Movie of the Week: Beauty and the Beast


People, I have seen Beauty and the Beast twice now, and I’ve loved it a lot both times. I cried. I laughed. It made me super duper happy.

We all know the story, right? I have to say that I loved how faithful they were to the original animated movie, but they made it better, because they deppened the relationships and bonds between the characters, and filled some major plot holes from the animated version.

I loved all the characters and the actors playing them. Seriously, the casting was genius! Emma Watson was a perfect Belle, and I personally loved Dan Stevens as the Beast, especially while in Beast form, because he was so expressive! But Luke Evans as Gaston was brilliant andĀ Josh Gad as LeFou was AMAZING! I loved what they did with LeFou’s character, because they actually gave him a brain and a personality.

Like I said previously, I think they did amazing with building the connection between the characters, and that’s especially true with Belle and the Beast’s relationship. There’s more moments and more talk, and actually getting to know each other in this adaptation, and YES! It was awesome.

Just to finish it off, I’m a huge fan of the musical side of this movie, and I was singing along throughout the whole movie… eheh šŸ˜€ .

I’m giving it 5Ā stars, for sure, because I loved it so much!

Now to you.Ā Have you seen Beauty and the Beast?
Have you loved it as well? What are your Thoughts about it???

Beauty and the Beast: Dan Stevens and Luke Evans cast

Yesterday was a busy day for the Beauty and the Beast movie! It appears that they found the Beast and Gaston… yeah, both of them.

Let’s start with the most important, it appears that Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) was cast as the Beast (os Prince Adam), opposite Emma Watson’s Belle. I am super excited about this! I love Dan, he has an amazing presence and he’s gorgeous… I mean, have you see those eyes?!

dan stevens_batb

For a moment there the whole internet was talking about how Ryan Gosling would be the perfect Beast and all I can say is THANK GOD they did not go there. Maybe it’s just me, I never saw The Notebook, but I really don’t think he’s all that much… I’m happy with their choice here.


Meanwhile, it appears that the villain Gaston will be played by no other than the amazingly perfect Luke Evans!!! I love him, love love love him, and I’m so used to him being perfectly good that I don’t know how I’ll fell about him being the cocky Gaston, but I’m sure he’ll be perfect (he always is!).

Movie of the Week: Dracula Untold

On a last minute desire, I decided I wanted to go and watch Dracula Untold, with a friend of mine that thought it was a horror movie – and so spent the first 30 minutes holding my arm. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, I really liked this movie, though in all honestly, it might have something to do with Luke Evans in the titular role.


The story is not utterly surprising, but it’s very well done and acted, and the special effects are amazing. I do hope they go for the sequel, though I’m afraid that the ratings are not amazing =/ .

Movie of the Week – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I can’t express how sceptical I was about going to watch this movie, due to the fact that I liked the first one, but it was a bit of a bore and I wasn’t sure if I should go see it in the big screen or just wait for next year and watch all three of them in a row. That said, and after more than 1 month from its opening, I finally went to see it this past week, and I’m so glad I did!


Still not rising to the magnificence of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Desolation of Smaug is miles ahead of its predecessor,Ā The Unexpected Journey. It’s action packed, doesn’t have dull moments, it has a lot of elves and a Dragon. Not to mention that it has Luke Evans, Orlando Bloom, Lee Pace and Benedict Cumberbatch in the same 3 hour movie… (although, in fairness, we never see Benedict!).


This adventure takes us right to Erebor and past its hidden door. We meet the wood-elves, see Legolas again and the lovely Tauriel and his father, KingĀ Thranduil. Laketown and Bard, the Bowman and his children. We meet Smaug, the Necromancer and Sauron. And we get to know the Dwarves a little better, although it’s not nearly enough to make us care about all of them.

Although this movie still has some filling moments, such as the love triangle between the Elf Tauriel, Legolas and the Dwarf Kili, most of the scenes make sense and some action scenes are awesome, such as the barrel escape and anything really that involves the elves!


Awesome as well is Smaug! I don’t really know if it’s because the Dragon is so well made or because he’s voiced and moved by the incredible Benedict Cumberbatch, but at some point, I was rooting for Smaug! The whole scene was just 5 stars.

25127228525399_753162538046123_1785106160_n dos motion capture smaug

Ā Ā 

Just some thoughts:

I thought that Luke Evans couldn’t get any hotter that he already is… I was wrong, somehow that hair, the bow and the single father thing totally work for him.


Legolas, wow, how nice to see you again, I just thought the eyes were a little too blue this time around. But his archery is better than ever!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, a.k.a., Sherlock and Watson, a.k.a., Smaug and Bilbo… wow… Martin doesn’t seize to amaze me. He’s brilliant! His interactions with his buddy in the movie are spectacular.


Radagast, The Brown, played by the amazingĀ Sylvester McCoy (also known as the Seventh Doctor), deserves only good things! If you haven’t seenĀ The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, you totally should, just to know how funny this whole “Hobbit” business really is.


Also, Stephen Fry… wow… I do hope we never see him like this ever again… disgustingly on point…