Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 8: Minako

That was a long break… it has been a few months since I last wrote about Sailor Moon Crystal. Traveling, work and stuff got in the way of actually watching the episodes, so I just left them accumulate a bit. On my way from SP to LIS, I was finally able to catch a couple of episodes, so here we go again!


Sailor V is in the house… too bad everyone thinks she’s the Princess… I mean, really people?! I know she looks like Serenity, but it’s pretty obvious throughout this episode that’s she’s hiding something… big.


Minako feels like protecting the Princess is her responsibility, so she withholds the truth from Usagi, which doesn’t go really well.


This episode is heavy on Sailor Venus, but it has some pretty nice Usagi/Mamoru moments, such as when they agree to exchange the tokens they have from one another, or when she kisses him in the middle of battle… or, my sad favorite, when he jumps in front of her to save her from Kunzite… oh Endymion…


I’m really digging their relationship in this anime, although I will admit that it felt somehow more “real” in the original one, because of all the bickering that lead to it.

Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 7: Mamoru Chiba

What a romantic episode! I can’t believe we waited 46 episodes on the first anime for Mamoru and Usagi to get together, and now, on episode 7, here they are, professing their love for each other. I loved it!


Things I really loved about this episode:

  • Everything about Usagi and Mamoru! Everything!
  • Sailor V!!! Minako is here people! And guess what?! She orders Luna around and it’s funny as hell!
  • Any similarities between Umino and Doctor Tomoe are a pure coincidences… right?!


  • I guess Queen Beryl has her own agenda… she won’t give the Silver Crystal to Queen Metalia willingly… so, that will be interesting!
  • Mamoru socket punches Zoisite – I love Zoisite, come on, he’s my favorite baddie, but that felt good!
  • Mamoru says that Usagi is more important that the Silver Crystal… considering that it’s the only memory he’s got, that’s pretty huge.


  • Did I mention Minako? Venus? Artemis?! They both save the day… they’re coming… (tough Mina is not my favorite senshi, Artemis IS my favorite Cat!) =D !!!



(Venus?! Did you lost your tiara?! =| )

I’m loving this reboot, loving it, I love the pace of it, I only miss the bonding time between the girls, and now, with Venus being introduced in the next act, I hope we get some more girl time.