylder back on the field. But getting him healthy means being hands-on.

And with a man as irresistible as Easton, being hands-on can only lead to one thing, trouble. Because the more she touches him, the more she wants him, and she can’t want him. Not when it’s her job to maintain the club’s best interest, in regards to whether he’s ready to play.

But when sparks fly and fine lines are crossed, can they withstand the heat, or is one of them bound to get burned?

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About the Author:

HeadShot Color

New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy, and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines, and damaged heroes who we love to hate and hate to love.

A mom of three, she plots her novels in between school runs and soccer practices, more often than not with her laptop in tow.

Since publishing her first book in 2013, K. has sold over one million copies of her books and has landed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists over twenty-five times.

In April, she’ll release The Player, the first in a two-book sports romance series (The Catch, book 2, will be released late June), with many more already outlined and ready to be written.

She loves to hear from her readers so make sure you check her out on social media or sign up for her newsletter to stay up to date on all her latest releases and sales HERE

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The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag


Hey people. It’s book tag day! Sam @RiverMoose-Reads tagged me for The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag, THANK YOU! So, let’s do this.

What do you like about buying new books?

Is this even a question?! What do I like? Having more books, putting them on their shelf, staring at their beauty, knowing that I can read them anytime I want…

How often do you buy new books?

Ok, this is tricky, because nowadays I rarely buy physical books, because MONEY! But I do buy ebooks fairly regularly, especially if there’s a good deal, but probably not more than 2 or 3 times a month.

Bookstore or online book shopping – Which do you prefer?

Ideally, I’d rather buy books at a read physical bookstore. In the ideal setting where such bookstore would have a variety of books in english and also the same prices as Amazon. But that rarely happens so I end up ordering books online a lot.

Do you have a favourite bookshop?

I do! Well, here in Barcelona either way.

Do you pre-order books?

Nope, never done it. I just buy them when they come out, no big deal.

Do you have a monthly book buying limit?

Right now I don’t, and I don’t think I’ve ever had. If I think I have the money to spare and really want the books, I just buy them. No money, means no books. PERIOD!

Book buying bans – Are they something for you?

Not really, I don’t usually think like that. For me it’s like everything else in life, if you have the money, good, when i don’t, I don’t need to ban myself to buy stuff, I just won’t do it, because otherwise I’ll have to struggle for more important things, like food and transportation, and i love books, but i have my limits.

How big is your wishlist?

Quite big! If someone said at this moment “buy how many books you want, I’m paying“, I would probably manage around 100 titles on the spot.

Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own NOW?

I would probably want Empire of Storms, because DUH! First and Then, because it’s finally out on paperback. And The Sun is Also A Star, because I love Yoon’s first book.


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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts About Me

top 10 tuesday

Hello, welcome back to another Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want)

So, let’s see if I have 10 facts about me to share…

1. I’m still on a high about Portugal winning the UEFA EURO 2016

… So I’m apologizing before hand if I keep repeating it, and if I keep retweeting stuff about Football (Soccer), but I’m extremely happy and proud of these boys. Check out my post about it, here.

2. The Netgalley request button is my enemy!

Seriously guys, I need some self control here. I was doing super well a couple of months ago, but now I have 30 books to read on Netgalley, and some are for September and after. I request anything that sounds good… I have a problem!

3. … So is the One-Click Button on Amazon

It’s not even funny… if the book looks half good and it’s free, I get it. I’m hoarding books like crazy!

4. I’ve been kind of addicted to Wicked Tuna in the last few days…

… it’s just addicting.

5. I haven’t been into TV shows in months

This is weird for me, since when I started this blog it was mostly about tv shows. But lately I haven’t really been into scripted TV, I just can’t seem to bother to sit through a 45 min show… =/.

6. I love starbucks

Seriously, I love it. It makes me happy!

7. But I don’t like chocolate drinks

Yeah, give me starbucks, but none of those drinks with chocolate and shit. No no. Coffee, ok? I hate mochachinos, or when people decide to put chocolate on my delicious cappuccinos. It doesn’t go in there!

8. I’m in love with e-books

I was one of those people who thought that e-readers sucked and only physical books rocked. Then in August last year I got my Kindle. And then on January I uncovered the Kindle app for my phone. I haven’t looked back since. Now most of my monthly reads are on the kindle/app, and I love it.

