Operation Prom Date (Cindi Madsen)

Kate ships tons of fictional couples, but IRL her OTP is her and Mick, the hot quarterback she’s crushed on since, like, forever. With only one semester left of senior year, it’s now or never if she wants to land him in time for prom. Since she’s flirtationally challenged, she enlists Cooper Callihan, the guy who turned popular seemingly overnight but who used to be a good friend.

Cooper lives and breathes rowing, but his partner just broke his wrist. When he remembers Kate’s good with a set of oars, he strikes a deal: help him train, and he’ll make sure her crush notices her. Only he didn’t know how addicting spending time with her would be. Or how the more successful the Operation is, the more jealousy he experiences.

The mission has been set. The troops have their marching orders. But what if the target is the wrong guy all along?

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains stargazing, accidental swimming, and poker swindling. This kissing practice will melt your ereader…and give you a new couple to ship.

This has to be the cutest, most adorable teen Entangled romance that I’ve read in a while! This book is all kinds of amazing 😀 .

I had read one book by Cindi Madsen before, but it was a NA book, Crazy Pucking Love, and I wasn’t impressed by the book or the writing. But this one is a totally different story. Operation Prom Date is told in the first person, dual POV, and it’s fun and light, and it makes so many pop culture references that my heart was just about to explode from happiness.

Which leads me to the characters, and oh boy, these 2 were kind of great. Kate is a serious student, super smart, who loves to watch tv shows and ship the couples in them… but she wants a fairy tale moment and that’s why she is convinced that she has to go to prom with Mick. I really liked Kate, I thought she felt real, because she had so many different sides to her. I liked to read about her.

Cooper though… WOW! The guy is kind of dreamy. I loved that he didn’t keep the different parts of himself hidden, he truly didn’t care what other people thought, and he was happier for it. I liked that he knew what he loved, even if felt trapped by his dad’s choices for him. I loved that he put friendship and Kate’s needs ahead of his own, because that is love.

I’m a fan of these kinds of romances, where the girl thinks she wants one guy and ends up falling for the guy who is right next to her, and it was super well done here. The author managed to show their friendship and how much they meant to each other as friends, before the romance crept in the way, and that just made the romance all the better.

I shipped them… BAD! They were so cute together, and they talked about everything, from the most inconsequential thing, to very deep and heavy stuff, and their connection was so well achieved.

To sum it up, if you’re in the mood for a very cute and heartwarming teen romance, with a slight dose of angst (small), give this one a chance, I’m telling you it’s very worth it!

There’s Something About Nik (Sara Hantz)


Nik Gustafsson has a secret: He’s not really Nik Gustafsson.

He’s not a spy. He’s not crazy.

He’s just the son and heir to one of the most important families in Europe—one where duty always comes first. And his posh, too-public life is suffocating him. So when he gets the chance to attend boarding school in America, pretending to be an average exchange student is too big of a temptation to pass up.

Then he literally runs into Amber on campus. And she hates him at first sight.

It’s kind of exhilarating to be hated for who he is, not for his family name or his wealth. Maybe if he turns up the charm and turns down the aloof mask he habitually wears, he can win her over. Even though a bad past experience has made her swear off dating this year.

But the more he gets to know her, the more uncomfortable he is keeping things from her.

Because Nik Gustafsson has a secret. And it’s a big one.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a hot boy who’s the strong and silent type, a studious girl who refuses to believe in fairy-tale romance, and one epic secret that could be disastrous if it comes to light.

I have started on my marathon of Entangled Crush books that I have for this month. And I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

In true Entangled Crush fashion, this book is super duper cute! The story is told in dual POV, in the third person, but the voices of Nik and Amber are clearly distinct, mainly because Nik as such a specific background. I really liked the writing :).

I really liked both characters as well, I just wished that they had been a little more fleshed out. I’m just gonna say it, because it’s not really a spoiler… Nik is a prince! And he’s a bit entitled and clueless, but adorable at the same time. And Amber is such a strong young woman. I really really liked her. They both have a little character growth during the book, but I was kind of expecting more.

