Law & Order: SVU… please don’t go there…

Last week in SVU we saw Cragen leave and leaving Benson in charge of the unit, while Amaro is still in a bad place due to the shooting and being on desk duty, and Rollins is gambling again.


Poor Olivia has a lot to deal with: her relationship with Brian doesn’t sound like it’s in a good place, Amato is not okay and dumping a lot on her and Amanda is not showing up on time because she’s gambling a lot. So the last shot of yesterday’s episode bummed me out. Why?! Because they showed Olivia drinking… a lot… a lot a lot.


So please SVU, do not go there! Don’t make Olivia have a drinking problem, please! There is already so much going on… she doesn’t deserve that!

Law & Order SVU: Farewell Sgt. John Munch

It’s a sad day for all the SVU fans: Sgt. John Munch, a.k.a. Richard Belzer, has retired!


Richard Belzer has played the Detective turned Sergeant in a total of 10 different shows in the last 21 years, spending his last 15 in the Special Victims Unit, along with Benson and co. Although he doesn’t hold the record for the most appearances by the same character (462), no one beats him in the number of cross-overs he did.

The farewell episode opened with Munch retirement dinner, soon interrupted by a call to Olivia from a former and current rape victim. Still, the brief moments in the beginning made us laugh and cry a little, but luckily NBC released the entire Munch speech.

Great to see everybody at ease, as well as familiar faces from the olden days, including Munch first partner at SVU and Olivia’s beau, Cassidy. Missing though, were ADA Barba and Melinda Warner (given that Raúl Esparza is now part of the main cast, it would have been appropriate).

At least, they said that Munch leaving doesn’t mean he’s leaving for good, as he’s now a recurrent cast member. =)

Although extremely sad by his departure, I think it was time and was done quite nicely…

14 years and still kicking!


Every wednesday I’m amazed how this show keeps going, consistently good! Law & Order: SVU it’s already on it’s 14th season!

After the exit of Chris Meloni (Det. Stabler) in 2011, I was skeptical if the show would be able to hold it together, but it has! They brought 2 new detectives, Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Nick Amaro (Danny Pino), and the show gained a new life.


This season has been great so far, with amazing stories and guest stars like Patricia Arquette, Denis O’Hare, Jane Kaczmarek, Raúl Esparza (as the new ADA – and one of the best so far), Richard Kind, Adam Baldwin (as a substitute captain), Paget Brewster, Peter Jacobson, Brooke Smith, …

Congratulations Law & Order: SVU!

(Mariska HargitayDanny PinoKelli GiddishRichard BelzerIce-TDann Florek)