And Ireland… the rest of the days!

And then I got back to Dublin… Oh Dublin… I loved Northern Ireland, but Ireland is something else… I loved Dublin! The first day back to the Republic of Ireland, however, we took a tour to the west coast of Ireland to check out the Cliffs of Moher and Galway County. The west coast of Ireland is magnificent – much like the rest of Ireland by the way, with a lot of green, water and lovely cows and sheeps.


This cliffs are a magnificent sight and definitely worth a trip there. I had been to Galway before, but Galway county is lovely. Finally of Friday, the 17th, we finally had some time to see Dublin before my mom’s work started the next day. I spend the next 4 days walking around Dublin, going to some museums and shops, and although is not London, I could picture myself living there 🙂 .

dublin1 dublin2

Temple bar is amazing, Trinity College is great and The Book of Kells and the old Library are definitely worth their money.


The music on the streets, the great food and the nice people make Dublin a place to return to and soon. The only downside to Dublin is how expensive everything is…


Other positive thing about Ireland: Guinness! I’m a huge Guinness fan, it’s my favorite beer, so I was in heaven for my stay there… I reached the most amount of beer I ever drunk during a diner… 1.5L of guinness!


We finished the trip with a day tour to  Dunmore Caves, Kilkenny Castle and Glendalough. The caves I could have done without, a lot of steps down and then up and not a lot to see. Kilkenny is absolutely beautiful and Glendalough is breathtaking….