9. I’m also in love with New Adult books

This should come to no surprise, but NA has been my go to genre lately, and I love it. To be honest, I just haven’t been in a big mood for fantasy.

10. One of my favorite things to eat are salads

I just love them. For me, the perfect meal is lettuce, arugula, onions, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, feta cheese, dressed with salt, olive oil and vinegar… and now i’m hungry!

It happened! I’ve made it to 1 year of DAILY blogging!


This is huge for me!!! Guys! I’ve managed to post every single day for a year now! Since July 5th of 2015, I posted everyday on this blog, sometimes even more than once a day, with a grand total of 706 posts published from that day until today.


I should mention that this roughly coincides with the time that I started book blogging almost exclusively 🙂 , so it has also been a year of intense reading 😉 .

Sunshine Blogger Award


Today I’m doing another Blog Award post. Oh yeah! I’ll be doing the Sunshine Blogger Award for the 4th (?!) time. A huge thank you to the lovely bloggers who nominated me for this: Sam @A Blast of Random, Yasaman @Following Muses, Shannon @Clockwork Bibliophile and Eve @Eve Messenger’s OtherWORDly Endeavors. THANK YOU!


  1. Thank the people/person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions from your nominators.
  3. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

Sam @A Blast of Random asks:

1. Did you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack?

Yep, I did. When all the Hamilton craziness started.

2. If your answer to that question is Yes (or ‘OMG YES!’ preferably), which are your favourite songs (I know it’s impossible to choose just one), favourite character, favourite voice to listen to? Go on! Fangirl/ fanboy!! 

If your answer to that question is No, what exactly are you even doing with your life?! While that question started out rhetoric, now I’m curious. What’s happening? What’s new? What are you excited about in the short term? Tell me.

My answer was yes. But you know, I think it’s a soundtrack that, no matter how amazing, doesn’t work as well without the actual play, you know? I would love to see that though. But it will probably never happen 😦 .

3. Do you have any tattoos? Would you like any (more)? Describe them. If no, why not?

I do! I also have a photo, will that do? I wouldn’t mind having another one. The pain didn’t really bothered me that much.


4. If you were a Greek God (or Goddess) what would you be the God of?

I always felt a good affinity with Athena, goddess of reason, intelligent activity, civilization, strength, strategy, crafts, justice, arts and literature, and Apollo, god of light, music, poetry, knowledge and the sun.

5. Why do you think cats can’t fly?

Hmmm, because they don’t have wings?!

6. Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character are you? (Take this Buzzfeed quiz and post a screenshot of your answer!)

I’ll just leave the image and ask… WTF?!


Yasaman @Following Muses asks:

1. How did your reading habits change over time?

Well, in the last year or so, I went from reading mostly YA fantasy to reading mostly NA contemporary, and I have no regrets.

2. Do you like to listen to music while reading?

Nope. No, no, no. Can’t do it. Sounds distract me too much.

3. Are there any books that your whole family loves?

Hmmm, yeah… the Twilight series. And by “all”, I’m only counting the female portion of my family.

4. You have the opportunity to tell an author to write one more book in your favourite series and they have to do it. Which series do you choose?

I would probably go with Penryn and the End of Days series by Susan Ee, because I felt like there were still so much to tell. I wanted more from those characters.

5. Which book got you into your favourite genre?

I’m chosing the New Adult Contemporary genre, because I love love love it. It was probably Right Where You Are by L.E. Bross that first really got me into it. I love this series.

6. A book that you don’t plan on reading, but everyone has read?

I never ever plan to read Divergent by Veronica Roth. I really didn’t like the movies and I’m a bit over the whole dystopian genre.

Shannon @Clockwork Bibliophile and Eve @Eve Messenger’s OtherWORDly Endeavors asks:

1. Why is your favourite genre of books your favorite?

My favorite genre right now is contemporary, either New Adult or Young Adult. I think they’re mostly easier and lighter reads, because they don’t need all the world building. They also deal with more relatable characters and issues.

2. Have you ever felt connected to a character because they have experienced something you have?

You can see the answer above for this. And yes, obviously yes. The more you read, the more likely you’ll find something to identify with, right?

3. What is your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?

I thought that Me and Earl and the Dying Girl movie adaptation was way better than the book, so that!

4. What was the last book you read and did you enjoy it?

The last book I finished was Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover, and I loved it!

