Doctor Who and Robot of Sherwood

Yes! This week’s Doctor Who finally did it for me. Robot of Sherwood was witty, funny, action packed and reminded me so much of the classic era that I couldn’t help but falling totally in love with it!

 Doctor Who (series 8) Ep3

I haven’t laughed so much in an episode of DW since I don’t remember when… Everything about the episode was magnificent, especially the bit where the Doctor and Robin bicker like 5 year old children and Clara outsmarts everyone. Love this Doctor! His childlike characteristics are different from its predecessors and that’s so good. Love Clara each episode a bit more!

Doctor Who (series 8) Ep3

If the message in the beginning is a bit lost in all the laugh and robots wandering around, it becomes crystal clear by the end: aren’t heroes those who inspire heroic actions in others – whether real or fictional?!

Mark Gatiss is my hero! ūüėČ Bloody good job on this one! And I have to admit, I was very glad to not see Missy welcoming the Sheriff to “heaven”, what a nice change that was… still, the Promised Land was still there, but not in an overpowering way.

London: Day 6 – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

The title says it all, 23rd November, by 6th day in London, was Celebration day! So, I woke up too early (and that shouldn’t be allowed) and headed up to ExCel.


I never went to anything like it, so I was one of those people extremely interested in all of the cosplays, and there were some amazing ones. A lot of kids dressed as the 10th and 11th Doctor, but also, a lot of young adults dressed as classic Doctor, such as the Second or the Fifth. A lot of families all dressed as something… amazing.


The first panel I went to was the Special effects¬†¬†led by SFX supervisor¬†Danny Hargreaves and hosted by a guy that looked like a younger version of¬†Alan Cumming and Peter Capaldi (don’t know the guy’s name… sorry!). Although I was a bit disappointed that this was a 1 person panel, it was amazing. We got to jump on our seats a few times… when a Dalek exploded, when a Cyberman burst into the stage, when said Cyberman blew up… and they even made it snow and threaten us with the rain effect as well, but luckily, no one got wet. They even set the stage on fire! Danny admitted that things don’t always go so great and that he even set David’s hair on fire once… yes, David Tennant’s hair!


The¬†exhibition itself was a tad small, with a lot of amazing things, such as costumes, cars, props and so on, sharing a limited amount of space… also, I felt the 8th Doctor was snubbed, there was this place with all of the Doctors clothes and between 7th and 9th… nothing!


The BBC shop was also lacking a lot of things, you could find the official BBC products in other stands rather then on the Official shop. Still, it had an amazing Dalek and the Silence =).

The Regenerations panel was amazing! The classic Doctors are so funny. And a privilege to see them all, even though from far away! Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy talked for about 45 minutes, with the great¬†Nicholas Briggs leading the panel. When asked if they could be any other Doctor (apart from their own), who would they choose, Colin promptly replied “Peter Capaldi!” and Peter Davison replied “David Tennant”, because he never saw an actor who enjoyed that part that much… but obviously he couldn’t be him, because it would mean he would have to marry his own daughter.


Right after, it was time for the Eleventh Hour panel, with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and the current producer (whose name I don’t know). Big histeria off course, it was the Doctor after all. Moffat said that people liked being lied to because they like the surprise factor (can’t argue with that!), Matt said that he didn’t know what he was thinking when he decided to leave the TARDIS, and it was pretty clear that each time that his replacement was mentioned, Matt was a little sad. Moffat said that he expects Matt to be back though, maybe in 5 or 10 years, for another anniversary, to which Matt promptly said off course! Matt had a difficult job when a little kid asked him why he uses a Fez, fezes are not cool, Matt obviously defended the fez, but the kid was not convinced!


There were a lot of other things to see, I was lucky enough to caught a panel with¬†Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling in the Classic Lounge, after doing my shopping (nothing at the BBC shop, the only shirt I wanted, there weren’t decent sizes left). So I bought a sonic screwdriver… yes, now I have Hermione’s wand and Ten’s screwdriver… yuuupiiii! And I bought something that it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever use (unless I can convert a few people to become whovians or I meet some of them), that is de Doctor Who trivial pursuit… and I wanted to buy the Monopoly, but it wouldn’t fit my suitcase. And a mug, because everyone buys a mug, right?


There was only enough time to eat something and make my way to the extremely huge line to get into the main theatre to watch The Day of the Doctor, which was handsome!

Fandoms and Knitting: Doctor Who Scarf Completed!

After around 3 weeks of starting it –¬†Fandoms and Knitting: here I¬†go!¬†–¬†and a lot of soared fingers later, the Fourth Doctor Scarf is done and in time for the big Celebration.


Even though I made it smaller than the pattern, it still turned out pretty big – my father is right: I will have to be careful for it to not get stuck on the subway doors…

Now all that’s left is to finish my beanie (to go with the scarf because it’s freaking cold in London) and to pack my bag! =D

Fandoms and Knitting: 3 goals!

Fandoms and Knitting: here I go!

Fandoms and Knitting: Progress!

Fandoms and Knitting: 4th Doctor Scarf at 50%!

Classic Doctor Who: the Second Doctor

It’s a pity really that most of the adventures of the Second Doctor, from season 4 to 6, were lost. Mainly because¬†Patrick Troughton was a truly fantastic Second Doctor!


He’s more energetic, talks less and does more, and is faster on his reactions than his previous incarnation. He also has a very different relationships with his companions, which I felt was more dynamic and levelled.


Oh, I do hope they find all of his adventures, because, somehow, I just can’t watch the audio recordings with stills from the episodes… what a shame!



Fandoms and Knitting: 4th Doctor Scarf at 50%!

I’m finally halfway done on my Doctor Who scarf!

Fandoms and Knitting: 3 goals!

Fandoms and Knitting: here I go!

Fandoms and Knitting: Progress!


Since I¬†diminished¬†it considerably, the scarf now has the already impressive number of 140 cm (20 more centimeters and it’s about my height!). Now, only another 1 and a half meters to go, in a little more than a week…

I’m just sorry that the pictures don’t do any justice to the colours!


Classic Doctor Who: Season 1

I finally started to watch the classic Who episodes! ūüôā To be totally honest, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sit through it, only because of the quality (let’s not forget that the show is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, so the very beginning is in black and white, with really poor quality…).


Just a few points on the season.

First, I understand that times were really (really really) different, television wise, and this was a kid’s show, which meant low budget, so some of the things are natural for the time… such as really poor continuity, fights that are clearly staged (so much, that the weapons don’t touch the other person), the running (OMG, the running in the first episode is just the worst thing ever), …


Second, is Susan a representant of how young women were perceived at the time? The character suffers from some poor quality writing. The girls spends all of her time screaming or crying (“Oh, Grandfather!”)… I know she has merits, but I just find her annoying!

Third, this should actually be called the Ian and Barbara Show! Why? Well, because for most of the first season, the two companions have more screen time than the Doctor!


Fourth, the Doctor! Wow,¬†William Hartnell did an amazing job playing the Doctor. But it a very different Doctor. He’s old and frail, has to stop all the time to catch his breath. He’s not funny, or warm, or anything like that… although, as the series progresses, he becomes a little more “Human”. Also, during the first season, Ian is the “Hero” and the Doctor hardly ever saves the day!


Fifth, the TARDIS! How weird is that that the Doctor hardly ever mentions the TARDIS by her name? It’s always “my ship”, it’s just weird. Also, it’s nice that they mention the wardrobe and the places to sleep and what about that food machine? I guess they eventually found out that it didn’t work…