HIMYM funny facts

In Benefits (S04E12) – one of my favorite episodes ever, I just love watching Barney smash up those TVs – Marshall has an imaginary conversation with Kim Kardashian, who is on the cover of the magazine he takes into the bathroom.

This is how he refers to her:  You’re right, Super Hot Lady who my wife keeps telling me why you’re famous, but I keep forgetting.”

We have something in common… I’m still at odds as to why they are famous too!

HIMYM funny facts

Funny Fact nº2: In episode 14 of the 1st season of How I Met Your Mother, is the first time we realize how perfect Robin and Barney are for each other (and they realize it too). The show should actually be called “How Barney and Robin got together!”.

Also, this episode marks the first mention of the BroCode!

HIMYM funny facts

Because we are roughly 1 month away from the last episode ever of How I Met Your Mother, I decided to rewatch the whole show. It’s not a hard task, given that the episodes are only 22 minutes long and most of them I know pretty well, so I don’t have to be super attentive.

So, funny fact number one: by episode 8 of the first season (The Duel), Marshall had injured his then fiancee, Lily, twice – the first in the pilot, when he opened a bottle of champagne, resulting on she wearing that amazing eye patch, and the second one by stabbing her with a sword.


My Top 10 TV Male/Female Friendships: 5 to 1

Yesterday I posted My Top 10 TV Male/Female Friendships: 10 to 6, now here are my Top 5:



5. Ted & Lily (Josh Radnor & Alyson Hannigan) – How I Met Your Mother

Ted’s best friend may be Marshall, but it’s Lily that always knows what’s up. They’re cute and sweet, and we can only hope to be as lucky as Ted to have such a couple of great friends.



4. Donna & Harvey (Sarah Rafferty & Gabriel Macht) – Suits

Donna knows Harvey better than he knows himself, and it shows! Maybe their special chemistry on screen is due to the fact that Sarah and Gabriel have actually been BFF’s in real life for many many years.



3. Liz Lemon & Jack Donaghy (Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin)30 Rock

Liz and Jack got married at some point in the show… but it was a mistake! They both made it pretty clear that there was nothing romantic around and still, the show is awesome! Jack mentors Liz and she becomes nothing like him, but in the process, the two became inseparable.



2. Derek Morgan & Penelope Garcia (Shemar Moore & Kirsten Vangsness) – Criminal Minds

These two have so many nicknames and cute ways of calling each other, that it’s a miracle that nothing ever happened. And I do hope it never will. They’re awesome exactly for that, because they are friends, besties, they bring out the best in each other, and they are just friends…



1. Donna & The Doctor (Catherine Tate & David Tennant) – Doctor Who

I love all of the Doctors companions in their own way, but Donna is special. From the first (and only) time since its comeback in 2005, we have a companion that, just as The Doctor, just wants a mate, and not “a mate”. She came at a great timing, right after Rose and Martha, both so clearly in love with him, Donna wants none of that! They are sassy and witty together and so much fun… Doctor-Donna! Her story is still one of the saddest for me… while all the other companions at least get to have their memories of their time with the Doctor, Donna will never know… oh… how I cried! And she was BRILLIANT with him. Catherine Tate and David Tennant are hilarious together!


Reasons why they’re my favorites:

12  34

And more…

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and more…

tumblr_mbup0a7XzD1r2a5r0o1_r3_500 Doctor-Donna-the-doctor-and-donna-doctordonna-33865973-499-461

My Top 20 TV Couples: 10 to 6

After last year’s Top 20 TV Couples, this year I’m making it a countdown. Numbers 20 to 16, and 15 to 11 are already posted, so here are the numbers 10 to 6…


10. River Song & the Doctor (Alex Kingston & Matt Smith) – Doctor Who

While he’s not my favorite Doctor, she’s my favorite “wife” and probably my favorite companion as well (at least for Matt’s Doctor, because she as a tough competition in Donna). For a highly asexual character, the Doctor sure gets his way with the ladies, going as far as to actually marry River Song. The amazing thing about them is not even what they do as husband and wife, mainly because they hardly see each other, but the great and unique chemistry that Alex Kingston has with her onscreen (and a lot younger) husband, Matt Smith. This makes them my favorite couple in Doctor Who!


“I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved — by so many and so much — and by no one more than me.”

“You are always here to me and I always listen.  And I can always see you.”

“They engineered a psychopath to kill you.” “Totally married her!”


