Tiny Pleasures #15

Hey guys!

Once again I’m here to share some of my good moments from the last few weeks, ok?! The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering, and the goal is to show you some cool stuff that happened in the last week or so. So, here it is…

1. Nepalese food and fun

A friend from work decided to set a dinner for a few of us, and we had an amazing dinner at a nepalese restaurant near the office, and I loved it. SO GOOD!

2. Everything, Everything with Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much

The movie opened, we thought it was a good time to go and watch it together, so we could comment on all the things the movie did and did not get right.

3. Beach time

I was able to go to the beach twice in the last couple of weeks, which was a nice reprieve from the deadly heat that could be felt in Lisbon.

4. Popcorn!

I already said I went to the movies with Cátia, where we ate a huge bucket of popcorn each, but then I ended up going to the cinema again with my mom, and guess what… MORE POPCORN!

5. Another hair color: burgundy

It was time to try a more pinkish color, and I love it. I also tried another brand this time, and while I really liked the texture and feel of the paint, it didn’t last nearly as much time as it should.

6. 33rd Birthday!

Yeah, it was my birthday! 😀 33 years, and I heard that phrase a lot more than I should have.

7. Rooftop Bars

This week I went to a couple of rooftop bars in Lisbon, with my mom and friend, and we really liked it, gorgeous views of the city and the river.

8. “Santos Populares”

We have our popular parties in Portugal during the month of June, and I went to one yesterday to see my niece’s parade. It was fun, and the food was amazing, better sardines of the year 😀 .

That’s what I’ve been up to lately, what about you?
Any small pleasures?

Tiny Pleasures #14

Hey guys!

Once again I’m here to share some of my good moments from the last few weeks, ok?! The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering, and the goal is to show you some cool stuff that happened in the last week or so. So, here it is…

1. Deadpool & Friends

Last week me and a couple of friends from work did a movie session of Deadpool, McDonald’s, popcorn, ice cream and a sleepover. It was so much fun!

2. Day off and Lisbon Book Fair

I took advantage of my day off to go to the Lisbon Book Fair for the first time this year :D.

3. But no time…

For anything else! I spent my day off at the fair, and that meant that I didn’t quite have the time to write posts for my blog, which means this week I failed 2 days of blogging. Oh well…

4. Book Haul

My day at the book fair meant that I bought 3 books. Yeah, 3! I hadn’t buy physical books in months. But they were just so pretty…

5. Matcha Iced Latte

It’s just so hard for the guys at Starbucks here in Portugal to make my matcha latte right… but this one was yummy 😀 .

6. #ILoveBooks

Yeah… that’s what the picture says. That’s the book fair for you.

7. Book Fair day 2 

Today was my second day off this week, so what did I do? I went to the Book Fair with Cátia 🙂 . And did we find after the book fair? Well, we found the new edition of Carry On, and we just had to buy it. WE HAD TO! Because look at it!!!!

8. Beautiful Lisbon

I just want to say how pretty my city is 🙂 .

That’s what I’ve been up to lately, what about you?
Any small pleasures?

Tiny Pleasures #13

Hey guys!

Once again I’m here to share some of my good moments from the last few weeks, ok?! The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering, and the goal is to show you some cool stuff that happened in the last week or so. So, here it is…

1. Downtown

I met Cátia once again, at our usual spot in downtown Lisbon. It’s so awesome that we now can meet whenever our schedules allow for it.

2. My first work party

This was a totally new experience for me, but I’m really enjoying my new job, so I went to the first party organized by my place of employment, and it was super fun.

3. Family time, and my beautiful snow

My brother is home, which means his dog is also here. So this week I spent some time with them, and I also tried some Angolan traditional dishes, and I really enjoyed it.

4. Beach and Ice Cream

In the middle of the week I went to the beach with a friend, followed by ice cream at Santini’s, an old ice cream parlor here in Portugal. Yummi!

5. All about my niece

My youngest niece had some busy couple of days, as she had a hip hop and gymnastics presentation yesterday, and today she celebrated her first communion. Which meant she was happy and gorgeous, and I was so super proud of my princess.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately, what about you?
Any small pleasures?