The romance was where I had a couple of issues, because I thought that it was super cute and great, but then it was also fast?! I kind of wished that had communicated a little better at some points there. However, I did think that the characters acted their age, they were immature on some things, and that was to be somewhat expected.

Overall, this was a very entertaining and fast read. If you’re in the mood for a very cute (royalty) romance, pick this one up.

The Bad Boy Bargain (Kendra C. Highley)


Baseball player Kyle Sawyer has many labels: bad boy, delinquent, ladies’ man, fearless outfielder… Only one of them is actually true. But then sweet ballet dancer Faith Gladwell asks him to help wreck her reputation, and everything goes sideways. 

Faith knows a thing or two about love, and what she had with her cheating jerk of an ex wasn’t it. When he starts spreading rumors about her being an Ice Queen, Faith decides it’s time to let a little bad into her life.

Lucky for her, Kyle Sawyer — dark, dangerous, totally swoonworthy Kyle Sawyer — is landscaping her backyard over Spring Break. Shirtless. And if she can convince him to play along, “dating” Kyle will silence the rumors.

But Faith’s plan threatens to expose Sawyer’s biggest secret of all…and that’s a risk he’s not willing to take.

Disclaimer: This book contains drop-the-book-and-fan-yourself kisses… and touches. Fall in love with a bad boy at your own risk.

Hey guys, once again I read this book as a buddy read with Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, so check out her blog in the next few days for her take on this book.

Entangled Crush book are awesome! They truly are. And this one did not disappoint at all.

This wasn’t my first book by Kendra C. Highley, as I had previously read Finding Perfect and Defying Gravity, and I really liked both of them, so I knew that I would like her writing, and I was right. This is probably the most beautifully written book of the three, maybe because it deals with such dark emotions. So yeah… I really really liked the writing.

I have to admit that I found it a bit hard to connect with Faith, and I thought that she wasn’t totally fleshed out, even by the end of the book. Maybe because most of the story and plot center around Kyle and the secrets he’s keeping and why he’s keeping them, Faith gets away with being sweet and excited, but there isn’t much more shown of her. Yeah, we know what she likes and doesn’t like, but mostly in the context of Kyle… I feel like after over 200 pages, I don’t really know her.

On the other hand, I loved loved loved Kyle. Kyle is such a complex character!!! I absolutely loved him, and understood why he did what he did at every turn. I liked how scared he was, while trying to appear calm and collected. I loved that he knew who he was, even if he didn’t show himself to the world. Because who doesn’t like to read about a player who has never been kissed?

These two together was all kinds of sweet and adorable. SO CUTE! But I have to say, I might be OK with instalove on occasion, but these two went from not knowing each other to being in love in a week… That’s one of my huge problems with this book, everything (and I do mean everything) happened way too fast!

While I did like that there was never really a pretend relationship, because they tried to be real from the start, I think that the time frame was just so limited. I wanted them to know each other way better before they went all in.

I also had a little problem with the premise of the book and the why they got together in the first place. The reason why Faith wanted to wreck her reputation felt really silly and dumb to me, because I don’t understand why what caused it would be an issue… but hell, I won’t pretend to understand how Highschool works in the US.

Overall, and even with the few problems I had with this book, it was still a very enjoyable read. I really loved the writing and the emotional ride that Kyle got me through. And that made it a worthy read.

Falling for the Girl Next Door (Tera Lynn Childs)


Sloane Whitaker never expected to like living in Texas, but after a few months in the Lone Star State, she has to admit she likes the food, the school, and the boy next door. What she doesn’t like is the fact that half her family is still back in New York. Convincing her dad to relocate to Texas requires making their upcoming visit as perfect as possible. The perfect dinner, the perfect daughter…with the perfect boyfriend.

But when her not-so-perfect boyfriend Tru Dorsey is suddenly not-so-available, Sloane has to find another dad-impressing guy to show off at dinner. Tru himself suggests enlisting the help of a fake boyfriend, but the reality of another guy with Sloane on his arm might be more than Tru can manage. Add in a mysterious blackmailer and a divided family, and Sloane and Tru’s relationship might not be able to handle the heat.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a bad boy next door, the good girl who snags his heart, and one epically disastrous ruse-gone-wrong. Join the fun at your own risk.

