2017 Reading Challenges


Hey guys! This year I’m gonna keep my 2017 Reading Challenges quite simple, and I’m doing the Goodreads one, because obviously I am, and I’ve set my goal to 150 books. Last year I started setting it at 75 and ended up with the goal of 175 (and ended up reading 218), so I think 150 is a good number. And look at that… I’m already ahead of schedule, eheh.


My REAL challenge however is gonna be the 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge, created by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much.

This is perfect for me, because I’ve been reading loads of NA books lately, so I’m excited for this one :D.

The challenge has two different directions and I plan to tackle both. The first one is by the number of NA books read and there are a few categories:

  • NA Newbie – 6 books
  • NA Initiate – 12 books
  • NA Intermediate – 24 books
  • NA Advanced – 36 books
  • NA Expert – 50 books
  • NA Queen/King (special category) – 100 books

Obviously I’m aiming for the NA Queen category (or at least the NA Expert).

The second thing within this challenge is a Reading Bingo and I’m so excited for this one!

1. Book set in college
2. Hyped Book
3. Debut Novel
4. 2017 Release
5. New Adult best seller
6. Book about friendship
7. Book with music or art
8. Book out of your comfort zone
9. Book based on its cover
10. Diverse novel
11. A LGBT novel or with a LGBT characters
12. New to you author
13. Book you can finish in one day
14. Start a series
15. Book that makes you laugh
16. Book set in the summer
17. Book you knew nothing about
18. A re-read
19. Book about a road trip
20. Book recommendation
21. One word title
22. Book about sports
23. Book on the bottom of your TBR
24. Book with only male POV

I have a few suggestions for books for the bingo, and I’ll be doing a post soon with those suggestion… would that be something you would be interested in?

So, these will be my 2017 Reading Challenges.
What are you guys participating in?

Celebrating the Little Things Tag


Hello people, it’s saturday and that means it’s time for another tag! I wasn’t exactly tagged for this one, but I saw it on Kat’s blog, Life and Other Disasters, and decided it was a good idea to do it :).

Who was your very first follower (if you can find out) tag them and give them a shout out!

Oh wow, so I started blogging a long time ago, and I started out blogging about TV shows, mainly. With that said, my first ever follower was Sway, and they’re not blogging there anymore =/.

What was the last milestone you reached?

Even though WordPress didn’t give me a pretty announcement about it, I just reached 1600 wordpress followers, and I’m so happy about it! It wasn’t that long ago that I reached 1000, so it’s crazy to see that number growing every day.

What was the very first post you posted on your blog? Share it with us! If you can find out.

My first ever post was a kind of introduction, Obsessions, and it was January 5th of 2013… I feel old. But my real first post was actually about Caroline from the Vampire DiariesI’m not girly little Caroline anymore. That was so long ago… I don’t even watch the show anymore.

Who was your most recent follower, tag them and give them a shout out!

My most recent follower is Nikki @The night is dark and full of books, THANK YOU!!!

What was the last post you posted and who was the very first person who took their time to click the like button? Give them a shout out!

My last post was a review of Steadfast by Sarina Bowen, and the first person to click that like button was Megan @Bookslayer Reads, THANK YOU!

How many months have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging for 3 years and 11 months… yeah, almost 4 years… GOD! Time flies!!!

Do you have any bloggers you’re friends with? Give them a shout out.

Yep! I talk to a few people on the regular, though there are 2 bloggers that I call friends. I think I talk to them more than my non-virtual friends, eheh. Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Kat @Life and Other Disasters. Your girls ROCK!

Who originally created the last meme or tag you participated in? Give them a shout out!

The last tag I did was The Stationary Book Tag and it was created by Sam @RiverMooseReads, well done you!

Have you any social media related to your blog? 

I sure do! Go follow me everywhere!

twitter  facebook  goodreads  instagram  bloglovin  tumblr

Last but not least …. Just give thanks to all your followers.

Guys, seriously, a huge THANK YOU! I don’t think I would have done so well and been blogging for so long if it weren’t for you. You guys make me want to keep doing it, each time you like or comment something, each time we interact in any way, it makes me want to keep doing it, and it makes me feel connected with other likeminded people. So a huge thank you to you all :D.

And I’m done with this tag. You guys should do this one, although I’m not tagging anyone specifically, but you should do it either way, it’s a way to acknowledge your followers and let people know more about your blog and yourself. Do it!