9. Sheldon Cooper & Amy Farrah Fowler (Jim Parsons & Mayim Bialik) – The Big Bang Theory

Well, well, well… What a Valentine’s Day episode that was! What a kiss, Doctor Sheldon Cooper! Ok, this is a very different kind of couple, mainly because they have been together for 3 years and shared a great amount of 3 hugs, 3 kisses (but only one real), 1 spanking session and 1 virtual “Dungeons and Dragons” sexy time. Still, we know that Amy deserves a lot more (poor girl), and I do think that Sheldon will step up, in his own quirky way.


“I present to you the Relationship Agreement. A binding covenant that in its 31 pages enumerates, illuminates and codifies the responsibilities of Sheldon Lee Cooper (hereinafter referred to as the “Boyfriend”) and Amy Farrah Fowler (hereinafter referred to as the “Girlfriend).” 


8. Robin & Barney (Cobie Smulders & Neil Patrick Harris) – How I Met Your Mother

This season of HIMYM has been mainly about them, oh, and the Mother off course! It’s their wedding weekend, and so far so good. We do know they get married, we already saw some images of after the wedding (Robin dancing with her father), and I’m hoping that it’s a happy marriage. Barney has proved so far that he’s ready for this big step, that he loves her more than anything, he turned from womanizer to a hopeless romantic… so cute to see!


Some reasons why they are so perfect for each other:

tumblr_mwkjw3Uqm81qb3z80o5_r1_250tumblr_mwkjw3Uqm81qb3z80o6_r1_250 tumblr_mwkjw3Uqm81qb3z80o3_r1_250tumblr_mwkjw3Uqm81qb3z80o4_r1_250 tumblr_mvy4rhjFiz1qb3z80o3_r1_250tumblr_mvy4rhjFiz1qb3z80o1_250 tumblr_mvy4rhjFiz1qb3z80o4_r2_250

And this…

tumblr_mzvkz2bQVi1qb3z80o5_250tumblr_mzvkz2bQVi1qb3z80o2_250 tumblr_mzvkz2bQVi1qb3z80o7_250tumblr_mzvkz2bQVi1qb3z80o1_250

And more…

tumblr_mv1uyb8JD21qb3z80o5_r1_250tumblr_mv1uyb8JD21qb3z80o6_r1_250 tumblr_mv1uyb8JD21qb3z80o8_r1_250tumblr_mv1uyb8JD21qb3z80o7_r1_250


7. Lois & Clark (Erica Durance & Tom Welling) – Smallville

I appreciate these 2 even more since I saw the Man of Steel… I do not like that Lois Lane! Maybe because I like this one so much… yes, Erica Durance was everything I expect to see in Lois Lane: seriously bad-ass, sassy, smart, fearless, supporting, etc… and she’s all of this because of her man, her Clark! And I think Smallville nailed this. Not only was their chemistry off the charts, but they really made each other better. Lois and Clark (this L&C) are by bar my favorite coupling in any Superman story.


 “I wanted these vows to be perfect, but perfection’s a hard thing to get your hands on. But life is meant to be a little messy. And when it comes to love, it’s like my dad always said when it comes to the army. You only sign up if it’s the only thing you can ever imagine doing, and Clark I can not imagine spending a moment of my life without you, so I promise that I will always have your back as you will always have mine. You’re my best friend, you’re my home, you are my true love and I am yours and will be forever.”

“I, Clark Kent, take you, Lois Lane, to be my companion, forever. With you by my side I will never be alone. Though the world sees a strong and independent woman, I’ve never known someone with such gentle grace and more pure heart. When I’ve been lost you’ve always been there to bring me back, so on this day, at this moment, I pledge the rest of my life to you. You’ve always believed in me, and I believe in you. When you believe in someone it’s not for a minute, or just for now, it’s forever.”


6. Marshall & Lily (Jason Segel & Alyson Hannigan) – How I Met Your Mother

This, so far, has been a tough season for the Eriksen clan. But the important thing is that they love each other and they will make it thru… And they’re staying in NYC!


Great moments…


“Marshall, I love you because you’re funny, and you make me feel loved, and you make me feel safe. And for our anniversary, you gave me a sweatshirt that says: Lily and Marshall: Rockin’ It Since ’96. Kinda wish I was wearing it right now, because it smells like you. But the main reason I love you Marshall Eriksen, is…you make me happy. You make me happy all the time”


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My Top 20 TV Couples: 20 to 16

It’s that time of the year again! I decided to make an update of last years post of My Top 20 TV Couples. This time, however, I’ll make it a countdown. So here are my last five couples in the Top.



20. Elena & Damon (Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder) – The Vampire Diaries


I haven’t watch The Vampire Diaries in a while, well, I have almost a whole season to catch up – last season I got pretty bored with the whole “sire bond” conundrum, so I put the episodes aside to watch them at a later time… that time hasn’t come yet!

