Movie of the Week: Trainwreck


I’ve been meaning to watch this movie since it was at the movies a while back, but at the time I couldn’t make it, so I was just now able to catch it. Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t go see it in a big screen.

Until this, I hadn’t watch anything with Amy Schumer, I caught a couple of interviews with her, and although I didn’t find her particularly funny, I decided that it was time to give her a chance, because if everyone finds her so damn funny, they have to have a reason, right?

Oh well… I found the movie a complete Trainwreck (yes, pun intended). I didn’t find it funny at all. Actually, sorry, I’m lying here, it had its funny moments, and it was usually between Bill Hader and LeBron James (or any other basketball star running around at the time).

I found the premise of this movie really great, a complete genderbending of the so traditional “bad boy doesn’t want to settle down, then he meets the right girl and turns his life around”. So the beginning showed promise, with Amy sleeping around and doing what she liked, however it got old pretty fast, by the complete lack of human decency that her character showed. I mean, girl, if you don’t want to actually sleep with a guy, don’t make him stop breathing so he doesn’t bother you – get up and leave! I don’t know, her character just really got on my nerves. The way she treated her boyfriend, and then her sister and her family, was just not ok. And the jokes weren’t that funny.

Amy Schumer does know how to act, and well! It can been seen in the last minutes of the movie, especially in her dramatic scenes. I also didn’t understand why all her dresses were so damn short, lol, I’m sure there’s a reason, I just didn’t get it.

Really, what saved the movie for me was Bill Hader’s moments without Amy Schumer… =/

Also, John Cena’s character?! Really? I can’t even!