Shadowhunters BTS Week 4


First look at the City of Bones:

Then Clary and Izzy bonding, I’m assuming that’s Isabelle’s room and wow, it’s SO Isabelle!!

And Alan being an awesome Valentine (I’m really liking the red runes!):

There was also an amazing exchange between Alan and Jon Cor, about the whole Hodge/Valentine conundrum:


And a very sweet family pic… they all look so cute:

Jon Cor onset showed us this video of Matthew practicing with his bow and arrow!

Hodge is in the house!

All the gang!!!

And also, Jade Hassouné had a mold of his ears made this week 🙂

A photo of shadowhunter training:

And the gang working out 🙂 , David Castro already in the mixed.

Shadowhunters BTS Week 3 (3)


After the first few days of the week, which were crazy in terms of tweets of BTS stuff, the rest of the week was a lot calmer. I suspect it will be calmer still from now on. There are more BTS pics, and some with Dom and Matt with their respective girlfriends, and all, but I just wanted to put the cast here. Enjoy.

Shadowhunters BTS Week 3 (2)

604786183They are quite prolific in social media… McG et. al gaves us a few more pictures and little videos to keep us entertained until January… bliss…

I’m in love with that picture of Simon and Izzy, they look so cute. And the one of only the cast, please notice how each pairing is touching each other, oh yeah!

Shadowhunters BTS Week 3

I was going to wait out until the end of the week… but on the third day they have already posted way to many pictures, so here we go…

603277716 (1)

Jon Cor decided to share a pic after working out…

A great picture of Jace and a stele. I know the light is a bit wooky, but I could swear that he’s using contacts… also, that stele!!!

Episode 2 began filming with Jocelyn and Luke (I’m really liking this):

Then some pictures of Izzy:

More BTS

Mother and daughter

This one is hilarious

Specially when Alan (a.k.a. Valentine) decided to comment it:

A couple of nice “Clace” pictures:

Day 12 of filming gave us a couple of very nice Sizzy/Izzy pics:

And also, a shirtless Simon…

This, OMG, this:

And the 4 shadowhunters… chairs!

And… the trio ready for a hunt – and this one might just be my favorite picture of all…

Should we even care that Simon’s “sword” has some kind of pink stuff in it?

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Decisions, decisions.

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Shadowhunters BTS (week 2)

Here we go, week 2!

The first one is actually from the beginning, but I had missed it:

Luke, Clary, Jocelyn and Simon! Oh, the family is all there!

I love this one so much, CLACE!

Then we had the release of the 2 promos, sure, they weren’t exactly what I was expecting it, but it gave us a few good shots of the cast:

And Luke and the police station!!!

Matt watching some dailies:

Jocelyn and Clary, picture in the house:

Most of the cast(‘s chairs):


Clary looking good:

Simon and the band’s van:

And the van outside the INSTITUTE:

Matt again (are gonna see him in action?!):

Kat, Dom, Alberto and Isaiah working out… without shirts! OMG!

And finally, the trio, a.k.a, Simon, Clary and Jace – they look awesome!

And, obviously, Harry Shum Jr likes to document stuff on his Snapchat, and filmed an hilarious training session. I especially like Dom and Alberto’s fight.

Shadowhunters adds Maxim Roy as Jocelyn Fray

Canadian actress Maxim Roy as joined the cast of Shadowhunters in the role of Jocelyn Fray, Clary’s mom, Valentine’s ex, Luke’s love… oh… I really like Jocelyn!


I don’t know who the lady is, but I wish her best of luck. I just want her to be as fierce as book-Jocelyn is (she’s a Fairchild! And we can so see Charlotte in her personality!!!). And I hope she and Isaiah Mustafa have an amazing chemistry (because I ship the hell out of Luke and Jocelyn!).