Man Card (Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby)

Nothing ventured, nothing banged…


I still don’t know how it happened. One minute I was arguing with my arrogant competitor — our usual trash-talk over who deserves the larger commission. But somehow I went from throwing down to kneeling down…

It can never happen again. I don’t even like Braht. He’s too slick. He’s a manipulating mansplaining party boy in preppy clothes.

So why can’t I get him out of my head?


There are two things I know without question. One: Ash and I are destined for each other. Two: never trust a man with a unibrow.

Ash is my missing my piece. She’s the sweet cream to my gourmet espresso. And nothing gets me going faster than her contempt for me. They don’t call her the Ashkicker for nothing.

Eventually I’ll win her over…if my past doesn’t ruin everything first.

Once again, this duo of amazing authors made me laugh out loud, and have the best time while reading this amazing book. After finishing the first book, Man Hands, I was anxious to get my hands on this one, and know the full story with Ash and Braht. And eheheh, this was hilarious.

Braht was the most unique male character I ever ever read! He’s so cocky and self assured, but so so confident, I loved it. It was refreshing to have a man that waxes and plucks, and gets mani pedis, and wears pastel colors and doesn’t give a shit. I love him! And Ash, she was such a strong woman.

I really liked their connection and their pull towards each other, and the banter was magnificent. Also, I loved that there was much more to the characters then first met the eye, and how much they fit and helped each other become better and more complete people.

This series is so great, and it has so much potential. I love this group of friends, and the connection, love and friendship between them all. I now want a story about Sadie, because she definitely deserves it.

Guys, go read this book and this series ASAP, you’ll laugh your ass off, and you’re gonna thank me for recommending it to you.