I keep loving this series!

After reading Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru, I was excited to keep reading their story, and this one most definitly did not disappoint. Actually, this book was deeper and heavier than the first one, and I really appreciated that.

Once again, I really enjoyed the writing, and I especially liked that Tru’s POV was deepened a little. In fact, this is a huge book in regards of Tru, given that it deals with him coming to terms with his addiction and seeking help for it.

Both characters show maturity while dealing with Tru’s problem, with him realizing that he wants to be his best version of himself, and that it isn’t fair to Sloane what he’s doing to their relationship. And Sloane by giving him time and space to sort himself out. Yeah, both these things come to a crash eventually, but they both have enough maturity to solve out everything.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the “fake-boyfriend” thing here, though it did make me love Finn even more, and now I can’t wait for his and Willa’s book. But I didn’t feel it was really necessary the overall scheme of things. Also, Sloane needs to chill about her parents! A parent that doesn’t answer your calls, is clearly more interested in something else more than he is about you, so the whole plan of making her dad move to Austin, didn’t sit well with me, because I never saw a way that it could happen.

I keep hating all the parents in this story… I have moments when I like Sloane’s mom, but they need to actually have a meaningful conversation at some point in time, right? I thought the plot on this book was a little rushed, and the time frame was a little short. I would have liked for them to take their time.

I’m excited for the last book about Sloane and Tru, because I want to see all the loose ends being tied up. I want Tru to let go of his father, I want Tru’s mom to do more, I want Sloane and her parents to actually discuss something important, I want her art public, and I want them going off to college together :D.

Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru (CREATIVE HEARTS #1)




Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru (Tera Lynn Childs)


This Entangled Teen Crush book contains vandalism in the name of art, art in the name of love, and love for a boy too charming to ever hate. 

When life gives you a blank canvas, make art.

Sloane Whitaker hates everything about moving to Texas. She hates leaving behind her friends and half her family in New York, starting over senior year at Austin’s NextGen Academy, and having to say she lives in Texas. Most of all, she hates that it’s all her fault. If she wants to earn her way back to the Big Apple, she has to prove she can still be the perfect daughter.

Which means no vandalism art, no trouble at school, and absolutely no Tru Dorsey, her serial screw-up neighbor, who loves nothing more than pushing her buttons.

But from the moment he vaults onto the roof outside her bedroom, there is something about him that makes her want to break every rule. Suddenly it’ s not the ten things she hates about Tru that are at the top of her list. It’s the ten reasons she doesn’t want to be without him.

It’s no secret that I love these entangled crush YA romances, but somehow I had skipped this one, even though I read the rest of the series so far. With book 2 hitting Netgalley and coming out tomorrow, I thought it was about time I read the first book in the Creative HeArts series. This series is unique in the way that each couple is written by a different author, and each couple also gets more than one book.

This was my first book by Tera Lynn Childs and I really enjoyed it. Again, the book is told in an unusual POV – this is a common feature of the whole series – where the main POV, the girl’s, is told in the first person, and we get little short chapters from the guy’s POV, on the third person. When I first read this on Willa, I thought it was kind of weird, now I absolutely love it. The writing is easygoing and  fun, and it and the good pacing, made the book flow well and super fast.

I really liked both characters. Both Tru and Sloane have a lot going on in terms of family life, and it has a lot of stake on how they think and behave. They’re both so strong and facing kind of impossible situations… I can’t wait to read more about it.

The story is very well constructed and I really liked how slow things evolved between Sloane and True, and how they forged a good friendship (sort of), before letting go.

I’m really on the fence about the parents on this story. I have specially a huge problem with Tru’s mom… without giving much away, Tru’s dad sucks, but the fact that his mom, knowing what goes on inside the house, badmouthed her son to her best friend? I hate that!

Either way… I’m starting book 2 now, because I want to read more about these two, and probably suffer a bit more when the book feels incomplete again by the end, and I have to wait another year to get book 3… 😀

Have you read this series? YOU SHOULD! Check out my reviews of the other titles:

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Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance (CREATIVE HEARTS #3)

The Secret Life of a Dream Girl (CREATIVE HEARTS #4)

All Laced Up (Erin Fletcher)


Everyone loves hockey superstar Pierce Miller. Everyone except Lia Bailey.

