Bourbon Sins (Meghan Quinn)

On the streets of New Orleans, sins are committed every night.

My name is Jett Colby and I save tarnished souls.

In the downtown, under the glittery lights of Bourbon Street, I found her in cheap lingerie, flaunting her body for callous men and money.

From the lace of her cheap lingerie, to her garter belt, I knew she had to be saved.
She had to be mine.

Broke and destitute with no way of out, she had no choice but to come to me and into my club.

She had no other choice but to become a Jett Girl.

But see, that’s the thing about this city; you might think that under the dazzling lights and illusion of salvation, she’s the one that needed saving.

When the glitter fades and the dirt is washed away, the one worth saving just might be me.

Guys, I’m a huge fan of Meghan Quinn. I’ve loved all the books I read from her, so even though a was a bit weary of this blurb, I still gave it a shot. It was also an absolute surprise, because I wasn’t quite expecting to receive this book to review. But let’s move on…

So, kudos to Meghan Quinn, because her writing is awesome as usual. Erotica is not usually an easy genre to insert comedy into, and Meghan did that, and she did it well. I have to say though, that given that this was a reedition of the book, I didn’t expect to find some incongruences in the verbal tenses, and I did. It bugged me a bit to be honest.

No matter how good of a writer Meghan Quinn is, the story and the theme just weren’t my thing at all. The whole plot of a rich guy saving a poor girl, taking her out of the streets and so on, I could be on board with. But the whole club, strip, and sex thing was too much. Jett takes Goldie to his club, no one can touch her there, the conditions are amazing, she has everything she needs, but she has to submit to a guy she never saw… she has to sign a contract and agree to have sex with him exclusively. Yeah, I could have gone without that part.

My other issue was that I didn’t like the characters. I’m gonna say that Goldie was very hard for me to get. First of all, I couldn’t pinpoint her age, and that drove me crazy. It’s mentioned that she’s been working at the strip club for 9 years, since she lost her parents to Katrina. It’s never mentioned that she started there before she was 18, so I’m gonna assume that by the time this book takes place, she’s already 27 years old. However, she sounds so much younger… I would have put her voice at around 22/23 yo, and that’s just a bit messed up. This is supposed to be a super self sufficient woman, but I never felt like that. I also get that she’s a super sexual person, no issue with that, but the narrative is a bit too much on this issue… she gets turned on by EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!!!! Sheets, clothes, any guy, or girl, or just random wood. It’s too much. Especially once she forms a bond with Jett, because then these things become a bit weird and creepy.

For instance, she knows Kade and Jett are friends, however she still teases Kade every chance she gets, even though she LIKES Jett, and she KNOWS how Kade feels. It was just wrong.

Jett, well, I get his past, I do, but again, things don’t add up in terms of timeline and gravity of the events. And I get his need for control, but not in the way it’s done in this book. What he does to get Goldie to agree to go to his club, is despicable, and I hated that this was never discussed in this book.

The romance didn’t work for me either, because these 2 hardly know each other, and he’s obsessed, and she’s doing whatever he wants… I didn’t feel it.

There are some good scenes in this book, I liked some of the scenes between Jett and Goldie, and they do have chemistry, and their sexy times are super well done. But still, that was not enough to actually do this book for me. And while I’m curious about the remaining books in this series, I’m not sure that will be enough to make me want to read them.

Nine Kinds of Naughty (Jeanette Grey)


Lexie Bellamy can handle a boardroom. Relationships, however, are a minefield that always blow up. When a business trip takes her to Spain, Lexie knows she’ll have no problem closing the deal. But spending uninterrupted one-on-one time with her crazy-hot coworker might be more than she can take.

At the office, Lexie gets to call the shots. But this trip is the perfect opportunity for Dane Huntley to show his gorgeous boss how good it can feel when someone else takes charge . . .

Miles away from home, giving in to Dane’s naughty commands feels so easy. But when the trip is over, Lexie’s determined to go back to their professional relationship. Dane, though, has other ideas. He’ll have to prove that what they’ve found together is real . . . and he has no intention of letting go.

