This week on TV (7-13Dec)


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The show continues funny as ever (despite not being worthy of a Golden Globe, apparently), but that last scene, when Rosa is all smiles, just warms my heart.

Jane the Virgin: Wow, the show got me a little scared for a moment there. Stuff was being revealed, sparks were flying all over, and now Rafael knows Jane is a virgin and Jane knows that Rafael was willing to lose everything for her… wow… and then some more sparks literally flew. Rogelio is the funniest character on the show, he just cracks me up.

The Big Bang Theory: What a sweet and funny Christmas episode.  I love how they keep advancing Sheldon and Amy’s relationship with baby steps and very naturally.

Selfie: Wow, what a great episode this was. Karen Gillian and John Cho really gave their all in this episode. I do hope that through some sort of Christmas miracle, the show is picked up for some network… seriously, it’s the best new sitcom of the year (for me), how could they have cancelled is beyond me. Eliza’s karaoke and drunken state broke my heart.


Scorpion: Am I the only one who thinks that Sylvester and Megan are going to have a thing?! Either way, I ship it! What I don’t ship is Walter with anyone who isn’t Paige… when Agent Simone Taylor goes in for the kiss, I literally covered my eyes… no, no and no!

Supernatural: Wow, this mid-season finale has everyone! Castiel tries to help his vessel daughter (who is great by the way and I hope appears more often), he enlists the help of the brothers. It’s great that we had a Destiel moment, we hadn’t had one of those in a while, where Dean tells Cas that he’s not ok, and if things turn bad, he wants him to kill him (even if Sam tries to stop him, which he will). Things don’t end well though, with Dean killing a bunch of guys to feed the Mark and Sammy desperately pleading with his brother… sad… Meanwhile, in hell, the King a.k.a. Crowley, a.k.a. Fergus, has a bonding moment with his mommy, a.k.a. the superwitch Rowena… this will be fun!


Forever: We finally found the identity of the mysterious caller, after he turned Henry’s life into a living hell. I thought for sure that he would tell Jo about his condition… oh well…

Criminal Minds: What a twisted, sick episode… It seriously gets to me that after 10 years they can still tell these creepy stories. It was a great episode, I’m sad that Aaron and Beth broke up, but it was predictable given that she hasn’t been around and it was lovely to see Rossi worried about his friends and making him go out and meet new people.

2014/15-TVshows Week planning!

The season of 2014/15 TVshows is officially open! There are so many shows, that sometimes it’s hard to keep track when each one airs, so, here is how my week looks in terms of shows that I watch and intend to follow this season (some I still have to catch up, but I’ll get there)…


TV Shows premiere dates

September is almost gone, but I hadn’t had time yet to put my head in order in regards to the shows I’ll be following this season. But today, I finally got some time (and disposition). So here are the premiere dates of September for my favorite shows and the new ones that I’m planning to watch:


Can’t wait for Sleepy Hollow to come back! And Castle, and Brooklyn 9-9, SHIELD and TBBT. And here the October dates:


Can’t believe I have to wait for October 7 and 8 for Flash, Supernatural and Arrow. And Gracepoint, can’t wait for that!

Welcome to the Family and Ironside are out, Community is in, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is all in!

NBC has cancelled two new series today: comedy Welcome to the Family and drama Ironside.


I never came around to watching Ironside, but I’m super bummed about Welcome to the Family

On a more happier note, NBC has set the return of Community, which will start January 2nd. =)

Community 4.01 - History 101.mkv_snapshot_02.12_[2013.02.08_16.20.07]

Brooklyn Nine Nine got a double dose of good news of their own. FOX picked up the show for a full season and that it will join New Girl in a “special one-hour comedy event” after Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014, which we all know, is a big deal!

Best new sitcom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

And by far (and so far) the best new sitcom (a.k.a. comedy 30 minute tv show) is: Brooklyn Nine-Nine!



The show follows a group of detectives in a Brooklyn police station, where everybody is a bit different. Andre Braugher plays new Captain, Captain Ray Holt, a gay man who waited a long time to have is own command. Andy Samberg plays the leadman, the brilliant and a bit crazy Detective Jake Peralta, who has a longstanding bet with his partner Detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) of whom will make the bigger number of arrests.

Terry Crews plays Sergeant Terry Jeffords, a tough man who’s biggest wish is a desk job, very far away from any dangerous action.

Chelsea Peretti plays Gina Linetti, who is completely nuts, and tries to advise her friend Detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), a completely discoordinated man, not to pursue the affection of totally tough Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz).

All and all, very entertaining pilot, and by far, the best new sitcom of the year!