Wandering About: Lisbon

wandering about

I’ve showed many places I’ve visited throughout the years, some many awesome places, but while in Portugal this past weeks, I realized that I haven’t mentioned my gorgeous city of Lisbon yet. Now, when I’m in Lisbon I rarely go sightseeing, because I’ve lived there most of my life, and my first instinct is not to snap photos, but I took the opportunity that I had to visit downtown a couple of times to meet friends, and I took some pictures of that part of town.

I’ll only show 2 parts of the Lisbon Downtown, because I didn’t have time to explore further, and the weather wasn’t helping. On the first day I went to the Baixa-Chiado zone:

The second day I managed to go to Lisbon, again, to have lunch with the same friends as before, I went to a slightly different zone, right beside the other one, and I went down to Praça do Comércio and then right back up to Rossio and Restauradores, through Rua Augusta. I know this is all gibberish to you, so I’ll give you pictures. Too bad about the rain though…

Unfortunately, this is it. I promise to try to snag more pictures of different places of Lisbon the next times I’m there, deal?

Lisbon, here I come!


Today I’m going HOME! Yep, Lisbon here I come! I’m actually at the airport right now!!!

I’m so tired that I’m super excited to get home, but on the other hand, I’ll have so much other type of work to do, that I would gladly shut myself inside the lab for the next week or so…

I love Christmas, I really do, but this year everything is gonna be tricky… I’ll just run down some of the things I’ll have to do this next week, shall I?


  • Pick up my mom’s car from the workshop;
  • Pick up my brother’s house keys from our housekeeper;
  • Visit my grandmother in the hospital – I hope she’s still at the hospital by friday, otherwise my day will get worse;
  • Have lunch with my BFF (possibly at the hospital, while visiting my grandmother);
  • Try to get some christmas shopping done (and probably failing);
  • Serve as a taxi for my brother in law;
  • Wait for my sister to deposit her kid and 2 dogs at my brother’s house, so I can babysit;
  • Pray for all that’s mighty that my nephew is calmer and not setting things on fire just because (yeah… I don’t really know what’s going on either);
  • Wait for the couple to return home so I can finally go to sleep in my bed – read: my house!
  • My grandma will be released for the hospital tomorrow morning, so after I pick up the car, I have to go pick her up at the hospital;
  • Pick her bag from her house;
  • Figure something out for lunch;
  • Convince my BFF to go meet me at my bro’s house to have lunch with my grandma and me;
  • Find time to go to a supermarket – his house doesn’t have a thing in it;
  • Figure out how to get my brother in law to his diner;
  • Say NO to my sister – and resist her psychological blackmail;
  • Get some Christmas Shopping done – good thing that the shopping malls are open until midnight.


  • Wake up at an ungodly hour in the morning;
  • Go to my older brother’s house to retrieve my younger brother’s card;
  • Go to Ikea to buy 2 simple beds – hope against hope that they’re able to deliver by Monday;
  • Go home – very close to Ikea;
  • Go to lunch with my dad and my aunts near the beach – a bit away from home;
  • Get back on the road around 4 p.m. because it will take me more than an hour to reach the airport;
  • Wait for my mom to come out of the arrival area, carrying my precious 4 legged “nephew” (yes, I mean a dog!);
  • Think of something to do with the dog, because my mom needs to visit my grandmother in the hospital right away (possibly);
  • Get the dog to my mom’s house;
  • Go to my brother’s house to leave the dog and collect my sister;
  • Have dinner with my mom and sister;
  • Attend a concert.


  • I don’t know… I reckon I’ll be dead by then…
  • Christmas shopping;
  • Visit my grandmother in the hospital at my brother’s house;
  • Supermarket.

Monday – Wednesday:

  • Grandma will probably leave the hospital;
  • Christmas shopping… a lot of them… all of them…
  • Watch over my grandma
  • SLEEP!

As you can see I’m going to have a super fun week… yeah, I’m super happy about that! Hopefully my grandma will be ok when she leaves the hospital, and Christmas will go down without a hitch and everything will be super super marvelous! But somehow, I think it will be an exhausting week and I’m so not looking forward to that.

I’m Back and how I failed spectacularly at the Tackle my TBR Read-a-Thon!


Hello people, I’m back from Portugal. After a crazy crazy week at home, I finally arrived to Barcelona yesterday morning (and at my house roughly 2h30m later… I have public transportation sometimes).