5. What’s your least favourite book that you’ve ever read?

My least favorite book that I’ve read this year was Lessons of the Heart by Jodie Larson. You can check the reasons why I didn’t like it here, on my review.

6. What’s the prettiest cover on your shelf?

SO MANY!!! I’m saying my The Mortal Instruments covers today, though. Look at them!


1000 WordPress Followers + Giveaway


Hey guys! Something pretty amazing happened yesterday:

🎉🎉🎉 I reached 1000 WordPress Followers!!! 🎉🎉🎉


This is huge for me! It wasn’t that long ago that I was hitting the 500 mark, and I honestly just feel so happy about it all. I love you guys! Thank you! You guys are the best!!!

To celebrate I’ll be doing a Giveaway, pretty standard stuff, a book of your choice up to 20$ on Book Depository, open anywhere TBD ships to. The Giveaway will be open from today until June 18th – yep, a whole month! – so participate, and best of luck to you all. Also, hit the comments and let me know which book you would request if you won the giveaway, I’m curious like that 😉 (click on the image below to enter the giveaway).



The Get to Know Me Tag!


Hi guys! I’m almost reaching 1000 WordPress followers, and it’s Sunday, so I thought it would be cool to finally do The Get To Know Me Tag. I was tagged by Kat @Life and Other Disasters and Mariana @Book Is Glee, so do me a favor and go check out their blogs, ok? 😉


Name: Cristina, which apparently means “Follower of Christ”, which is ironic really.

Nicknames: My family calls me Xana, which is a diminutive of Alexandra (my second name); while I like Cris, and a lot of people have adopted this.

Birthday: June 18th 1984

Star Sign: Gemini

Occupation: PhD student


Hair colour: Dark Brown

Hair length: Right now it’s probably shoulder length… it needs cutting.

Eye colour: Brown

Best Feature: I really love my hair, always have. Even though it’s exasperating sometimes when it’s longer.

tattooPiercings: I have my ears pierced – one each – but I rarely use earings.

Tattoos: YES! One. My brother decided that he wanted to give me a tattoo for my 19th birthday, so I said yes! (see image on the left)

Right or Left: Right.


Best Friend: My first best friend, whose name I still remember, is named Marta. We met when we were 11, and I had just moved to a new town. Funny story, a few days before school started, I went to the movies alone – I did that quite often because the cinema was very near where my mom worked – and on the same row as me was a girl about my age alone as well. It was her. We were then inseparable. Until I moved away 2 years later and she eventually moved to the USA.

Award: None… never got one 😦

Sport: I always loved Volleyball, actually, it was the only sport I was ever good at. I was even on my school team when I was 11/13.

Real Holiday: My first real holiday was to France and Disneyland Paris when I was 11. I never stopped traveling since then. But the first time I got on a plane was 2 years after, when we went to London for the first time.

Concert: I know I went to small concerts when I was younger, portuguese bands and so on. But the first concert, real concert, I remember attending was a few years ago when me and my sister-in-law took my niece to see Miley Cyrus. Yeah… that’s right!


Film: I can only give you my favorite animated movie, does that count? I’m saying YES, and it’s Tangled of course.

TV Show: Hmmmm, I haven’t been in television mood for awhile now, so I’m gonna say one show that I kept watching and waiting for despite my lack of interest in TV lately, and that is Law & Order SVU.

Colour: Tough one. Probably dark blue… like this one.

Song: Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell.

Restaurant: Really?! Can I say Starbucks? It’s not my favorite restaurant, but my favorite coffee shop. Restaurant, I would say that there was an amazing japanese restaurant near the El Corte Ingles in Lisbon, but it has been closed for awhile now.

Shop: I love the Come In, which is an English bookstore in Barcelona. Besides that, I always love to go to Fnac.



Feeling: Hungry! Damn it, is it too early to have an afternoon snack?!

Single or Taken: Single. Very single.

Eating: I was hungry, remember? So I went and did some toast with guacamole (I don’t know what came over me, but I love it!) with some matcha-iced-soy-latte.


Thinking About: That this is a hell of a long tag. Also, that I need to finish the 3 books I’m reading soon. And that I only have one week left here, and this were disastrous this week at work. Also, I should be aligning DNA sequences instead of blogging right now.

Watching: Nothing. I’m listening to music and blogging.

Wearing: Sweatpants, tank top and sweater. AKA, home clothes.


