Product Review: Typewriter Series Etsy Shop


Hey people! So, I’m doing a product review for the second time ever! YEAH!! I’m happy about this! A little while back, Emma @eloquentnostalgia contacted me about her Etsy Shop, Typewriter Series, and asked me if I would be willing to review a few of her products, and hell yes!

Emma sells cards and tags tags with several designs, but mostly with typewriting quotes. And the effect is amazing. Have a look.


“My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”
– Charles Dickens


“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E.E. Cummings


“To really be a nerd, she decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one.”
– Rainbow Rowell

They’re so pretty, right? I’m actually thinking about framing them, because I think they would look awesome on my wall.

I really like the aesthetics of these cards, I always loved typewriters, and the feel of these are old school and I dig it :D.

Check out her store, blog, etc, and see what other quotes and designs she has these. There’s some pretty great stuff. 🙂 Great timing too, because who doesn’t need to do some Christmas shopping right about now?! 😉

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Product Review: Mystery Date With a Book Etsy Shop


Hey guys! This is something that I never done, so I hope it goes well 😉 . So, awhile back Fernanda from Mystery Date With a Book asked me if I could review some products from her Etsy shop, MysteryDateWithaBook – where she sells handmade bookish accessories (mainly bracelets, necklaces and keyrings) – to which I said YES (of course)! Take a look at her shop:


 So, here’s what Fernanda sent me.

As soon as I opened the package I was excited, because I’m pretty crazy about these books. So, what did I get? First off it’s a Harry Potter bracelet, the book is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, and the details are insane.

Next I got a Little Women bookmark :D. I love this story, and even though I haven’t read the book – though I own 2 – I’m in love with this bookmark. Check it out!

Now I have to admit, my favorite piece is definitly the keychain, because it’s FANGIRL! I’m so in love with this keychain :D.

Aren’t these items just the most adorable thing? Visit the shop, go follow the blog, twitter and facebook. Keep an eye on what more it’s coming, because I’m sure I’ll be. I love my new bookish items :D. Let me give you the links you should follow ;-).

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