Happy 4th Blogiversary to My Tiny Obsessions!!!!


People! My blog turns 4 years today!!!

4thblogiversary_1Last year I explained a bit how and why I decided to start a blog, but My Tiny Obsessions only turned into a book blog in the middle of 2015. I still try to have more diverse content, such as posts about music, TV and movies, but I’m not watching that much TV lately, so I’ve been lacking on that department.

Let me just make a few comments on how the last year of blogging went here, ok?

  • In the past year I had over 100,000 views from over 50,000 viewers (my total is now 255k views and 149k viewers);
  • I gathered over 22,000 likes and over 9,000 comments (which brings my total to 34k likes and 18k comments!);
  • I wrote over 600 posts during the last year, which means I have over 1600 posts on this blog;
  • 1,782 WordPress followers and 2,625 total followers (last year I had 763 WP and 1,230 total followers);
  • I started reading a lot more Romance and Contemporary and I like it;
  • I got eARCs from some of my favorite authors this year, and again, I liked it!

Overall, it was a good blogging year for me, and I hope I keep doing this for a long time to come.

A huge THANK YOU to all my followers and blogger friends!
you make this worthwhile :D.

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to My Tiny Obsessions!!!!


It has been 3 years!!! Three years ago today I has a wild thought and decided to create a blog, and My Tiny Obsessions was born!

3yearsMy first post, entitled Obsessions, was nothing more than a very short introduction, and the following posts were mostly about The Vampire Diaries – I was a bit obsessed back then. This blog changed a lot since then, especially in this last year, when my blog has a makeover (or 3) and changed from a mainly TV blog to a book blog (for the most part). I still write about other things other than books, though not as much (because time doesn’t stretch, unfortunately).

My last year of blogging was absolutely the best and I love every second that has past since I entered the book blogging community. I went from 200 followers on wordpress to over 750, and I made a lot of friends here, people who I talk to regularly and with whom I share a lot of things other than blogging stuff.

Let me talk about my numbers a bit, shall I (because they make me happy):

  • In 3 years I had 153,507 views,
  • Posted 1,008 times,
  • Had 10,500 comments and 12,584 likes on my posts.
  • Gained 763 WordPress followers (and I have 1,230 total followers, including social media and stuff).
  • And I loved every minute of it!

I can’t wait for another year of blogging, because you guys are the best! Thank you for following and commenting and liking and making this journey amazing!