Still, Damon and Elena have crazy chemistry, even if they aren’t currently together – and even if Elena is not actually her at the time – and even with them broken up in real life. Still, Delena rocks!

“You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger…  I want you to get everything you’re looking for.”


19. Ellie Bartowski & Devon ‘Captain Awesome’ Woodcomb (Sarah Lancaster & Ryan McPartlin) – Chuck


Ellie and Davon still make the cut. Oh yeah, these two are AWESOME! An overwhelming desire to re-watch all seasons of Chuck just took over me.

They have the kind of relationship everyone wishes for! They’re supportive, attentive, sweet and they are both really hot! (Ryan McPartlin appears shirtless in many many episodes – thank GOD!).

“Whoa. Whoa! Stop right there. You are Eleanor Bartowski-Woodcomb. PHD. MD. The brainiest, sexiest, kick-assiest woman I have ever known. You’re not just anything, Ellie. You’re Mrs. Awesome.”


18. Scotty & Kevin (Luke Macfarlane & Matthew Rhys) – Brothers & Sisters

Kevin Scotty

Now at number 18, having dropped a considerable amount of places, comes Scotty and Kevin. I just love these two so much, they proved that amidst that crazy family, someone could have a more or less normal relationship.

“Kevin, I don’t love you because of how much money you make or because you can take care of me. I love you because your heart is bigger than your very annoying brain. And even if you did want to be competitive with me it wouldn’t make sense. Because you’re the reason I am who I am now.”


17. Travis & Laurie (Dan  Byrd & Busy Phillips) – Cougar Town

tumblr_mkon721FSx1qf7lqso1_500 tumblr_mkon721FSx1qf7lqso2_500

They just got together at the end of last season, but they are doing great. I love them as good friends, but I love them as a couple, and I think that it was only a matter of time and the right path to follow.

“I can’t stop feeling like we belong together, you know?”


16. Ted & the Mother (Josh Radnor & Cristin Milioti) – How I Met Your Mother


We just met her, we don’t even know her name and we already love her so much, am I right? She’s the perfect fit for Ted and they make such a perfect couple. Here’s why:

tumblr_mtmdfbNWlC1qa3emao7_250tumblr_mtmdfbNWlC1qa3emao6_250 tumblr_mtmdfbNWlC1qa3emao5_250tumblr_mtmdfbNWlC1qa3emao3_250 tumblr_mtmdfbNWlC1qa3emao2_250tumblr_mtmdfbNWlC1qa3emao8_250 tumblr_mtmdfbNWlC1qa3emao4_250tumblr_mtmdfbNWlC1qa3emao1_250

“Hi, I’m Ted Mosby, and exactly 45 days from now, you and I are gonna meet, and we’re gonna fall in love, and we’re gonna get married, and we’re gonna to have two kids, and we’re gonna love them and each other so much. All that is 45 days away. But I’m here now, I guess, because I want those extra 45 days with you. I want each one of them. If I can’t have them, I’ll take the 45 seconds before your boyfriend shows up and punches me in the face, because I love you. I’m always going to love you. ‘Til the end of my days and beyond. You’ll see.”


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How I Met Your Mother recap “The Locket” and “Coming Back”

HIMYM is back for it’s 9th and final season. I know it’s a comedy… but I cried a lot watching this…


The Locket

“The Locket” starts 55 hours before the big event with the gang heading to Farhampton.

Lily drives there with Ted, but he eventually starts to drive her insane and she then decides to get there by train. Where she meets the Mother and that was freaking amazing! OMG! She’s great! And I think that, after Monday’s episode, everybody understands why she’s perfect for TED!


Barney and Robin meanwhile stress about the wildcards that will be attending their wedding and realize that they might be cousins (some times removed)… eventually they realize they’re not =).

Barney then states that “Our wedding is going to be legendary”  and Robin asks “No ‘wait-for-it?’”. And here Barney is legendary himself: “I’ve got you. I don’t have to wait for it anymore”.


Marshall, after accepting a job as a judge and not telling his wife, who still thinks they’re moving to Italy, tries to get to New York with baby Marvin, but ends up being expelled from the plain along with Daphne (Sherri Shepherd), a passenger sitting next to him on the plane. They end up fighting over the one place still available on another plane and not sure if they will be able to make it to NY.

The Locket

On the train, Lily realizes that Ted is going to get Robin’s locket in order to mess up the wedding. After getting to the hotel, and tackling Ted, Lily sees that she’s (apparently) wrong when Ted gives Robin a picture of the gang taken 8 years before.