I’ve read the previous two books of this series, about Kate and Rylan, Seven Nights to Surrender Eight Ways to Ecstasy, so when I saw this one was available on netgalley, I requested it, because I had really enjoyed the other ones. Also, because in book 2 there’s a chapter about Lexie, and her relationship with her assistant Dane intrigued me.

With that said, I had no clue that this book was about BDSM.

Once again, I found Jeanette Grey’s writing amazing. The book is told in dual POV, and her writing style is almost lyrical. It’s beautiful.

I really liked both main characters. Lexie, who thought she was never good enough and that always tried her hardest, especially at her job – which was her live. And then Dane, who was stuck in a life he didn’t want and had no control over, and who so desperately just wanted to be himself. They both go through an amazing evolution.

I really liked the overall plot of the book, and how Dane taught Lexie how to relinquish control, at least in a part of her life, and how he gained himself in the process. I loved the falling out, it was perfect and so on point with the characters.

So… why am I only giving this book 3.5 stars? To sum it up, BDSM is not for me, and it’s definitly something I do not like to read about.

I have to praise Grey here, because I think she did an amazing job with all the scenes, and I gained an understanding of it that I didn’t previously have (and it seems like she did it right enough, according to some websites). I liked that things were explained. But I just can’t stand it.

I understand the principal and the importance of the elements for the people involved. I do! I just cringed each time I was reading about Lexie’s submission. Some elements I could get on board with, but others were just… no, not for me. Sorry…

Either way, it is a good erotica book, and I think that if you don’t mind reading about BDSM, you will thoroughly enjoy this one. It has great writing and great characters and loads and loads of sex. 🙂

Breaking His Rules (R.C. Matthews)


When I landed the best bartending job in downtown Chicago, the rules were as clear as the Grey Goose martini I mixed for him. Don’t sleep with the patrons. I had no problem with that. Money didn’t impress me. But Damon Baxter’s eyes did. Midnight blue, just like the name of his nightclub. The way they undressed me made me consider risking the most sought after job in the service industry. Nailing the position had been hard. Obeying the rules? Even harder.

Good thing I like it hard. I was never one for following orders. For one night with him, I would have sold my soul to the devil. And that’s exactly what I did. Let me tell you, hell in the company of Damon Baxter was blissfully hot. I offered him a single night of pleasure, but when he demanded another in that deep and sexy whisper, what could I say? He was my boss, and I always aimed to please…when it pleased me.

He didn’t care that I broke his rules. But was I ready to break my own?

I requested this book because the blurb sounded interesting, and to be honest, I hadn’t read an erotic romance in awhile, so I thought it was time :P.

This was ultimately a fun book, with a somewhat cool plot. I enjoyed the writing, it flowed well, and the sex scenes were greatly written – which is always a big issue with erotica, given that the sex is one of the main things in it. Actually, comparing this one with the book I read before, How Not To Fall, I have to say that this one had hardly any sex in it, eheh.

The characters were interesting, and I really liked their connection and chemistry. Samantha was a strong and independent woman, and she knew what she wanted out of life and, most importantly, and she didn’t want. Damon was also interesting, and very different from most of billionaires in these kind of books. I also really enjoyed the inclusion of family and their different relationships.

So, this books wasn’t just about the sex, the romance was actually nice, but it was still a bit of insta love, and things were definitly too fast. It would have been almost perfect if the romance has taken a little bit more time, because it was complex enough. 🙂

Ultimatly this was a nice erotic romance, and I would definitly recommend it, if you’re into this genre.

Eight Ways to Ecstasy (Jeanette Grey)


In this stunningly sensual sequel to Seven Nights to Surrender, acclaimed author Jeanette Grey reunites readers with a young artist and the man who’ll stop at nothing to have her . . .  

Kate Reid’s whirlwind romance with billionaire playboy Rylan Bellamy complicated her life in ways she’d worked to avoid. She’d fallen hard for his flirtatious charm and given him the one thing no other man had: her trust. Just as Kate began to imagine a future with Rylan, everything fell apart.  

Now she’s starting over in New York…but even the glittering streets of Manhattan can’t erase the memory of Rylan knocking her off her feet and sweeping her into the most erotic, unforgettable week of her life.

