Brazil x Germany (I’m sorry!)

I thought about not doing this, but a whole day watching posts about it on Tumblr, I decided: “screw it!”. As everyone knows by now, Brazil suffered a heavy defeat against Germany yesterday, in the quarter finals of the FIFA World Cup 2014. So this were my reactions during the game:

  • The Beginning: I tuned in in the 5th minute or so, and Brazil had the ball, and GOD, they were so slow that I seriously thought if there was something wrong with my TV connection…


  • 0 – 1:


  • 0 – 2:



  • 0 – 3:

shocked_happy Andy-Dwyer-Shock

  • 0 – 4:


  • 0 – 5:


  • How it felt during the first half…


  • At midtime: “if you just tuned in…”



  • Each time Brazil tried to attack and failed miserably…


  • 0 – 6:


  • 0 – 7:

tumblr_inline_n8f575NRkt1rfdwx2 tumblr_inline_n8f6m9W06Y1rfdwx2


  • 1 – 7:



I really was not expecting this result. I mean, I hopped that Brazil would not win the World Cup, I didn’t see the quality in game necessary at any point in the cup, but never ever in my life I saw this coming…


shaynas-anniversary-for-wordpress-gif tumblr_inline_mssbbasJQf1qz4rgp

I’m just sorry for the players… I swear that each time that David Luiz cries, the whole world cries with him…


John Oliver: FIFA and the World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup™ kicks off today, with the Brazil – Croatia game, from group A. A lot of controversy as been surrounding this particular World Cup, mainly because of the ridiculous amounts of money spent in Brazil and the government attitude towards the people in regards to this subject.


Still, I’m with John Oliver in this one. For one, I’m really excited about this, it’s football, I’m Portuguese, it’s impossible not to be excited. We have been having a good run for the last few international competitions, and we have such an amazing team.

For the other hand, and I’m not even going to talk about FIFA, because the video below explains it so well, but I’m really doubtful about the organizational success of this cup. I do hope I’m wrong, but I’m predicting that a lot (a lot) of things will go wrong during this next month…