Movie of the Week: Terminator Genisys

A few days ago I went to see the new Terminator thinking that it would be, at best, a couple of well spent hours. But it was so much more than that. I loved it! I had so much fun, I laughed the whole time and even managed to shed a couple of tears…


So, the movie is not anything AMAZING, there are some flaws in the plot, I wasn’t particularly fond of the acting (especially Emilia Clarke – sorry!), but Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator kind of made up for all of that. It showed that at almost 70 years, he’s still a force to be reckon with, in terms of acting, comedic timing and action sequences.


Also well done was the incorporation of the younger version of himself in the movie. It made me want to go back and watch all the original movies again and again.

Emilia Clarke kind of looked like Linda Hamilton from some angles, and she’s fierce all right, but nothing compared to the original Sarah Connor. Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke were ok as Reese and John.

The plot itself is a bit wonky, it seems like something out of a Doctor Who episode, and speaking of it, Matt Smith is in the movie, but the role he plays, though important, is a bit mehhh. Also, when Genisys is maturing, wasn’t a bit weird that it went from a clear teen American voice, to Matt Smith’s accent?

All and all, I quite enjoyed it, 😀 but mostly because Arnold Schwarzenegger carried this movie.

Doctor Who: you can breathe now!

Take a Deep Breath and watch the season premiere of Doctor Who! Done?! Now you can breathe! After a long long wait, we finally got our first episode of season 8, with a new Doctor, running around in Victorian London, chasing a T-Rex and automatons.


The main thing of the episode is Clara’s choice on whether she’ll remain with the Doctor or not, and, as always when there’s a regeneration, to present to us this brand new Doctor. So, I’ll just say what I thought of the episode…

1. Why so much emphasis on the age, the grey and the old?!

Seriously, why? Was Moffat showing the fans that the Doctor can be old? Well, we know that, actually, he was always older, way older than Matt Smith, and most of them were better at it. So, why bother? Why have 75 minutes constantly reminding everyone of this point, when honestly it’s a mute point… it really shouldn’t matter!!!

2. Capaldi’s Doctor just might make my top 3!DW-12_Ep1_00625_PS

Peter Capaldi just nailed it! Such a different, interesting, intense and darker Doctor. Exactly what we needed after so many years of silliness and jumping around.

Now we have one unexpected Doctor and an amazing actor behind him.

And the accent, I love the accent, I loved his reaction to it! Lovely to see him acknowledge his face, curious to see how they’ll resolve it.

3. Good Clara/Bad Clara…

I’m conflicted about this, see, for one hand, Clara has her best episode yet, she gets some development, she’s fierce, she holds her own (and Jenna Louise Coleman is just brilliant).

deepbreath_claraOn the other hand, Clara seems to have forgotten that she’s met all the past Doctors, all of them, and decides that she doesn’t recognizes the Doctor in this one… well, this would be a normal and perfectly natural plot line if you had another “Rose”, or “Amy”, or any of them really, but you have Clara, the girl who not only knows their faces, but just a few months ago actually met 2 more, and come on, if she could get along with The War Doctor, how could she not recognize 12th? And she knew he was old, if anyone knows, she does, just this Christmas she saw a much older version of 11th and she didn’t react like this… Moffat, you failed on this one!

4. A T-Rex… just because!

deepbreath_trexI still don’t see the point!

They had done dinosaurs before, but this plot could have been achieved by any other creature really, why have a T-Rex in the middle of the Thames, just standing there?

Fun, but pointless!

5. Paternoster Gang… always fun

tumblr_naklegZzdH1qijoeyo1_500I love them, best part of the episode for me (apart from Capaldi) was these three. Funny, light, smart – I really loved Jenny on this one. Still, how do they know so much about the Doctor’s regeneration? When did they meet him? How they came to be? I love them, but I would like them to make some sense.

6. The references

This felt good and weird, somehow! The Girl in the Fireplace reference was obvious and welcomed. “It’s times like this I really miss Amy”… uncalled for and so not relevant! “Chips. Coffee. Coffee and Chips”, well sir she just wants the coffee… Rose would have taken the chips though.

7. The phone call…

deepbreath_11I have absolutely no problem with Matt Smith’s Doctor, I loved him, not my Doctor, but loved him none the less. I do have a problem with that phone call! We had 1 year to get our minds around the idea that Capaldi was the new Doctor, we had 2 specials to say goodbye to Matt Smith, which we did, and they were such 2 big episodes… then we got 8 months to get used to the idea that 11 was not coming back (which is good, change is good!)… and then, when all the focused of the episode should be on Capaldi, here comes 11 again to convince Clara to help him?!