It’s been months, and Rylan still can’t forget Kate. Months since he bared his soul at her feet. Months since he drove away the only woman to ever make him feel. Kate changed his world and now Rylan is determined to win her back-no matter what it takes. After crossing an ocean to reach her, he makes a deal with Kate: One more week, for one more chance. Now it’s up to Rylan to show Kate all the ways they fit together . . . and prove that this player has met his perfect match.

A while back I read my first erotica novel, Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeanette Grey, and although it wasn’t my favorite thing ever, it was also not the worst, and I gained a new appreciation for the genre. Still not one I reach for very often, but I do enjoy it. So when I saw Eight Ways to Ecstasy, the sequel to Seven Nights to Surrender, on Netgalley, I needed to request it.

(Funny thing… the publisher actually denied my request because of country restrictions. But I didn’t fold and wrote to them asking for the book, and they graciously allowed to read and review it… THANK YOU!)

I enjoyed this sequel so so much. I can’t even! I was fangirling the entire time…

While one of the main problems of the first book was the little action and plot, this book breaks both of those problems. Kate and Rylan actually have lives in this book, outside of the time they spend together, and even when together, they actually go out and interact with other people. Also, they have so much going in their lives besides each other… and the characters’ growth! WOW!

I had some problems with Kate’s reactions on the first book, but I finally understood them here. It was such a different thing to see both of them in their element, and the inclusion of friends and family in the story.

I loved their dynamic in this book. Kate was more assertive to some extent, and Rylan was doing whatever he could to make her see how much he wanted “them” to work. But when things fell apart I was actually surprised… the things they said to each other were real, and they were both so right that it hurt a little.

Ultimately, this being an erotica novel and all, there were some HOT scenes. Hotter than the first book actually 😉 . And it was so beautifully written…

Honestly people, I think I’m in love with this book and these characters a bit. I adored it, it was a perfect conclusion to Kate and Rylan’s story, and now I’m excited to read Lexie’s story in the next book. 🙂 So, if you’re into this genre, give this series a go, it’s well worth it.

The Dirty Secret (Kira A. Gold)


From the Desk of Donna Edith… 

My services are unconventional. My clients come to me with needs and I match them to other clients with needs of their own… 

Promising young architect Killian Fitzroy: Driven, clever, eager to prove himself. Starved for sex, though he’s come to me for professional assistance, not personal. Needs: Someone unique, creative and fast. An artist with a feminine perspective to breathe life into a house he’s built. 

Aspiring scenic designer Vessa Ratham: Sensuous, spontaneous, but secretive. Recently returned to Vermont armed with an art degree that qualifies her for little more than waiting tables. Needs: An opportunity to shine. 

Yes, Killian and Vessa will satisfy each other nicely—in more ways than one.

Let me start by saying that Erotica is not exactly my go-to read… yeah, I enjoy my New Adult Romances, and I do like sexy scenes in my books, but I’m not always sure of purely erotic romances. But this book really surprised me, because I liked it SO MUCH!!!

The writing is kind of beautifully lyric, and Kira A. Gold sure knows her stuff in terms of interior design, but I have to admit that all those descriptions were a bit lost on me – I couldn’t even place half of the colors talked about here. But the way she described the feelings and interactions between the two main characters was lovely and I was gripped from the start.

About the characters, oh my, I ship Vessa and Killian so hard!!!! They both deserved better than what life gave them, for sure, and I liked to see how their relationship developed slowly but surely, and I liked that it wasn’t just about the sex… oh no, they were so honest with each other, and they shared so much, it was heart-warming.

The character development was amazing, I was as happy as Killian when Vessa started to use sentences that started with “I” and I was so proud when Killian finally stood up for himself at work. They made each other want more out of life, while being so supportive of each other, and that’s always great to see in relationships. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was all kinds of HOT, but all their scenes together were amazing, even if they were fully clothed.

I adored the secondary characters, and I especially liked how much weight they had in the story, because sometimes erotica forgets that life isn’t confined to a room.

Even though there isn’t much plot in this book, it does exist, and I liked it. I liked to see Killian’s house transform, and Vessa’s life transform along with it. I liked her family, and I loved that despite everything her father was so proud of her.

I honestly loved this book and I can see myself reaching for other books by Kira A. Gold.