When the two are forced to teach a skating class to save the rink, Lia’s not sure she’ll survive the pressure of Nationals and Pierce’s ego. Not only can’t he remember her name, he signed her bottle of water like she was one of his groupies. Ugh.

But if there’s one thing Lia knows better than figure skating, it’s hockey. Hoping to take his ego down a notch — or seven — she logs into his team website under an anonymous name to give him pointers on his less-than-stellar playing.

Turns out, Pierce isn’t arrogant at all. And they have a lot in common. Too bad he’s falling for the anonymous girl online. No matter how much fun they’re starting to have in real life, she’s afraid he’s going to choose fake-Lia over the real one…

Disclaimer: This book contains a swoony hockey player (and his equally swoony friends!), one-too-many social media accounts, kisses that’ll melt ice, and a secret identity that might not be so secret after all…

There’s two things that are usually good ideas for a read: books from entangled cush, which are usually really cute, and hockey books, because hockey just rocks! So, requesting this book was a no-brainer for me.

The writing was so good, it flowed super well and fast, so fast in fact that I read the book in way less than a day. The book is told in dual POV – my favorite kind – and Pierce and Lia’s voices are different enough that the dual POV is super enjoyable.

Both characters were really great, and both had several sides to them. I really liked how they opened up to each other throughout the book, and started seeing each other in a different light because of it. It was very well done.

I did like the romance, the pacing was done right, and the chemistry was believable. These two were super cute together :-).

The plot was interesting too, I was hoping that the whole “secret identity” thing was well handled, because I’ve read some books where it wasn’t. Luckily, this one was pretty great. See… Pierce KNOWS, and while he does make some mistakes, because of the way his words come out of his mouth, and Lia is impatient and somewhat blind to some stuff, it works fine for them.

I really liked how they helped each other go through some rough patches and realizing their full potentials.

Overall, a very good and cute YA read. I recommend it, for sure.

Daring the Bad Boy (Monica Murphy)


Truth or Dare was never this much fun… 

Annie McFarland is sick of being a shy nobody. A session at summer camp seems like the perfect opportunity to reinvent herself — gain some confidence, kiss a boy, be whoever she wants to be. A few days in, she’s already set her sights on über-hottie Kyle. Too bad her fear of water keeps her away from the lake, where Kyle is always hanging out.

Jacob Fazio is at Camp Pine Ridge after one too many screw-ups. Junior counseling seems like punishment enough, but the rigid no-fraternizing-with-campers rules harsh his chill. When a night of Truth or Dare gets him roped into teaching Annie how to swim, she begs him to also teach her how to snag Kyle.

Late-night swim sessions turn into late-night kissing sessions…but there’s more on the line than just their hearts. If they get caught, Jake’s headed straight to juvie, but Annie’s more than ready to dare him to reveal the truth.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains references to drinking, sexual situations, adult language, and an intense bad boy hero who will melt your heart.

Hey guys, I read this book as a buddy read with Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, you can check out her review of this book here.

So, as you can see in my rating, I didn’t exactly loved this book, and to be honest, I was quite enjoying it until around 82%, and then it was just a big NO for me.

Let me start with the writing style, ok? I liked it. This story is told in dual POV, from Jake and Annie’s perspectives, and I did enjoy the back and forth of both POVs.

My biggest problem though was Annie. I honestly hate this, because I feel like I’m always hating on the girls in these romances, but I was prepared for 100% forgive Annie for her stupid decisions in the beginning and her stupid crush on Kyle, but she went from a sweet, and shy girl who loved to read, to someone who thought that other people’s opinions were more important than her own integrity. I do understand that she was 16 yo, but someone who thinks that her so called friends are talking shit behind her back, and she still does everything she can to impress them? NO!

I liked Jake. I thought he was a better rounded character than Annie, and his initial behaviour made sense because of his anger issues. He did have a case of super insta-love for Annie, but I’ll forgive him that.