Want Children: Not really?! I wouldn’t be opposed to it though. Some people want to have children, and that’s a goal, and I’m ok with that. For me, children and the thought of them wouldn’t make sense without the right person. So I would think about it, and probably want them, if or when I found the right person. I also would be totally fine with adopting, because the actual thought of HAVING them is not appealing to me.

Want to be Married: Not really?! Again, it was never something that I really considered. If I found the right person, and he would really like to go through the whole signing of papers and stuff, then sure. Otherwise, living together would be more than enough for me.

Careers in Mind: I’m still very much holding to the thought and idea of doing research for the rest of my life.

Where You Want To Live: London. Or New York. Or Tokyo. Or San Francisco.


God: No. Sometimes I would like to think that I believe in “something”, but definitly not in God or in any kind of monotheist religion.

Miracles: Hmmmm, weird shit happens sometimes, so maybe?!

Love at First Sight: Attraction at first sight yes, love no.

Ghosts: Well… yes. It’s kind of hard to not think about that stuff when your dog starts to bark at the wall, with no apparent reason…

Aliens: YES! Ok people, the universe is a really vast place, and I find it very hard to believe that we are the only living beings out there. With that I’m not saying I believe in little green men, but I do believe that there is some forms of live out there.

Soul Mates: In a sense. I think some people are better suited for each other than others.

Heaven: No…

Hell: Also no…

Kissing on the First Date: Hell yes! If both parties want it, why not?

Yourself: Sure, sometimes :P.

I Tag EVERYONE!!! Do it! 

Versatile Blogger Award


Hello! Today I’m doing the Versatile Blogger Award. I was nominated by Beth @betwixt-the-pages, Jesse @Books at Dawn, Trang and Lashaan @Bookidote, Deanna @A Novel Glimpse and Inês @MsCarrowl. Thank you guys!!!

Here are the rules:The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person that has nominated you.
  3. Share 7 different facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
  5. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.

I have written so many posts with facts about myself, that today I’m doing this a bit differently. I’m going to say 7 things that really piss me off about living with other people. 😀 – Just to give you some context, I share a house with 3 other people!

1. I hate when my roommate, the only one that shares a bathroom with me, leaves the bathroom a mess. This includes hair EVERYWHERE, the bath mat all crumples, and make up stains everywhere in the sink… bah!

2. I hate that there are 4 of us living in the same house, but two of those don’t think it’s their job to take out the trash.

3. I hate that one of my roommates lacks the ability to do dishes properly… I mean, dude, it’s not hard! When you clean them, make sure that you really clean them! I’m so tired that everytime I put away the cutlery and dishes, some have to end up in the sink again, because they weren’t washed properly. And YES! I know which of my roommates does it.

4. I hate that one of them sees problems with everything and complicates things way out of proportion.

5. I hate that some of them leave the kitchen a mess when they use it. I mean, bread crumbs everywhere. Tomato juice on the counters. Bahhh, people, is it that hard to clean after yourselves?!

6. Speaking of kitchen, where do you guys think the dishwasher detergent comes from?

7. I hate when I go to get a plate and there aren’t any in the cupboard. Why you ask? Well… we are four, and we have about 10 flat dishes, and sometimes most of them are MIA… yeah, they are usually in one of my roommate’s room… the same guy who has trouble doing the dishes properly. Don’t really know why…

To sum it up, I kind of hate living with people I’m not friends with. And we don’t share enough house space and time to actually become friends. This things piss me off, big time.

This was a little something different from the other awards :P, it was just men venting away 😀

Sunshine Blogger Award


Hello people! Being sunday and all, I thought it would be perfect to do yet another Blog Award post! This time Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Rogan @Signing On nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award (my third).


  • Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer

Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much asked:

1. Is blogging what you thought it would be? Why or why not?

Not really, I wasn’t expecting the kind of interaction we all have, I thought it was more of a lonelier endeavour, you know?

2. Where is the coolest place you have traveled to?

I have to say Japan, because…well… JAPAN!

              IMG_20151018_205750    IMG_20151019_223632

3. Do you have pets? And if so, what kind and why do you love them so much?

Not at the moment. =/

4. Is there any hyped book that you refuse to read? Why?

A few probably. I won’t read 50 Shades of Gray, that’s for sure. But I also have no interest in reading the Divergent series.

