My TV Shows Calendar


TV season has started again!!! Hurrayyyy! I’ve honestly had such a crazy couple of weeks that I still haven’t cathed up to anything that came out – I still have a few shows behind from last season… ups!¬†ūüė≥

Either way, I wanted to share with you what I’ll be watching this year, just like I did last year around this time (here).


I still have to catch up to a lot of shows before this becomes a regular schedule, but I’ll try¬†my best.

Are you guys watching any of these? Which show are you most excited about? I’m pretty psyched about the return of Marvel’s Agent Carter ūüėÄ .

What I‚Äôll be watching new next season (CBS)

CBS has released the trailers for their new shows coming this fall. From the bunch, I only intend to check out 4 of them.



There’s no way to escape this, the trailer looks cool, and I’ll give it at least a try ūüôā !!!

Kara Zor-El escaped her home planet of Krypton amid its destruction years ago. Since arriving on Earth, she has concealed her powers. But at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be. Starring Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Laura Benanti, Calista Flockhart, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood and guest stars Helen Slater, Dean Cain and Jeremy Jordan.

Angel from Hell

I’m not sure about this one, and I’m afraid I’ll get attached to it only to find it cancelled prematurely. But I really like Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson, and I hope that this one sticks.

When Amy enters Allison’s life and claims to be her guardian angel, they form an unlikely friendship and Allison can’t be sure if Amy is an angel or just nuts. With Jane Lynch, Maggie Lawson, Kyle Bornheimer and Kevin Pollak.

Life in Pieces

This just looks like a lot of fun, and I adore the cast (fingers crossed!).

A comedy about one family told through the separate stories of its different family members.Starring Colin Hanks, Betsy Brandt, James Brolin, Thomas Sadoski, Angelique Cabral, Dianne Wiest, Dan Bakkedahl and Zoe Lister Jones.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders


I really liked this planted pilot and I’m really glad that Anna Gunn has stepped out…

The Criminal Minds spinoff focuses on a division of the FBI that helps American citizens who find themselves in danger abroad. With Gary Sinise, Tyler James Williams and Daniel Henney.

Supergirl first look

Yesterday, CBS released the first look into its new series Supergirl, and man, it actually looks SUPER.


This really took me by surprise, I didn’t have really high hopes for this show, and I was definitely not convinced by¬†Melissa Benoist¬†as Kara, but she actually looks and sound great. She’s adorkable… I do see a bit of Felicity Smoak on her (CBS, you shouldn’t rip CW content!).

It’s feminist all the way. I mean, you have 2 guys helping the girl to fulfill her destiny and not the other way around?! Groundbreaking from the start (for a Superman-ish point of view).

What do you think is so bad about Supergirl?

I’m a girl. And your boss. And powerful. And rich. And hot. And smart.

So, if you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn’t the real problem YOU?”

– Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart)

I love Cat Grant already!

It’s not a bird, or a plane, or a MAN! It’s Supergirl! I only wished they had toned down on the references of her “cousin”. People, we get it! She’s Superman’s cousin, she knows it, the whole world knows it, there’s no need repeating it to exhaustion.

Supergirl first look

The first look at¬†Kara Danvers n√©e Zor-El is finally here! Supergirl just got herself a costume and it looks pretty cool! I’m honestly still not convinced about this show, but we’ll see.

supergirl_headshot_benoist supergirl_full_body_benoist

Scorpion: Love Boat

I guess the goal with this Valentine‚Äôs Day episode was to give us some sort of attack! The team goes undercover on a boat in order to reprogram some missiles, things don‚Äôt go well and Sylvester almost dies ‚Äď after saving the day! Back home, Happy and Toby help the team while helping Ralph with his ‚Äúlove life‚ÄĚ as well.


  • Walter is considering on taking Paige to a ‚Äúmeeting‚ÄĚ on Valentine‚Äôs, on a Restaurant she really likes, but after an ex points out to him that he should only get involved with someone if he‚Äôs all in, he ends up giving her the weekend off, much to her disappointment.
  • After a full day exchanging looks and covert words, Happy makes the first move and holds hands with Toby, to which he responds by making a move to kiss her… she pulls away, obviously, but then he asks if she‚Äôs going to hit him to which she responds no, with a big smile… but when he goes for the big kiss, they‚Äôre interrupted, and he has to get Ralph and flee the scene… OMG!!!! Almost!!!
  • Sylvester really pulls himself together on this episode. He faces a huge fear of his in order to save his friends. Then back at home, he faces another… he finishes his Valentine‚Äôs Day card to Megan… yeah, that Megan… Walter‚Äôs sister. While Paige tells him that it will be no problem, because they both deserve to be happy and Walter will approve, Sy doesn’t dare tell him, only mentioning that there is someone.
  • Well… one (and a half) out of 3 ships getting somewhere is not bad… not bad at all… more so considering that Happy and Toby ALMOST KISSED!!!

Fall’s first “falls” and full orders

The season of cancellations (of new tv shows) has begun! Manhattan Love Story (ABC) was the first show to fall – which is not that hard to believe. Soon after NBC has cancelled Bad Judge and A to Z, also not surprising, though I am sorry about A to Z, I was really enjoying it.


On the reserve side of the equation, some shows received a full season order. NBC has granted Mysteries of Laura a full season pickup. ABC has ordered a full season of How to Get Away With Murder. Madam Secretary, NCIS: New Orleans, Scorpion and Stalker (CBS) all got full season pickup as well. Fox has ordered a full season of Gotham as well. Finally The Flash and Jane the Virgin got the same privilege by The CW.



Finally saw it and loved it! This one I’ll definitely be following. Scorpion is about genius who can do extraordinary things, working for Homeland Security, but lack socially and emotionally capabilities, what’s not to love about that?


This show has a little Numbers‘ vibe and is full of lovable characters, from Scorpion himself, to¬†Paige’s little kid. I even teared up a bit. And the pilot had some amazing action sequences and the special effects were a lot better than one would expect for a new series pilot. Well done!

  • Elyes Gabel as Walter O’Brien
  • Katharine McPhee as Paige Dineen
  • Eddie Kaye Thomas as Toby Curtis
  • Jadyn Wong as Happy Quinn
  • Ari Stidham as Sylvester Dodd
  • Robert Patrick as Cabe Gallo

CBS: Bye Bye The Crazy Ones

CBS just cancelled 5 of its freshman series, including the Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s comedy¬†The Crazy Ones. This is why I usually don’t watch new shows as soon as they come out, because then the network just disappoints me.


Within the other cancellations are: Friends With Better Lives, Bad Teacher, Intelligence and Hostages.

18 more shows renewed by CBS

CBS is on a roll this week. Yesterday announced the 3 season renewal of The Big Bang Theory, and today has announced the renewal of 18 other shows (14 scripted and 4 reality shows).


Renewed: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Person of Interest, CSI, Elementary, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, Mom, The Millers and Two and a Half Men.

Even with this massive renewal buff, the future of The Crazy Ones and The Mentalist is still uncertain.