The story and the romance between Annie and Jake was cute, for the most part, but then, as soon as they’re good and kind of happy, everything gets messed up, and I hated it. I hated it because Annie made a bunch of such weird choices. And then the people in Jake’s live have weird reactions and complete 180’s. Honestly, I was reading those last 18% and thinking “was this even written by the same person?“.


Until that point the book was a solid 3.5/4 stars for me, but those events kind of ruined it for me, and after thinking about it a lot, I couldn’t give it more than 2.5. Bah, what a disappointment.

Resisting the Rebel (Lisa Brown Roberts)


Disclaimer: This book contains a villain pretending to be a hero, a hero pretending to be a villain, a disco-dancing heroine, two overprotective sidekicks, a little bit of bad language, and a whole lot of swoony kissing. 

Spirit committee leader Mandy Pennington is secretly in love with her best friend, Gus, but when he hooks up with her archenemy at a party, she decides to win him over once and for all. She just doesn’t know how. But who better to help than hot loner Caleb Torrs?

Caleb’s got his own problems, but when he sees Mandy pining over Gus at a party, he thinks she’s finally smoked the spirit stick and lost her mind. Maybe he has, too, because he just asked Mandy to be his fake girlfriend.She’ll get her loser friend’s attention, and he’ll get his stalker ex off his back.It’s a win-win.

But soon one fake date blends into the next and before he knows it, he actually wants to kiss Mandy. For real. Too bad their plan is working, and Gus is finally noticing the one girl Caleb just might be falling for…

Hello guys. Once again I read this book with Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, as a buddy read. Go to her blog on the next couple of days to read her take on this book.

The story of this one, once again, revolves around a fake-relationship, but this book had probably the most unique group of characters and protagonists of all. Also guys, you know I’m a sucker for this trope, right?

In all its Entangled glory, this romance is told in dual POV, third person narration, and it’s done super well here. Mandy and Caleb had very distinct voices and personalities, and I thought the writing showcased their personalities perfectly.

I loved both main characters. Loved them. I wasn’t really sure at first when this book started, how I would feel about peppy/hippy Mandy and dark and broody Caleb, but they were wonderful, and their personalities complemented each other quite nicely. I loved that each of them had depth and various layers to them, because that made them very interesting.

I could identify with parts of both of them, and I think that’s why I loved them so much. I really liked that the author included a character with ADHD and dysgraphia, and her difficulties were a big part of the plot, and she explored how that affected her day to day. And I really liked how low key and misunderstood Caleb really was, and his love for books and literature.

The plot followed the usual “fake turned real relationship”, but it had a few twists, especially because of who the guys apparently were. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Caleb and Mandy, and that it was clear from very early on how they brought up the best in each other.

I was overall super happy with this book, though I sometimes wanted to slap Mandy out of her fantasy – even though I quite understood why she liked to live in it. I do wish she had believed her friends and everyone else warning her about her crush, Gus, and that she had realized earlier the truth, because seeing Caleb hurt wasn’t fun at all. I also wanted to know more about Caleb’s mom, and all of their friends, because they were seriously awesome…. especially Blue Ranger :D.

I highly recommend this YA romance, it was fun, unique and heartwarming. Give it a read.

Defying Gravity (Kendra C. Highley)


Disclaimer: This book contains enough sexual tension to melt snow, the hottest near-kiss in the history of near-kisses, and a sexy snowboarder determined to win the heart of the girl he loves.

Zoey Miller lives for her holidays in Aspen. Her time up on the mountain with the Madison brothers, Parker and Luke, is everything. But for the first time, it’s not enough. This time, she’s determined to win one of the brothers’ hearts.

But the brother she has in mind is a renowned player, with hordes of snow-bunnies following him around Snowmass resort. And the other…well, he’s her best friend and knows she deserves better. Namely him. And he’s going to win her heart.

Once again, I read this book as a buddy read with  Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, so check out her blog in the next few days to get her take on it.

This was my second book by Kendra C. Highley, as I read the first book of this series, Finding Perfect, last year and really enjoyed it – you can check out my review of it here. And once again, I really liked this one :).

The book is told in dual POV, from Zoey and Parker’s points of view, and told in the third person. Though this is not my favorite type of writing, I still enjoyed it a lot, and the 2 voices were clearly distinct. Also, damn, they were funny.