The Locket


Coming Back

54 hours before the wedding, Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and James are able to get to the hotel.

Coming Back

Curtis, the concierge, takes pity on the fact that Ted is all alone in such a beautiful and romantic place, and throughout the episode voices said concern… a lot! Marshall then tells Lily that there are no planes for him to get back to NY and he doesn’t know when (or if) he’ll be able to make it… Lily is distraught (missing her husband and son terribly).

Barney is happy celebrating his brother and his husband anniversary (given that they are the only couple who made him believe in love and marriage), not knowing that they are actually getting a divorce (because James cheated – repeatedly) – fact that Robin tries to keep quiet, believing that if Barney hears of such thing, he will no longer believe in marriage itself. The fact eventually transpire, because Lily is so drunk that she can’t control herself, and Barney leaves with Robin following him, believing that he will go straight to the nearest stripclub… instead, Barney goes to his brother room to take out all the anniversary decorations, and assures Robin that he doesn’t need anyone else’s relationship to believe in what they have – “I don’t need them to make me believe in true love anymore”.

Coming Back

Marshall and Daphne both try to rent a car and Marshall manages to get the last one, but without any baby seat. Daphne then proposes to drive the car to get a baby seat and to come back for them, and while we are thinking – and so is she – that she will drive away and never come back again… but, when you believe in people, people come through… and she comes back, ready for their road trip.

The episode ends with an amazing flash forward to a year later, when we see the mother sitting in the same table in the hotel where present day Ted is, the future Ted appears… “One year ago today I made a promise to myself at this table. I’m coming back and I’m bringing you.”




My Top 6 Moments of this Week’s TV

My favorite moments of the week! There were a lot of great other moments, like the Cam/Michelle/Finn triangulation on Bones, or Sheldon admitting that Penny helped him on The Big Bang Theory, or all the meet-cute’s of this week’s Cougar Town, or all the Sarah/Neal moments on White Collar, … But this is my week’s top 6! (Update: I just got around to watch last Sunday’s Shameless and I just had to include it!)



1. Community (S04E03 – Conventions of Space and Time)


This has been, so far, my favorite episode of the season. It had a great concept, costumes and my favorite 2 moments of the week.

The first is right in the beginning, when Britta has to sneak out of Troy’s room through the window so that Abed doesn’t find out that they’re sleeping together. She dresses on her way, in a highly skilled manner, curls her hair with Annie’s curly iron and lands on the corridor outside the apartment where she gets the bag of donuts she had hidden, along with her shoes and then she knocks on the door… genius…

And the moment when Jeff tells Annie that if she was really his wife, he wouldn’t be flirting with another woman in the hotel lobby… priceless!

(Note: I keep reading critiques to this Community post-Harmon era… I liked the 1st episode, I did not care at all for the second, but this one was pretty good! People keep telling that it feels off… well, every show has a point where it has to take a slightly different direction or it will have no space to grow…)


2. Beauty and the Beast (S01E14 – Tough Love)


That kiss… it finally happened. And by the preview of next week’s installment, that’s not the only thing that will happen…

Catherine: “Crazy stuff happens, all I want to do is share it with you, figure it out with you. My ‘normal’  it’s when I’m with you. I love you! I don’t need walls or doors.”

Vicent: “I’m so in love with you.”


3. Shameless (S03E05 – The Sins of My Caretaker)


Mickey kisses Ian! A moment I actually thought wasn’t going to happen on TV (probably because I read on Cameron Monaghan twitter that he thought it wouldn’t happen either). But it did. After Ian told Mickey that at least Lloyd wasn’t afraid of kissing him, and while preparing for a robbery  Mickey gets back in the van and kisses his man! Aleluia!

The episode had another amazing moment: the phone call Lip does to Karen. Priceless!


4. Castle (S05E15 – Target)


That hug Kate gives Rick after Alexis has been kidnapped, while Gates is probably watching… it speaks volumes about her feelings for him…


5. How I Met Your Mother (S08E17 – The Ashtray)


Just loved the moment when when the Captain offers Lily a job as an art consultant… After she voiced her pain about not being anything more than a kindergarten teacher, it was a definite win for her and she totally deserves it!


6. Law & Order: SVU (S14E15 – Deadly Ambition)


Poor Amanda Rollins! She spends all her time trying to help her sister only to find out that Kim orchestrated the whole plan, to have Amanda kill her boyfriend… The moment when Amanda realizes what her sister has done and then she gets to her newly emptied apartment… heartbreaking!