Really?! Moffat, are you having separation anxiety?! It surely fells like you are!

There was no need for it! She should have come to that conclusion alone. 12th’s speech should have been more than enough. Never on a first episode of a Doctor, should the previous one give the companion a call, never, ever, ever!

8. All’n All

55089Good enough episode, though I hope that the season brings a bit more. All that talk of age and perceptions kind of bored me, maybe because I was glad that this Doctor was older.

Curious to see where the season leads us, though I have to say, not very enthusiastic about the idea of “Missy” calling the Doctor her boyfriend, I really thought we were done with all that. The most popular theories are that she’s either The Master, The Rani or River – though let’s hope not River, if River Song ever returns, I want it to be as Alex Kingston.

Looking forward for next week and the return of the Daleks (and something tells me that the Cybermen will soon follow!).

Matt Smith is amazing!

A friend of mine dared me to blog about how amazing Matt Smith is and, obviously, here I am complying!

Here are some reasons why he’s awesome…


1. Because he’s The Doctor

Granted that he isn’t anymore, but he’ll always be The Doctor. Because they never stop being the Doctor, am I right? We still look at Tom Baker and see the Doctor. Matt will always be the Doctor and there were such amazing times at that!


2. He was born to be the Doctor

Like the lovely Karen puts it “Matt Smith was born to be the Doctor”. He brought a brilliant quirkiness to the character and was able to show the Time Lord’s age, even though he was the youngest actor to play the part. Even if Matt is not your Doctor (as he isn’t mine), one can’t deny that he what he did was extraordinary. He was able to take reins on the show after the amazing and brilliant David Tennant left and was able to take the show to new heights.


3. Karen and Arthur

You can’t really dissociate his time in the TARDIS without his companions. Karen  Gillan and Arthur Darvill (the Ponds) got along great with Matt, and Tumblr, twitter, facebook (…) are full of super funny pictures and videos of these three just hanging around and having fun.



4. But the Ponds left… and there was Jenna

Matt apparently creates tight bonds super fast. His new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara) was not very keen on letting him go. Matt even said he should have stayed one more year in the TARDIS with her…


 “Take care of Jenna-Louise Coleman” Matt Smith, SDCC 2013

5. He’s great with fans

2013 - 1

“He hugs everybody, he says hello to everybody, he remembers the name of everybody’s kids. He’s been such an extraordinary ambassador for the show. I can now honestly say that the way Matt carries himself as The Doctor is something of which The Doctor would be immensely proud.” – Steven Moffat

6. …Particularly with kids

In the Eleventh Hour panel at DW Celebration, one of the kids in the front got scared with something (I don’t recall what), so when the panel was near it’s end, Matt Smith asked the kid to go on stage and talk to him. It was an amazing and sweet moment!

tumblr_mxzy9dcMd21qapto0o4_250 tumblr_mxzy9dcMd21qapto0o1_250 tumblr_mxzy9dcMd21qapto0o8_250 tumblr_mxzy9dcMd21qapto0o3_250 

7. Got along great with David Tennant

I just love the way the two of them just got along. Great chemistry on screen and they seem to get along just as well behind the scenes…



I’m sorry, it’s just so much cuteness together…


8. He’s friends with Billie Piper

They did not meet in Doctor Who, actually they’ve been friends for years. Matt was even in one episode of A Secret Diary of a Call Girl (which in case you haven’t watched, you should)


9. and Nathan Fillion

Which just a bonus for big geeks like me. We know that virtually everyone that hangs around with Nathan is pretty cool, right?


10. … and Benedict Cumberbatch

Woe… Ben looks good in this… Sorry, this is all about Matt! 😉


11. He was at Nerd HQ 2013

With Zachary Levi, which is a bit like Nathan, right? He can do no wrong… Here they are: Jenna, Richard a.k.a. The King in the North (RIP), Matt and Zachary Levi… The full DW panel is available at The Nerd Machine website.


12. His moves

He definitely bust some moves throughout his run as the Doctor. His type of physical comedy is something else…

tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo1_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo5_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo7_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo9_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo3_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo4_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo2_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo8_250 tumblr_ms3mn1HsNe1r9jgwdo6_250…… (hilarious…)

13. He plays football

Matt actually aspired to be a professional ball player, but a back injury when he was a child put a damper on those dreams… he became an actor instead. I can’t say I’m sad about this, Matt is an amazing actor.