5. What book/movie/TV show is over-hyped?

Am I supposed to do the 3 categories? Ok…

Book: The Maze Runner

Movie: (I’m gonna skip this one)

TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

6. What’s the book that got you into reading?

Twilight. Yep people… TWILIGHT!

7. What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but have never done for no good reason?

Interrail. When I was younger I wanted to do it badly, because my eldest brother had done it a couple of times when I was a kid, and I love travelings, and I wanted to do it so badly. But it’s just one of those things that it’s no fun to do alone…

8. What is your biggest pet peeve? 

I get totally enraged when people don’t respect the common rules of living and working together. Like, here at home, when I get to the kitchen and someone used it and left it dirty, or when they see the garbage is full but they don’t take it out. At work is the same… I’m a bit OCD when it comes to things that we all use.

9. What’s your favorite TV show?

Right now I would have to go for shows that still grab me every week, so probably Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Agent Carter.


10. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Definitely cinema’s popcorn. But our cinemas in Portugal, not these ones here that suck.

11. Share a blog post you wrote that meant a lot to you and tell us why you picked that one.

Girl, you know I have over 1000 posts on this blog, right??? Picking one is tough as nails! But I’m going to say the first discussion post I made here, about the importance of sex in novels.

Rogan @Signing On asked:

1. What book would you recommend to a seven year old with a high reading ability?

I feel like the right answer here is Harry Potter! Right? Is there any other option?

2. Hairbrush or comb?

Hairbrush, mainly because it’s faster. I do not take enough care of my hair, I have to admit to that.

3. Would you rather be the lawyer for someone who murdered someone or who participated in child trafficking?

I’d rather not to be a lawyer at all, especially for those people. But if I had to choose, I would rather defend someone who had murdered someone else. I can think of a few excuses for that, I can’t think of anything for child trafficking.

4. On a lighter note, what is your favourite season?

Autumn for sure…

5. Duvet or blanket?

Duvet, always!

6. Painting or sketching?

Neither?! I’m not good at any of those…

7. Be able to write a poem or be able to write a book?

I would rather be able to write a book, because I’m not a fan of poetry in general.

8. Would you rather have the ability to read and comprehend any classic you want, easily, or the ability to stop time whilst reading a classic (NOTE: THIS POWER ONLY APPLIES TO THE READING OF CLASSICS)?

Read and comprehend every classic. If time stopped, wouldn’t it be worst?

9. Non-fiction or Short Story collection?

It really depends… in general, I’m going with short story collection.

10. Black or white?

Black for clothes, white for everything else.

11. What Hogwarts house would you be in according to your own opinion of yourself?

Ravenclaw, all the tests get it right.

This concludes this award! I’m not going to nominate anyone at the moment, because I still have a few awards to get through and all. 😉

The Be Thankful Challenge


It’s Thanksgiving time!!! – It’s today, right?! Because it doesn’t exist in Portugal or Spain (we do have Black Friday though)! Kat @Life and Other Disasters and Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much nominated me for this cool challenge: Be Thankful Challenge. So that you both know, I’m extremely thankful for both of you, here on wordpress, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc 😉

The Rules:

  • Share this image in your blog post.
  • Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for.
  • Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for.
  • Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part.

5 People I’m Thankful For:

  • My dad: maybe I’ve never said it here, I’m not sure, but my “official residence” is with my dad and I talk to him every single day! He’s always there for me – even if he sometimes doesn’t quite know how to do that.

  • My mom: obviously! She’s my mom! Sometimes she gets under my nerves, but I love her (you know that, right mom?) – she’s also the only one in my family who reads my blog.

  • My nieces and nephew: I sometimes live for the 3 little devils in the family. They make me laugh and I’m so thankful to be their aunt.
  • My best-friend: We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but she’s family to me.

  • You all: The blogging community is a huge support to me, and I’m so thankful for all of you. Most days I talk more to some of you than to most people around my workplace 😉 .

5 Things I’m Thankful For:

  • My books: Honestly, what would I do without my books???

  • Internet: How would I function in a world without internet?
  • Traveling: I sometimes think I could totally live catching planes every other week. I love it.

  • Matcha green tea: How did I live 31 years without this in my life? It’s so good! I already located a few stores here in Barcelona that sell it 😀 .

  • My crappy smart-phone: poor thing it’s almost dying on my from lack of space, but it keeps soldiering on. It gets me all my updates daily, and it helped me keep in touch with everything on my blog while I was away.

5 Blogs I tag: