Tiny Pleasures #13

Hey guys!

Once again I’m here to share some of my good moments from the last few weeks, ok?! The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering, and the goal is to show you some cool stuff that happened in the last week or so. So, here it is…

1. Downtown

I met Cátia once again, at our usual spot in downtown Lisbon. It’s so awesome that we now can meet whenever our schedules allow for it.

2. My first work party

This was a totally new experience for me, but I’m really enjoying my new job, so I went to the first party organized by my place of employment, and it was super fun.

3. Family time, and my beautiful snow

My brother is home, which means his dog is also here. So this week I spent some time with them, and I also tried some Angolan traditional dishes, and I really enjoyed it.

4. Beach and Ice Cream

In the middle of the week I went to the beach with a friend, followed by ice cream at Santini’s, an old ice cream parlor here in Portugal. Yummi!

5. All about my niece

My youngest niece had some busy couple of days, as she had a hip hop and gymnastics presentation yesterday, and today she celebrated her first communion. Which meant she was happy and gorgeous, and I was so super proud of my princess.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately, what about you?
Any small pleasures?

Tiny Pleasures #12

Hey guys!

Once again I’m here to share some of my good moments from the last few weeks, ok?! The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering, and the goal is to show you some cool stuff that happened in the last week or so. So, here it is…

1. Family Time

After a few months of not seeing my aunt, I finally had time a couple of weeks ago to be with her and the family 😀 .

2. My hair is now Purple!

Yeah guys, remember how last time I had dyed it turquoise? Finally the color faded and I went for the purple and I love it. I left it messy on purpose, and I bleached my hair a lot to prepare it for the color, and then I applied 2 different kinds of purple to have more craziness. So, some of my hair looks pink-ish, and then I have some stronger purple. I LOVE IT!

But I have to say that I won’t use the Colorista L’Oreal again, the color is very faint and the effect is very minimal. While the Stargazer Rinse Purple ended up being cheaper, easier to apply and the color is much more intense.

3. Salvador Sobral won the Eurovision 

If you’re from Europe, you know about Eurovision, and I’m so happy, so damn proud, that Portugal won for the first time ever. And I have to say, I’m kind of in love with this song.

4. Royally Matched

I finally read Royally Matched, I actually listened to it, and I loved it so much. Henry and Sarah are amazing, and this is one of those books that just made me smile like crazy 🙂 .

5. Guardians of the Galaxy

I had some time last week, and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, and I loved love loved it!

That’s what I’ve been up to lately, what about you?
Any small pleasures?

Tiny Pleasures #11

Hey guys! So, this feature is one I haven’t done since November of 2015. Yeah, it has been a long long time. But I think I might just get back to do it, because I kind of miss it. The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering, and the goal is to show you some cool stuff that happened in the last week or so. This will also be a means to update you on what’s going on in my life at the moment, eheh.

1. I started working!

Well, sort of. LOL. So, as you guys know, I’ve been doing my PhD for the last few years, but my grant ended at the end of 2015, and even though I’m still writing my thesis, I needed to start working ASAP, because money is needed to actually eat and stuff. I obviously looked and applied for a lot of things in my area, but that didn’t pan out. I was called for something else though, and I have to say, I’m super excited about this. I’m currently on my third week of training, and I’m loving the subjects and the people, so I really hope ir all goes well.

2. Starbucks with Cátia

You guys probably know that me and Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much live pretty close by, as in, we’re both close enough to Lisbon. So, last week, we met for coffee again, for another afternoon of talking books, blogging and life, Starbucks and walking. 😀

3. Nephews + Easter

Because it’s Easter, I had all my nephews here, and look how huge they are! My oldest nephew is past the 1.8m, and my niece is now my height… *sigh*

4. The Raven Boys

I finally started reading The Raven Boys!!!

5. Movies

I actually went to the movies 3 times in the last week, but Demain Tout Commence is definitly a highlight for me.

6. My Hair changed color

I never dyed my hair before, but I did it today. You guys know the Colorista line from L’Oreal? I’d tried the turquoise the other day, but my hair is too dark, and even though the product tells you it will work on dark hair, it really doesn’t. I tried it, and to be honest, you had to hit it with the right angle of light to actually see some semblance of color. So I decided to try another product of theirs, the Colorista Effect balayage, to lighten some parts of my hair, and then apply the blue dye, and it worked! The lighting part was a bit uneven, but it definitly became lighter, and now my hair is bluish-green.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately, what about you?
Any small pleasures?

Lisbon, here I come!


Today I’m going HOME! Yep, Lisbon here I come! I’m actually at the airport right now!!!

I’m so tired that I’m super excited to get home, but on the other hand, I’ll have so much other type of work to do, that I would gladly shut myself inside the lab for the next week or so…

I love Christmas, I really do, but this year everything is gonna be tricky… I’ll just run down some of the things I’ll have to do this next week, shall I?


  • Pick up my mom’s car from the workshop;
  • Pick up my brother’s house keys from our housekeeper;
  • Visit my grandmother in the hospital – I hope she’s still at the hospital by friday, otherwise my day will get worse;
  • Have lunch with my BFF (possibly at the hospital, while visiting my grandmother);
  • Try to get some christmas shopping done (and probably failing);
  • Serve as a taxi for my brother in law;
  • Wait for my sister to deposit her kid and 2 dogs at my brother’s house, so I can babysit;
  • Pray for all that’s mighty that my nephew is calmer and not setting things on fire just because (yeah… I don’t really know what’s going on either);
  • Wait for the couple to return home so I can finally go to sleep in my bed – read: my house!
  • My grandma will be released for the hospital tomorrow morning, so after I pick up the car, I have to go pick her up at the hospital;
  • Pick her bag from her house;
  • Figure something out for lunch;
  • Convince my BFF to go meet me at my bro’s house to have lunch with my grandma and me;
  • Find time to go to a supermarket – his house doesn’t have a thing in it;
  • Figure out how to get my brother in law to his diner;
  • Say NO to my sister – and resist her psychological blackmail;
  • Get some Christmas Shopping done – good thing that the shopping malls are open until midnight.


  • Wake up at an ungodly hour in the morning;
  • Go to my older brother’s house to retrieve my younger brother’s card;
  • Go to Ikea to buy 2 simple beds – hope against hope that they’re able to deliver by Monday;
  • Go home – very close to Ikea;
  • Go to lunch with my dad and my aunts near the beach – a bit away from home;
  • Get back on the road around 4 p.m. because it will take me more than an hour to reach the airport;
  • Wait for my mom to come out of the arrival area, carrying my precious 4 legged “nephew” (yes, I mean a dog!);
  • Think of something to do with the dog, because my mom needs to visit my grandmother in the hospital right away (possibly);
  • Get the dog to my mom’s house;
  • Go to my brother’s house to leave the dog and collect my sister;
  • Have dinner with my mom and sister;
  • Attend a concert.


  • I don’t know… I reckon I’ll be dead by then…
  • Christmas shopping;
  • Visit my grandmother in the hospital at my brother’s house;
  • Supermarket.

Monday – Wednesday:

  • Grandma will probably leave the hospital;
  • Christmas shopping… a lot of them… all of them…
  • Watch over my grandma
  • SLEEP!

As you can see I’m going to have a super fun week… yeah, I’m super happy about that! Hopefully my grandma will be ok when she leaves the hospital, and Christmas will go down without a hitch and everything will be super super marvelous! But somehow, I think it will be an exhausting week and I’m so not looking forward to that.

Tiny Pleasures #9


Hello! Another month has just wrapped up, and I thought it was about time I did my Tiny Pleasures feature, which I had said I would do monthly instead of weekly. The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering.

ily_1. The Community

First and foremost, one of the biggest things that made me smile this past month were you guys. I has a not so good moment, which I shares here on the blog, and you “listened” and were super supportive. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders just by having the knowledge that I could share and that it was all ok.

2. Home & Family

Yes, home always makes it onto this list each time I go there. Going is a pleasure itself. But family… This time coincided with my brother and sister-in-law, who both live in Angola, being in Portugal as well. And, with my sister and her husband to come to Lisbon because of that. So, I had all my siblings in one place and that very rarely happens – usually just around Christmas or my grandmother’s anniversary.

3. A game day

A lot of things on this list happened during the short week I was in Portugal, this one was a great way to start. A game day, I, if you’re reading this, that was a lot of fun! BANG!

4. #AEJreadsQoS – The Buddy Read

I’ve mentioned this on my Wrap-up as well, but damn-it, this buddy read of Queen of Shadows was the most fun I had reading in forever. I had never done one buddy read before, but I know that I’ll do it again in a heartbeat with these 3 ladies (Josie, Erika and Anjie). My twitter feed was insane, it even woke me up sometimes during the night, and I didn’t care. SO.MUCH.FUN!

5. XBOX 360 & Dance Central

Man, I had almost forgot how much I love my Xbox and the Dance Central game! My brother’s new (empty) house and his 65′ TV were perfect for a night playing this again. We wrapped it up at 2 a.m. and I looked like I had run a marathon and my hair like it had just gotten out of the shower… worth it!

6. Starbucks

One of the perks of being home, is going to my usual Starbucks and be able to get my drinks just as I like them – because they know – and getting a frequent customer discount. I mean, cheaper tall hazelnut (1 pump) soy cappuccino with kids temperature?! Count me in!

7. Amazing books and book hangover

Two books for you: Ignite Me and Queen of Shadows…WOW! And with two of my favorite ships ever! Advert your eyes because there will be spoilers for both series. But Warnette and Rowaelin! Am I right?! PERFECT!