“I got injured when I was a kid, and it prevented me from becoming a footballer.”

“Actors, movie stars, rock stars, I can meet them with no worries – but with footballers I go weak at the knees. All of them.”


14. Clumsy boy

Is a self admitted clumsy.

“I’m very clumsy, in case you hadn’t noticed”

I am terribly clumsy, so there is a plethora of walking into lamp-posts, falling over, dropping things, and ruining sofas.


15. So he uses all this

He uses so well his physical thing, as I had said before with the dancing ;-). It’s the sort of thing that went amazingly well with the character of the Doctor. From now on he probably won’t be able to put so much of himself into his characters… =/

tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo2_r1_250tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo4_r2_250 tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo5_250tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo6_r1_250 tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo3_250tumblr_mx35cd8Rul1r1ikvpo1_250

16. Bow ties are cool

Yes they are! And so are Fezzes and Stetsons and all those other things he used during his tenure as the Doctor. He actually owns the tweed jacket that he used for the first 2.5 seasons and he was the one who suggested that he could wear a bow tie. However, Matt’s fascination with high boots, hats, weird socks don’t stay just on screen… he actually wears all those things in real life, which, you know, it’s COOL!


At the DW Celebration one kid flat out told him that he doesn’t understand the whole Fez thing, because Fezzes are NOT cool. Matt then tried to convert the kid to the “Fezzes are COOL” side, without any luck!

tumblr_mq5l68TnKC1r3nwdio3_250 tumblr_mq5l68TnKC1r3nwdio2_250

17. He’s hilarious

Weather you’re just watching random interviews or avidly watching his run in Doctor Who, Matt Smith is super funny!

tumblr_mqhikm11tG1qafbqjo1_250 tumblr_mqhikm11tG1qafbqjo2_250

But I have to admit that some of mine Matt’s favourite moments are his interactions on screen with Alex Kingston (River Song). Just look at his embarrassed look in the end ;-).

tumblr_mxr5zlOopD1sini23o1_250tumblr_mxr5zlOopD1sini23o2_250 tumblr_mxr5zlOopD1sini23o3_250tumblr_mxr5zlOopD1sini23o4_250

18. He loved it

I’m a huge Whovian, so it’s great when the actor that played the part you love so much, actually loved it too and made it the best it could possibly be. Most actor that played the Doctor stay in some way connected to the series, whether through interviews, conventions, etc (all apart from Christopher), so I’m hoping that the next big anniversary will bring back the 11th Doctor (as Moffatt said it probably would). Until that day, I wish the best to the amazing Matt Smith, whether on the big or small screen, or on stage.

tumblr_myf9ej7tAx1qhbzfko2_250tumblr_myf9ej7tAx1qhbzfko3_250 tumblr_myf9ej7tAx1qhbzfko4_250tumblr_myf9ej7tAx1qhbzfko5_250tumblr_myf9ej7tAx1qhbzfko1_250tumblr_myf9ej7tAx1qhbzfko6_250

And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven’s hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve’s.

The Time of the Doctor saw the last adventure of the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. It was definitely an emotional episode (I spent a lot of the hour crying, and Matt is not even my favourite Doctor!). We also got the first real glimpse of the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.


No one can deny it was a brilliant episode. Steven Moffat outdid himself and left no stone unturned, closing in all the loose ends that we left throughout the 3 season’s of Smith’s tenure. From the crack in the Universe, to the Silence, Weeping Angels, to River Song (although I was so sorry she didn’t appear), to Matt Smith’s wig – and man, I was glad that he took it off for a while, because that did not look real!

More than 300 years elapse in this episode, all while the TARDIS is cooking Clara’s Christmas dinner turkey… =)

Clara asks the Doctor to play her boyfriend for Christmas dinner and while the turkey in cooking, they decide to go to this planet to find out the origin of this weird message. Oh, the Doctor has a new friend, Handles, who is nothing more than a Cyberman head!


The two are invited aboard the Papal Mainframe, a space church headed by Mother Superior Tasha Lem, who sends them to the planet and they get to the town called Christmas, where they find out that they cannot lie. Here the Doctor finds a crack in time through which the message is being broadcast: “Doctor who?”. The Doctor realises that this is the Time Lords, trying to get out – if the Doctor speaks his real name, the Time Lords will know they are in the right place and come through and thus will begin a new Time War.


