Movie of the Week: Jurassic World

As soon as Jurassic World opened in Spain, I was cueing into a movie theatre to watch it. Why?! OMG!!! Dinosaurs!


I am not a die-hard Jurassic Park fan, but come on people, it opened 22 years ago, my 8 year-old self was quite impressionable back then, and the movie brought this new amazing thing that were animatronic dinosaurs expositions… They are pretty cool, are they not?! For a bit there I almost wanted to be a paleontologist… I came close enough.

I thought Jurassic World did pretty great, the movie is super entertaining and fun, and I loved all those little (and not so little) references to the original Jurassic Park.


The story in itself is not so different… the Park is now open and a huge success, run by Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), but they feel the need to keep visitors engaged, so they decide to create a new Dino, a mix of T-Rex with a lot of something else. Owen (Chris Pratt), who has an awesome job as the alpha in the raptor’s pack, doesn’t think this is a very good idea, but by then it’s too late and the new super powerful Dino is roaming around the island, free as a bird (except he doesn’t fly).

Then there’s Claire’s nephews, Gray and Zach, they aren’t that annoying… I liked Zach best…

You should see the movie!

What I liked:

  • Chris Pratt! I would be happy listening to him reading a grocery-shop list, I’m sure of it.


  • The dinosaurs!!!! All of them!


  • A lot of action.
  • They even made me cry for some dinos… The Apatosaurus dying… 😦 And then the raptors… oh the raptors… 😦


What I didn’t like:

  • Let me start with this: WTF CLAIRE?! So, let me get this straight, she works at a theme park and she goes to work dressed all in white?! Then she goes looking for the kids in her heels?! Then she doesn’t take the stupid heels off for the entire movie?! ARE YOU JOKING ME?! Are they made of titanium? That’s the only what they would last what they did…


  • Claire! Nothing against Bryce Dallas Howard, but she just doesn’t work for me…
  • I think they missed an opportunity with the character of Gray. I first thought that they were going for a representation of Asperger’s syndrome, he’s clearly much more intelligent than other kids and there’s something about the way he related to other people. But they didn’t, which is ok, but the character then felt off… don’t know how to explain it better than this.


  • Owen and Claire felt so forced. So did the military subplot. Vincent D’Onofrio was a much better villain in Daredevil.

I guess that’s about it! I really enjoyed this movie, and I should give the first one a re-watch, just for old times sake.

Movie of the Week: Guardians of the Galaxy

Finally!!! Two weeks after it premiered all over the World, Guardians of the Galaxy finally came to Spain!!!! I can’t stress how much I suffered with anxiety because of the wait… but it was well worth it!


The movie is freaking amazing, easily one of my top 3 MARVEL movies… ever!!!! I’m still “Hooked on a Feeling” and planning to make a trip to the movies again this weekend to watch it a second time.

The teams is amazing and one can’t actually watch the movie without falling totally in love with Groot, or with crying Rocket, or with drunk Drax (who’s to fast and nothing goes over his head), or with Gamora, who doesn’t soccumb to “pelvic sorcery”, or with Quill, who may be a a-hole… but he’s not an 100% d**k… well, we could talk all day about Peter Quill.


Amazingly funny, the movie does it’s purpose well: to introduce the team! Which means that yeah, so the villains feel a bit flat, but hey, just like Drax puts it, Ronan was never important, Thanos is, and that is made perfectly clear. While Pace Lee was good as Ronan, The Accuser, albeit unrecognizable – did you see those abs?! – but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with Karen Gillan as Nebula. True, I’m not familiar with the source material, but is Nebula supposed to sound like a spoiled little brat without any depth to her?! I don’t know if I had a problem with the actress or with the character… but I honestly feel that maybe Karen was not the best choice… =/


Full disclosure: I might have a problem… I spent a good part of the movie crying… those last 15 minutes totally killed me… damn…

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

I don’t know much about this latest Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, except that Chris Pratt got really ripped for his role, and that Karen Gillan shaved her head to play Nebula.


But when I saw the trailer earlier this morning I was hooked! Here it is, enjoy!

Can’t wait for August!