I had liked Zoey by the end of book 1, because she was an awesome friend to Paige, and I liked her even more here. Zoey is always put together while at school, and mostly hides her true self most of the time, except when she’s in Aspen, with her best friend. I really liked that although she was the typical Queen-Bee at school, she was not really like that, and she grows a lot during this book and learns that while she’s hiding stuff, she won’t ever be truly happy.

Parker was dreamy dreamy. He has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, not really having an opportunity to shine himself, but he won’t let Luke get the one thing he loves most of all, his BFF and the girl he loves. I thought it was amazing how each brother had their strongest fields, and that they could both be AMAZING at slightly different things. And it was amazing to see Parker finally get his time to shine.

I loved Zoey’s relationship with Parker. They have been best friends since forever, and they’re always themselves around each other, with no pretense or bullshit (or makeup). The progression from friendship to more had been a long time coming, and they were truly two halves of the same whole – according to their moms… Yeah… their moms were their biggest shippers. It bothered me a bit that Zoey was so adamant to pursuit Luke, though I understood her fear: Luke was just easier, because if it didn’t work out, she wouldn’t lose her best friend. But I still could have done with a little less indecision from her front. I’m still not sure how I feel about Luke, because while I do think he’s not a bad guy, I really didn’t like some of his actions during this book.

The inclusion of Paige and Ben, from book 1, in the story was perfect, and it was so great to see where they stood.

The plot was fun and lighthearted, but with a good message: you have to be yourself to be complete. The dialogues and interactions between the main characters were awesome, and charged. It was a really enjoyable read, and I have to recommend this YA series… it’s so much fun.

The Secret Life of a Dream Girl (Tracy Deebs)


Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains adult language, references to drinking and drugs, and a kiss so steamy it’ll fog up your ereader.

Hiding in plain sight is harder than it looks…

Dahlia Greene — aka international pop superstar Cherry — is undercover as a normal high school student. She just wants to experience what real life is like, so when she overhears hottie Keegan Matthews nervously talking about liking a girl, she sees the perfect opportunity to live a real life and play a little matchmaker. What was not part of the plan was falling for a guy she can never tell the truth.

Keegan Matthews has been secretly crushing on Dahlia ever since she started at his school. Sure, Dahlia thinks he’s crushing on some other girl — not realizing his Dream Girl is actually her — but he figures, play along with her tips to woo someone else, let her get to know him, and then make his move. But with so many secrets in the mix, their romance is doomed from the start…

A little while back I read How Willa Got Her Groove Back, which is the second book in the Creative HeArts series, and then I read  (the second one) and I loved both books so much. But I have to say that I think this one is my favorite!

Once again, the book is told between two POVs, where Dahlia’s POV is told in the first person, and Keegan’s POV is told in the third person. I do like this formula! The difference to the 2 previous books, is that we get A LOT more of Keegan’s POV, which was fabulous in my opinion. The writing was amazing. I thought it was a bit more complentative than the other books, but it was also funny and light at the same time, and it fitted both these characters so well, because they were both going through so much.

I absolutely loved Dahlia! It’s such a smart concept to use a pop star, ex-Disney sweetheart, going through those motions of hyper sexualization and managing to get a step away from it, and what it might mean for herself and her career. I really like how smart and strong she was, though I’m scared to where this will lead in the next couple of books.

Keegan was so amazing! Having a business guy in the middle of all those artists is brilliant, especially because it also makes you think how important what he does is to the whole artist vibe of his friends. Also, he’s Jacen’s BFF, and while Jacen is not my favorite guy, their friendship is pretty awesome. He also treats Dahlia like she’s precious. They both have so many layers! I love them both :D.

The plot was really simple and great. We get to see them becoming close, friends somehow, and then something a bit more, while they both struggle through a lot, and in the end I think they’re there for each other, and that’s really important. I do hope the next 2 books will be nice to them, because they don’t deserve to hurt, at all.

It was really great to see little glimpses of the characters of the other books, especially Finn, who keeps getting better and better throughout the books.

If you haven’t read this series yet, you definitly should!