Musical Connections #5


Hello! I missed this last week, because I was in Portugal and I had virtually no time to do anything – though I still managed to post everyday through some sort of miracle!

This week I’ll tell you about a Music/Movie connection that everyone (who has seen the movie) does for sure, because, honestly, how could you not? I’m talking about Supermassive Black Hole from Muse and Twilight, specifically, the baseball scene from Twilight.

Come on… put your hands up if each time this music pops up, you start playing the whole scene in your head… I know I do, I especially like the moment when Jasper is playing with his bat – so sexy!

Musical Connections #3


Hello, and welcome back for my third post about Musical Connections. As I mentioned previously, I decided to post about those musics that I can’t dissociated from something else, whether TV shows, movies, games, or any other events in my life. In week 1 I talked about Smallville and week 2 I mentioned Doctor Who, this week however I’m staying away from TV Shows.

I mentioned in my latest award post how addicted I was to the Gym, especially Les Mills Body Training Systems, a few years back. It was serious! LOL. So much in fact, that those programs supplied me with most of my music throughout several years. There are a lot of musics that I associate with them, but today I bring you Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor, yeah, you read right, I’m associating Rocky III’s theme music to Body Combat, and it has little to do with the fighting quality of it.


Body Combat first appeared in the year 2000, and I started doing around late 2000/2001, so there weren’t a lot of playlists yet, just a few, and I was quickly to learn all the musics and choreographies, especially the ones I loved the most. Eye of the Tiger was the warm up of the second Body Combat program, and my favorite for years to come!

‘Till this day, if the music is playing, I go back to those first months of doing Body Combat, of the full room, the excitement, my favorite instructors, the laughter, …, and then I think of later years, when we would request the song and they would do it, and we (people who had been doing it for years), loved it and were ecstatic. 🙂

I remembered it especially this week, when I went to do Body Combat (now in the 64th playlist) for the first time in 6 years (probably). I still love the concept, and the ability to drift off and kick people in my mind, but I hated the tracks and I didn’t like the class or the instructor, and it made me miss terrible all my Body Combat hours back in the day, where I was introduced to fantastic songs from all the eras, and learn how to punch and kick.

Musical Connections #2


Hello! I introduced this topic last week, and I liked it, so I’ll keep with it. You know how sometimes you make a musical association in your head?! And then you simply can’t listen to that particular music without thinking of that other thing, whether it was a moment in your life, a game played, a video watched, show, movie, whatever something that was not the music original design. That’s what I’ll share here!

I feel like this one will be mighty obvious to all Doctor Who fans out there… this week’s music is I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers. Have you made the connection yet?! I simply can’t listen to this music without seeing David Tennant marching and singing to this song…


You do know what I’m talking about, right? When David Tennant was leaving the show in 2010, the crew and actors and everyone involved in the show came together for a farewell video, and this was the result:

Everytime I listen to this music on the radio, the street, in a movie,…, my head goes to David Tennant (and how I miss my Doctor).

Musical Connections #1


Lately I’ve been neglecting everything on my blog apart from books. While TV Shows will certainly be back in force at the end of next month, I’ve been toying about the idea of how sometimes you make a musical association in your head, and then you simply can’t listen to that particular music without thinking of that other thing, whether it was a moment in your life, a game played, a video watched, show, movie, whatever something that was not the music original design.

Today, for my first time doing this, I bring to you “The Big Bang” by Rock Mafia, which is one of my all time favorite songs and honestly I think it’s because of the connection I always make with it. I love this music. I love it so much that it has been my ringtone for the last 5 years… yep, 5 years with the same ringtone!


So, what do I connects with this music you might be asking by now. I’ll tell you! Lois & Clark,  from Smallville. And that’s because of this fanmade video I found on YouTube a few years ago. It just brings all the feelings and the music is so well coordinated with the images, that I couldn’t help but to fall in love with it. So each time my phone rings, I think of Lois and Clark! By the way, Erica Durance and Tom Welling will forever be my perfect Lois and Clark.

And the official music video for The Big Bang stars Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers (also known as Alec Lightwood from the City of Bones movie).

So each of the music videos do you prefer? I honestly will go for my Smallville pairing every single time 🙂 ! Does dis happen to you a lot? Associating a music with something that will always pop on your mind as soon as the music starts playing?