Tasha forbids him to do so and the Doctor refuses to withdraw and let his enemies destroy the planet, Trenzalore.

The Doctor tricks Clara to get to TARDIS and back home, and for 300 years he stays in Trenzalore, defending Christmas from all his enemies. But Clara, realizing that the TARDIS was leaving her behind, griped the sides of the box and went through the time vortex, back to Trenzalore.

The Doctor shows Clara his town, his new place, with drawing of his adventures all around, and together they prepare do see the sunrise (the sun lasts very little there) and Handles finally passes away.


Everyone gets stuck somewhere eventually, Clara. Everything ends.

The Doctor is old now, but Clara is sure he can still regenerate… he doesn’t die. The Doctor informs her that she isn’t wright, there’s a limit, he can only regenerate 12 times.

I can change 12 times. Thirteen versions of me. Thirteen silly doctors.

Number Ten once regenerated and kept the same face – I had vanity issues at the time.

They are then summoned back to church, where they find out that everyone has been taken over by Daleks. Tasha manages to fight it though, and helps them to escape. The Doctor ends up sending Clara back to Earth, without her knowledge, and he gets back to Trenzalore, where he spends the next few centuries fighting the rest of his enemies.


Still at Christmas dinner, Clara ears the TARDIS and finds Tasha inside it, picking her up, because the Doctor shouldn’t die alone. She finds the Doctor very old and unaware of time, still fighting the Daleks.

And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven’s hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve’s.


When the Daleks lunch their final attack, Clara knows the Doctor will die and pleads with the crack in the wall:

His name is the Doctor! All the name he needs, everything you need to know about him, and if you love him – and you should – help him!

This seems to do it, when facing the Daleks, regeneration energy is seen getting to the Doctor and he uses it to destroy them and the crack vanishes.


When Clara returns to the TARDIS, she find the Doctor redressed and young again, a reset. Hallucinating, the Doctor sees little Amelia Pond running around the TARDIS…

We all change, when you think about, we are all different people, all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you’ve gotta keep moving, as long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.

Amy Pond, adult now and with her wedding ring on, descends from the balcony, places her hand against the Doctor cheek, and bids him goodnight.

Raggedy Man… good night.


After taking off his bowtie, only a mere moment passes and he has regenerated into a new man, a new Doctor – Peter Capaldi. – The look on Clara’s face is priceless!


Kidneys! I’ve got new kidneys! I don’t like the colour…

No worries, stay calm, one question. 
Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?

I enjoyed the episode, not my favourite, but good. I do think it was a lot of material to cram into 1 hour, for instance, we don’t get conveniently attached to Handles, we don’t really understand or care about Clara’s family given that they weren’t introduced before.

We never know why they have to be naked – I know a lot of people have a problem with this specific matter, I honestly don’t care, I just think that it wasn’t essential to the plot, it was a comedic bit, but past the first scene in the TARDIS and meeting the parents, it lost it’s punch…

Matt Smith was excellent, just terrific, and I’m starting to really like Jenna-Louise Coleman in her role as Clara, can’t wait to see her with Peter Capaldi.

Farewell Matt Smith… Welcome on board, Mr Peter Capaldi!

The Day of the Doctor

WOW! That’s basically it… WOW!


It seemed an impossible task, to make a story that would appeal to all whovians, classic and recent era fans, and that made sense, had depth and packed an emotional punch like you wouldn’t believe… well, Moffat did it!

The story starts with Eleven and Clara (with a lot of Easter Eggs along the way… I would need a post just for them). We don’t get to see how he pulled her out of his timeline, but it’s obvious that he did… so moving on. They are “called” to assist UNIT, where they face an impossibility, a painting with the name of “No More” and “Gallifrey falls”, that is a moment in time captured by Time Lord technology… it’s bigger on the inside!


So, we get a glimpse of that day, and we meet John Hurt’s Doctor, that steals a weapon of mass destruction and flees, going to an abandon place to detonate it. But the interface has a conscience, and it assumes a form from his past, or it his future, she always gets those two mixed up… it’s Rose Tyler, although, in that form, she’s called Bad Wolf. She offers him the possibility of seeing his future self, to know what we’ll become if he destroys Gallifrey and the Daleks on that day.

From here we go to the Tenth Doctor that is courting Queen Elizabeth I, thinking that she’s a zygon! After proposing to her and finding out that the zygon was actually the horse, he realizes that he’ll be king! After a quick chase, and now with 2 Elizabeth’s, Eleven makes his way into his time and now the fun begins.

