Broadchurch will return for a 3rd season

One of the biggest shocks coming out of Monday’s season 2 finale, was that the amazing show will be making a comeback. David Tennant and Olivia Colman are already confirmed to return for the third season of Broadchurch. I just hope they don’t keep us waiting long…


Broadchurch: Episode 6

This week Alec Hardy underwent surgery for his heart condition, finally, and for about a minute I actually thought he was about to bite the dust… seriously people?! Why do you do this to my heart?! And how cool is that that Tess is taking care of Hardy, with him asking her for them to be a family again and everything… poor guy! And this was the wife who cheated on him during his previous case and cost them the conviction.


Tom Miller takes the stand and downright lies, accusing Mark of confessing to murder Danny. After a while though he admits that Mark only felt guilty… But Ellie (my hero) is having none of it, she’s really mad at her son for what he’s putting the Latimer’s through and orders him to go home with her (Because she’s his bloody mother!)… “Yes mom” is all he’s able to say. Finally!!! The whole thing of Tom being angry at his mom for what his father did was getting weird and old.


The case against Joe Miller seems about to crumble when Bishop asks for the dismissal of the case based on the abuse of power of the police, because Mark Latimer went to see Joe in jail when he was first arrested… ohoh… luckily Jocelyn is able to prove that there was no abuse of power and the case still holds.

Speaking of Jocelyn, she finally came clean with her young helper about her condition, she’s going blind. To top it off, she got a call telling her that her mother fall over and passed away… by the way, are we all convinced by now that she and Maggie are or used to be an item, right?


In the Sandbrook front we learn quite a lot, mainly that Claire is looking guiltier by the minute. Not only is she wearing Pippa’s necklace in one of her portfolio photos, but it’s revealed that she was actually the one who broke into Tess’s car and stole the evidence… why?! She and Lee clearly have or had some kind of plan, but when they look for a house together with a setting very similar to the one in Sandbrook, they state that they can’t do it… do what?!

I have SO many questions!!!

I had two favorite moments: Beth finally letting Ellie console her and Ellie yelling at her son… priceless! Oh, and Abby Thompson letting Olly know that she desperately needs to have sex, it has nothing to do with him… pity that she then found something in his house that can help Joe’s case…


**********   EDIT – ALEC HARDY AND THE PENDENT  **********

As you can see in the screencap (and read on the comments below), Alec Hardy is seen wearing Pippa’s pendent.


As this is part of some sort of fantasy/nightmare he has during his anestesia, I don’t believe that he ever actually had it with him… I believe it represents something that weights on him, like the fact that he found Pippa’s body in the water, so he feels like he’s drowning. It was however very subtly done, and if there had been no comments about it, I would have missed it, so thank you :).

Broadchurch S02E03 (or, I can’t believe they went there!)

I have said a few times how much I loved the first season of Broadchurch, not I’ll tell you what, I’m liking this one even more. The intricacies of different plots together with the intricacies of the different characters is making the show infinitely more appealing to me.


Just a few notes on the most recent episode:

  • Lee or Claire? When the episode begun I had no doubt (like Hardy) that Lee was responsible for the girls deaths in Sandbrook. But then, well, Claire went with him pretty easily, then he called her to tell her that he would stay away (it didn’t ring super dangerous to me), then after being a dick to Hardy he went ahead and gave him a few folders of his own investigation into Sandbrook, because he did not do it. Meanwhile, Claire does her best to frame Lee, changes her version of the events of that night, and for one so scared, her behaviour shure looks weird. One thing I think was true: Lee probably got involved with the older cousin, but I don’t think he was the one to kill them. Also, there’s someone else involved, someone who sent a bluebell to Claire.


  • Are freaking serious Beth? So Ellie helps her to the house, helps her get ready to have the baby, bonds with her daughter and then she kicks her out? Still blaming her for not knowing? The shoe is really going to drop when she finds out where her husband is every single day.


  • The lawyers. Bishop’s son is in jail – this was probably the case that Jocelyn refused some time earlier – as to why, we do not know. Meanwhile Jocelyn’s mother is in a facility that she obviously can’t afford, and was it just me or does Jocelyn herself have some kind of medical condition?! And what is her relation to Maggie?


  • And finally, OMG, I can’t believe they went there (so to speak). Poor Ellie, this week was all about her sex life. First she goes on a girls-night.out with Claire and ends up sleeping with a random stranger (while begging him to say that he loves her… sad). Then she finally gets to court, has to detail all about her sex life with her husband and then, on top of it all, is accused of maintaining an affair with Alec Hardy (can you believe it?!)!!! Poor woman, I guess no one heard her when she was shouting at him saying that she hoped he crashed the car and had an heart attack while crashing it…

Broadchurch returns (and wow, just WOW!)

Broadchurch second season began last week and wow, it was spectacular! After an amazing first season (and a not so amazing Gracepoint), I was worried that the season two premiere would feel flat, but it was far from it. Warning… SPOILERS ahead…


The story picks up a few months after the events of the first season, with the Latimer’s coping and the town moving forward. With Miller out of town and her son Tom not wanting to see her and with Hardy (in a house finally), out of duty, but still somehow working. And then the bomb drops: Joe Miller pleads “not guilty” and his case goes to trial, driving everyone to despair.