(source – look at those smiles :D)

8. Freepik and Inkscape

What have I done with my life??? I had been poking around Freepik for a while, but those are vectors and my photoshop abilities are 0! But a couple of days ago I decided to try Inkscape and at first my skills there were also nule, but then I figured out some stuff… I still have no idea how to create anything, but modifying it is another thing entirely and I’m doing it. Actually, I have done virtually nothing else yesterday (except work for a bit). I wasn’t happy with my headers and banners, and now I found a combination of colors that I like, I’ve added 100+ fonts to my computer and I’m doing stuff!

9. Travel Planning

It’s T – 4 days! In 4 days I’ll be going to the airport to catch the first plane on my way to South Korea and I’m so so excited!

I’m Back and how I failed spectacularly at the Tackle my TBR Read-a-Thon!


Hello people, I’m back from Portugal. After a crazy crazy week at home, I finally arrived to Barcelona yesterday morning (and at my house roughly 2h30m later… I have public transportation sometimes).

It was a SUPER CRAZY WEEK!! I’ll resume it for you, just because… I got there Friday night…

» Saturday I had a full day celebration at a friend’s house, to celebrate her birthday and PhD. After a day of eating and playing games, I finally got home at around 1 a.m.

» Sunday my brother picked me up at 9.30 a.m to go to the supermarket, then we went to his new house, looked around a bit, he showed me his 65′ and 55′ new TVs and played some PES, and then we had family lunch at our grandmother’s. After that, me, him and his wife went to a shopping mall, where he then left us and we went to IKEA next. We left IKEA completely drained at 10 p.m. and went to have a soup at another shopping mall… isn’t it great that things are open until 11p.m.?! After I had a freakout moment because I saw Throne of Glass in Portuguese, I went home.


– By now I’d been home for 2 whole days and had seen my dad a great amount of 1 hr on the day I arrived! –

» Monday I decided to sleep in a little… that was until my sister called me (and woke me up), to announce that she and her husband were arriving at Lisbon and if I wanted to have lunch with them. My answer was yes (because you never say no to dining out with your siblings, right?). SEAFOOD!!!! 😀 My bro and sis-in-law joined us as well, and then we (again) went to my brother’s new house. It was time to start washing the linens and stuff, and I spent the day assembling the kitchen diner table and the chairs… bless IKEA. On a bright note, I managed to get away and have diner with my dad 😉

» Tuesday I was able to stay at home a bit. I had to work on some stuff for my advisor, so that worked out well. And after 2 days of being stuck in the same page of Queen of Shadows, I was able to move up a few chapters (not many though). My BFF then went to get me and we made our usual route to some starbucks, a few shops, diner and a movie. 😀 (and then staying talking until past 2a.m. – I’m in serious need of some sleep).

» My plan for Wednesday was to relax all day and read, nothing more. I almost managed doing just that… But my sis called to let me know she would be picking me up soon… I said no, she said yes, she won! So, again, bro’s home – it’s a really nice house – we had a snack, we went to my grandmother’s, then to see a friend, then back to his house, we had diner at 11 p.m. and me and my sister-in-law’s sister stayed until 2a.m. playing Dance Central on the X-Box, while the men were upstairs with their PES.

» Thursday was a good day! I made progress on Queen of Shadows! I read and watched a bit of TV, relaxed, managed to actually read some blog posts that I had been accumulating, and then me and my BFF went to have coffee with a friend of ours that we hadn’t seen in awhile.

– Are you tired yet? – 

» Friday I went (guess…), yeah, bro’s house. They went to deliver furniture, mainly the couch and dining table  – very important – then we had lunch, me and sis went to starbucks, pharmacy, grandmother’s house. Then we had a family diner. My nephew arrived from the south of Portugal. After diner we all went to my brother’s house. Me and my BFF finally left past 1a.m. and I was super tired by then.

» Saturday (it’s almost over), I had a lunch with my family from my dad’s side. It’s always great to see my aunts 😀 ! By late afternoon I went shopping with my nephew and that was awesome, I had missed the kid. Then it was time to pack and sleep, because having a plane to catch at 6.45 a.m. is no joke.

WP_003134       WP_003131

My Grandmother/aunt’s house is full of these little treasures… Damn it, I was so cute when I was little…

Now, for the actual #TackleTBR Warp-Up, I didn’t do any good in this Read-a-Thon… not good at all.


  • Finish my September TBR, which means reading Queen of Shadows (doing a buddy read – check the GR group 😀 ), An Infinite Number Of Parallel Universes  and  Finding Perfect. (Because I’ll finish The Assassin’s Blade today)


  • Read at least 2 other ARCs – which ones will depend on my mood;
  • Participate in 5 challenges;
  • Find some new exciting blogs to follow.

WHAT I actually managed:

  • I read nothing more, unless you count some form of fanfiction which I’m now apparently addicted to.


  • I hardly had time to check on the blogs that I already follow, least of all find new ones… it was a busy week.