It was a SUPER CRAZY WEEK!! I’ll resume it for you, just because… I got there Friday night…

» Saturday I had a full day celebration at a friend’s house, to celebrate her birthday and PhD. After a day of eating and playing games, I finally got home at around 1 a.m.

» Sunday my brother picked me up at 9.30 a.m to go to the supermarket, then we went to his new house, looked around a bit, he showed me his 65′ and 55′ new TVs and played some PES, and then we had family lunch at our grandmother’s. After that, me, him and his wife went to a shopping mall, where he then left us and we went to IKEA next. We left IKEA completely drained at 10 p.m. and went to have a soup at another shopping mall… isn’t it great that things are open until 11p.m.?! After I had a freakout moment because I saw Throne of Glass in Portuguese, I went home.


– By now I’d been home for 2 whole days and had seen my dad a great amount of 1 hr on the day I arrived! –

» Monday I decided to sleep in a little… that was until my sister called me (and woke me up), to announce that she and her husband were arriving at Lisbon and if I wanted to have lunch with them. My answer was yes (because you never say no to dining out with your siblings, right?). SEAFOOD!!!! 😀 My bro and sis-in-law joined us as well, and then we (again) went to my brother’s new house. It was time to start washing the linens and stuff, and I spent the day assembling the kitchen diner table and the chairs… bless IKEA. On a bright note, I managed to get away and have diner with my dad 😉

» Tuesday I was able to stay at home a bit. I had to work on some stuff for my advisor, so that worked out well. And after 2 days of being stuck in the same page of Queen of Shadows, I was able to move up a few chapters (not many though). My BFF then went to get me and we made our usual route to some starbucks, a few shops, diner and a movie. 😀 (and then staying talking until past 2a.m. – I’m in serious need of some sleep).

» My plan for Wednesday was to relax all day and read, nothing more. I almost managed doing just that… But my sis called to let me know she would be picking me up soon… I said no, she said yes, she won! So, again, bro’s home – it’s a really nice house – we had a snack, we went to my grandmother’s, then to see a friend, then back to his house, we had diner at 11 p.m. and me and my sister-in-law’s sister stayed until 2a.m. playing Dance Central on the X-Box, while the men were upstairs with their PES.

» Thursday was a good day! I made progress on Queen of Shadows! I read and watched a bit of TV, relaxed, managed to actually read some blog posts that I had been accumulating, and then me and my BFF went to have coffee with a friend of ours that we hadn’t seen in awhile.

– Are you tired yet? – 

» Friday I went (guess…), yeah, bro’s house. They went to deliver furniture, mainly the couch and dining table  – very important – then we had lunch, me and sis went to starbucks, pharmacy, grandmother’s house. Then we had a family diner. My nephew arrived from the south of Portugal. After diner we all went to my brother’s house. Me and my BFF finally left past 1a.m. and I was super tired by then.

» Saturday (it’s almost over), I had a lunch with my family from my dad’s side. It’s always great to see my aunts 😀 ! By late afternoon I went shopping with my nephew and that was awesome, I had missed the kid. Then it was time to pack and sleep, because having a plane to catch at 6.45 a.m. is no joke.

WP_003134       WP_003131

My Grandmother/aunt’s house is full of these little treasures… Damn it, I was so cute when I was little…

Now, for the actual #TackleTBR Warp-Up, I didn’t do any good in this Read-a-Thon… not good at all.


  • Finish my September TBR, which means reading Queen of Shadows (doing a buddy read – check the GR group 😀 ), An Infinite Number Of Parallel Universes  and  Finding Perfect. (Because I’ll finish The Assassin’s Blade today)


  • Read at least 2 other ARCs – which ones will depend on my mood;
  • Participate in 5 challenges;
  • Find some new exciting blogs to follow.

WHAT I actually managed:

  • I read nothing more, unless you count some form of fanfiction which I’m now apparently addicted to.


  • I hardly had time to check on the blogs that I already follow, least of all find new ones… it was a busy week.

Things to do, so much things to do (and a lot of procrastination!)

Tomorrow I’ll be on a plane again. Yes, this has been a crazy year so far, I fell I spent more time in airports and inside airplanes that anywhere else… Either way, I’m going home for a few days because my grandmother is turning 87 (and at this point we’re not allowed to miss any birthdays) and then I’m off to Brazil for a week to visit friends with my mom (which hopefully will involve a lot of doing nothing, with caipirinhas and sun bathing by the pool with a good book).


