Past few weeks TV Shows

The last few weeks I got behind on all my favorite TV Shows, but today I finally started to catch up… So just a few notes on past weeks events.

these weeks

Castle: Scared to death Castle was hilarious! So brilliantly played by Nathan Fillion!  And “being with Kate” being the number 1 on his bucket list… how cute was that?! And what about undercover Detective Ryan (Seamus Dever)? Isn’t he super hot?! And those slaps?! WOW! Can we see more of him?! No?! Oh well… at least he’s having a baby… =) (I haven’t seen the 100th episode yet, that’s why it’s not mentioned)

Beauty and the Beast: Finally, finally, finally! The sex thing was well handled (so glad they didn’t drag that issue out – like they did in Smallville for such long years). Cat made very clear that her place is with Vincent, well done. Now Tess knows (and accepts) Vince and is friends again with Cat, aleluia. And Evan knows too… bummer… I loved how subtle JT was about leaving those two alone in the house so they could finally do it, eheh!

Bones: We got a Cam/Vasiri episode! And a canon being fired. Sweets moved out (about time!) and Daisy wasn’t even obnoxious is that episode, she was in fact very sweet with him, and I think we were so close to see Brennan shed a tear! And we got (yet another) Clark episode, but this time to show how detached Brennan can be… I guess it worked to that purpose.

2 Broke Girls: Why can’t I like Caroline? But absolutely love Max? And how weird was Oleg’s apartment (before AND after)?!

New Girl: I still can’t believe that Cece engagement thing! Nick and Jess are too cute together! Enough said!

Law & Order SVU: I love when they do episodes that go through a long period of time! Also, how crazy was the other week’s episode with the revelation of Liv’s boyfriend and Nick finding out about his kid?!

Criminal Minds: Can we have Garcia and Kevin interacting every single episode? They are so funny trying to figure it out how to remain friends…

How I Met Your Mother: How sad was last week’s episode of HIMYM? I cried too much for a sitcom.

Cougar Town: Can Laurie and Travis get together already? I really want them to!!! And Bobby’s new girl is adorable! =)