The War Doctor soon joins them and with a lot a sass from all of them, they find out a way of dealing with the Zygon problem, in the past and in the present, but not before Ten marries Elizabeth I.

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

With the Zygons dealt with, it’s time the War Doctor makes a choice, and he chooses to do it, to “push the button”. After Clara realizes that his incarnation hasn’t done it yet, the Doctors go to him, and the 3 of them prepare to do it, for he doesn’t have to do it alone this time… but, Eleven changes his mind, and they all know what to do!

“Bad Wolf girl, I could kiss you!” “That’s gonna happen…”

So, they decide to save Gallifrey, to “upload” it into a stasis cube, where they will be in a pocket universe, in a moment in time, but alive and with hope. To do this, they require all 1200 years of calculations, so we see all of them… all 13 of them…


Not knowing if it worked, the War Doctor goes his way (beautiful scene with all 3 TARDIS) and starts to regenerate once inside is TARDIS, because he was wearing a bit thin… he does hope the ears are a little bit less conspicuous… (no luck!).

Ten, realizing that he won’t remember this, asks Eleven where they’re headed, which he tells him: their tomb. Ten says that things could be changed and that he’s better change them because “I don’t want to go!” (heart broken all over again), to which the Eleventh Doctor says to Clara “He always says that”.

Clara leaves the Doctor alone with his painting and soon after he meets the Curator (a.k.a. Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor), who tells him the correct title of the piece “Gallifrey falls no more”… which means that it worked!


Now the Doctor has a destination, he wants to find it, he knows where he’s going!



I loved how it was a nod to the past, without forgetting to look ahead to the future. Many people complained that the classic Doctors should all have been in the special, and to a certain extent, they were, old footage was used to show them manipulating their respective TARDISES and the scene in the end (although clearly a montage) it’s a tribute to all of them. It would have looked weird to have them all in it, specially when most of them don’t look nothing like they did in the 70’s and 80’s.

Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt, what a treat! The bickering and ironic comments was amazing. Their chemistry was unbelievable, especially Matt and David, and I truly felt that they belonged there, together.


Billie Piper!!! Steven Moffat did an amazing job with that. He’s right, bringing her as Rose Tyler would be a mistake, because that story is finished and so well told. Bringing her back as The Moment was a truly genius idea, and Billie was better than ever.

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

London: Day 6 – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

The title says it all, 23rd November, by 6th day in London, was Celebration day! So, I woke up too early (and that shouldn’t be allowed) and headed up to ExCel.


I never went to anything like it, so I was one of those people extremely interested in all of the cosplays, and there were some amazing ones. A lot of kids dressed as the 10th and 11th Doctor, but also, a lot of young adults dressed as classic Doctor, such as the Second or the Fifth. A lot of families all dressed as something… amazing.


The first panel I went to was the Special effects  led by SFX supervisor Danny Hargreaves and hosted by a guy that looked like a younger version of Alan Cumming and Peter Capaldi (don’t know the guy’s name… sorry!). Although I was a bit disappointed that this was a 1 person panel, it was amazing. We got to jump on our seats a few times… when a Dalek exploded, when a Cyberman burst into the stage, when said Cyberman blew up… and they even made it snow and threaten us with the rain effect as well, but luckily, no one got wet. They even set the stage on fire! Danny admitted that things don’t always go so great and that he even set David’s hair on fire once… yes, David Tennant’s hair!


The exhibition itself was a tad small, with a lot of amazing things, such as costumes, cars, props and so on, sharing a limited amount of space… also, I felt the 8th Doctor was snubbed, there was this place with all of the Doctors clothes and between 7th and 9th… nothing!


The BBC shop was also lacking a lot of things, you could find the official BBC products in other stands rather then on the Official shop. Still, it had an amazing Dalek and the Silence =).

The Regenerations panel was amazing! The classic Doctors are so funny. And a privilege to see them all, even though from far away! Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy talked for about 45 minutes, with the great Nicholas Briggs leading the panel. When asked if they could be any other Doctor (apart from their own), who would they choose, Colin promptly replied “Peter Capaldi!” and Peter Davison replied “David Tennant”, because he never saw an actor who enjoyed that part that much… but obviously he couldn’t be him, because it would mean he would have to marry his own daughter.