As per usual, with an impending trip, my workload just tripled in this last week or so. Since Sunday, I have been getting to work pretty early and sometimes leaving quite late. Not today though, after leaving yesterday at 8p.m. and being hard at work today at 8a.m., I decided to come home a little early to finish a draft of a paper that I have to discuss with my advisor tomorrow at 8.30 a.m., I just could not work more at work today, I was so tired and needed the comfort of my pajamas.


Turns out, not the brightest move… There’s a party near the residence where I live and it implied very loud (and not very good) music… so, for the last few hours my concentration and ability to work has been at a solid zero! My brain kept busy though, I retrieved a couple of papers that I need, I watched the end of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (I just recently found them… I’m in LOVE!), I added a few more books to my shopping cart at amazon… so, I’ve been procrastinating a lot…

giphy (7)

It has to stop now, for realsies! I need to finish this like now, I still have a bunch of other things to do, I have to align some sequences and more importantly, I NEED TO PACK! And I still have to figure out which of my new books I’ll be bringing on my trip.


To top it all off, because I still hadn’t enough going on, TAP (company of all my flights for the next 3 weeks) just announced that they’ll go on strike from May 1st to 10, considering that I’ll be coming back from Brazil to Portugal on the 3rd, and then from Lisbon to Barcelona on the 5th, I’m a little worried… ok, a LOT! Mainly because I have a very important appointment on the 4th, it involves going with my niece and her cousin to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert! I hope they solve stuff before I’m due back…

giphy (6)

T – 3 days and a bag full of books!

I’m traveling again in 3 days… yep, 3… again! But this time I’m going home, to Lisbon, to go to my eldest niece’s birthday – I missed it last year, so I have to be there! So, the best news of my day of the notification that my Check-In was open, so I’m ready to go 🙂 .


I’m just staying a few days, so I decided it would be time to start transporting some of my stuff back home, given that around August I’m technically going back… 18 books going back home… oh, my Harry Potter‘s and all of my Shadowhunter‘s books are going back to Lisbon (I’ll miss them).

Holiday season is here!

Everyone gets excited around Christmas, am I right? Here are some reasons why I can’t way for it to come…


I get to go home


Actually, I don’t even have to wait that long for this one, tomorrow afternoon I’m headed to Lisbon, for a two and a half weeks “vacations”. And this means…


I get to see my family


Who doesn’t like that? I miss them all so much, but most of all, I miss my nieces and nephew, and Christmas it’s their time :).


I get to bake


I like cooking in general, but I love love love baking! Anniversaries, Holidays and special occasions are the only times I get to seriously bake. So I’m planning to make an apple pie, Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling and a chocolate cake (for the kids) and maybe I’ll get excited and bake some cupcakes =). It’s a busy few days before Christmas, but I have to admit that I love it!


I get to travel


Here’s another thing I couldn’t live without: travelling! I get to travel all the time, between BCN and LIS, but it’s not the same thing. So, for the New Year, I’ll be going to Casablanca with my mom. We travel together all the time, earlier this year I went with her to the US (Atlanta and NY), so it’s nice to do it again. Next year we have at least one trip together lined up, to Ireland, and we’re considering two more =).


I get some time off


Anyone who’s taking or took their PhD knows that this is not entirely true, you can never truly tune out the amount of work you have waiting for you at home and at the lab… but dammit, I had a couple of super overworked weeks, I really need a break… even if said break consists of running around buying Christmas presents for the kids and slaving myself in the kitchen! I do hope I get some time to re-watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and to finally see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. And to catch all the Christmas classics on TV =). When Christmas is done, I hope I get around to make some progress on my Harry Potter Gryffindor house scarf and to do some reading.


Doctor Who Christmas Special


In between all this stuff, I’m really excited for the DW Christmas Special. I’m obviously sad that Matt Smith is leaving, but I can’t wait for Capaldi’s Doctor to begin.


Sherlock and the New Year


Sherlock returns january 1st and I can’t wait!!!! =D


And last but not least… I get to sleep in my own bed!

Which is just perfect 🙂