Right after, it was time for the Eleventh Hour panel, with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and the current producer (whose name I don’t know). Big histeria off course, it was the Doctor after all. Moffat said that people liked being lied to because they like the surprise factor (can’t argue with that!), Matt said that he didn’t know what he was thinking when he decided to leave the TARDIS, and it was pretty clear that each time that his replacement was mentioned, Matt was a little sad. Moffat said that he expects Matt to be back though, maybe in 5 or 10 years, for another anniversary, to which Matt promptly said off course! Matt had a difficult job when a little kid asked him why he uses a Fez, fezes are not cool, Matt obviously defended the fez, but the kid was not convinced!


There were a lot of other things to see, I was lucky enough to caught a panel with Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling in the Classic Lounge, after doing my shopping (nothing at the BBC shop, the only shirt I wanted, there weren’t decent sizes left). So I bought a sonic screwdriver… yes, now I have Hermione’s wand and Ten’s screwdriver… yuuupiiii! And I bought something that it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever use (unless I can convert a few people to become whovians or I meet some of them), that is de Doctor Who trivial pursuit… and I wanted to buy the Monopoly, but it wouldn’t fit my suitcase. And a mug, because everyone buys a mug, right?


There was only enough time to eat something and make my way to the extremely huge line to get into the main theatre to watch The Day of the Doctor, which was handsome!

#SaveTheDay – The Day of The Doctor!

Two weeks to go, oh yes! And finally BBC released not one, but 2 trailers of The Day of The Doctor Anniversary Special, after a teaser had been released a few days ago.


In the teaser trailer, Clara and the Eleventh Doctor clearly see something that’s not suppose to be there (right about now the net is swimming with speculations). But the thing that probably caught every Whovian eye was the scarf that the lady is wearing… right? If you see this and don’t know what I’m talking about, see this: Fandoms and Knitting: 3 goals!.


Then today, BBC released the 2 trailers for the special that brings together 10, 11, Rose, Clara and the Forgotten Doctor.

Here wee see Gallifrey, the Daleks, the Dalek fleet, John Hurt is looking for the Doctor and Ten remarks that he came to the right place (eheh, his face is epic!).


We get the Zygons and UNIT, and a lot of things blowing up. Eleven in a fez and Amy’s glasses and Ten in his glasses – EPIC!

Rose – thought I’m not quite sure which Rose this is, because she certainly doesn’t look like the Rose who traveled with either of the Doctor! But she looks freaking amazing, she does!

Ten getting out of the TARDIS on horseback, and Eleven falling from the TARDIS. Clara teleporting?!

A big red button, that looks like a diamond, that John Hurt has to push and Rose telling him that “The moment is coming” and he’s ready!!!

TARDIS coral theme, a.k.a., the TARDIS from the 9th and 10th Doctor, oh YEAH!


On the second one, we get a lot of the same things, but more John Hurt, which is amazing. ALLONS-Y! Someone in a bike heading for the TARDIS. Eleven hanging from the TARDIS in central London.

Ten and Eleven comparing sonic screwdrivers… hilarious!


The big question: “Why are we all together?”.

Eleven redecorated, Ten doesn’t like it!

Doctor Who: 45 days to go and the rumours keep on coming!

So, we have exactly 45 days until the 50th anniversary special of Doctor and given the lack of trailers or anything really, the rumours keep piling up.


It’s public knowledge that we will have a 10/11 showdown, with David Tennant returning to his role as the Tenth Doctor, Billie Piper returning as the beloved Rose Tyler, Matt Smith appearing as the Eleventh Doctor for his second to last apperance and Jenna Louise Coleman as the Impossible Girl Clara.

Several rumours indicated the possible appearances of classic Doctors such as Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison or Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann. These have neither been confirmed or denied by BBC.

Partners in Crime (8)

This latest rumour, however, was published in a magazine! Not that it confirms the story just because it’s printed, but things are just getting weirder… the magazine reports that Catherine Tate is returning as Donna Noble! Even though nothing would please me more than to see Tate return, especially considering that I absolutely love her with David, I do not see this happening… But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

We will miss you, Matt Smith

Yesterday was a sad day for all Eleventh Doctor fans. Matt Smith shot his final scenes as the beloved Doctor.

Although we all knew that this day was coming, it somehow fells a lot more final now. Now it’s a matter of waiting and we’ll have 2 more episodes with the 11th. The first will come in just 48 days, as the 50th anniversary special, with the return of 10th Doctor David Tennant and his beloved Rose (Billie Piper). Then, it’ll come the very last episode with Matt Smith, in the Christmas special.



Matt Smith, although you are not my fav Doctor, I will miss you! 😉