Meanwhile, while we try to understand if Joe is actually innocent or just don’t want to go to jail, we learn that Hardy has been protecting a key witness in the Sandbrook case, meet the defense and the prosecution on Joe Miller’s case and the main suspect in the Sandbrook case.

Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

Broadchurch Season 2 trailer

OMG OMG!!! I wasn’t expecting this today! =D ITV has just released the trailer for the second season of Broadchurch and it looks AMAZING! Ah, and the show will return as early as January 5, 2015!!!

I’m pretty sure we won’t get the full scope of the storyline until it begins, but it looks quite intriguing and heartbreaking… are they going to solve Hardy’s old case?! Who are the girls who’ve gone missing?! I’m so excited 😀 !!!

Gracepoint (a.k.a. Broadchurch with a different accent)

Gracepoint has finally arrived to our screens… and it’s obviously great… obviously because the first episode is exactly the same as the first episode of Broadchurch… the only difference being the cast (most of them, anyway) and the accent!


This was only the first episode and they said that the story won’t be exactly the same and I so want to believe them… because it’s a great story, but they could have changed a few things in the first episode. It didn’t need to be a shot by shot remake of the original, though.


One thing is pretty clear to me, I found the british cast way way better… (though I’m glad Kevin Zegers is on there 🙂 ). Anna Gunn, amazing as she is, is not Olivia Colman… David Tennant, however, is very much David Tennant, without his scottish accent… though when Emmett Carver started to shout, David’s scottish accent started showing! Let’s see what the next weeks will bring.

First look at Gracepoint

The first trailer of FOX’s Gracepoint is out!


If you’ve seen Broadchurch, the images are basically the same, with mostly different actor… except for David Tennant, who only has a different accent (and is amazing anyway!)!

It’s impossible, however, not to compare Anna Gunn with Olivia Colman… I dare say, I like Colman better! I do hope that they will change some stuff and especially the end game.

Broadchurch: David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Arthur Darvill to return for Season 2

BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK!!!!! Yeah… I know it’s only Monday…

Radiotimes confirmed today that David Tennant and Olivia Colman will both be back to the second season of Broadchurch, after months of speculation


Tennant and Colman, who played DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller, will be joined by Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan who portrayed the Latimers, as well as Arthur Darvill who will reprise his role as Reverend Paul Coates. This indicates that the action of the second season will take place in Broadchurch.

“While it was anticipated that Colman would return to the award-winning drama, Tennant’s participation had been under question after he signed up to star in the show’s US remake Gracepoint opposite Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn. In the British version, his character was last seen suffering a heart attack and looked so worse for wear that Chibnall recently hinted to that his days might be numbered.

Meanwhile, Colman’s DS Ellie Miller had her life ripped apart during the series finale after it emerged her husband Joe was responsible for Danny Latimer’s death.”

Broadchurch: “He’s right to be worried”… Don’t even!

After David Tennant expressed his worried on his character’s return for the second season of Broadchurch, given DI Alec Hardy’s lack of health, the series writer and creator Chris Chibnall just told Radiotimes that Tennant is right to be worried!


He’s right to be worried. He’s a king on the stage, he’s off doing an American show right now, I believe. He’s got a lot on his plate.


Chibnall is referring to Tennant’s work on Richard II and Gracepoint (American adaptation of Broadchurch), that just began shooting in Canada this week. He also mentioned that the only problem is not David’s busy schedule, but also the really poor health that Hardy had when we last saw him:

David’s very busy and Alec Hardy, at the end of series one, he was fired from the police, he had a heart problem – I don’t see how you come back. How would that happen?

The show is amazing either way, I’m not saying that losing David Tennant will kill it or anything, but one of the things I loved the most about the show was how different the two detectives were and how they made each other better. Hardy was really there for Miller in the end (he even called Ellie!!!) and it would be a shame not to maintain their professional interaction… I just hope he comes back for season 2, David and Olivia are great together.


Last night I finally decided to watch Broadchurch, the acclaimed and highly talked about, ITV drama, about the murder of a young boy in a small town and the efforts from the police to find the killer.


Let’s just say that I got hooked from the moment they show young Danny on top of that cliff, then, I watched all 8 episodes in a row… Wow, apart from the point that the story is fantastic, the direction is stellar and the writing is off the charts. You get interested in all of the characters, even knowing that one of them is a child killer.


Leading the show is none other than the brilliant David Tennant (and don’t worry, he doesn’t look that good on purpose) and Olivia Colman, who play the two lead investigators on the case. Jodie Whittaker, Andrew Buchan, Matthew Gravelle, Jonathan Bailey, David Bradley and Arthur Darvill are just some of the actors that compose the great cast. I found David Bradley’s character particularly touching.


Broadchurch will be back for a second season, when it is not yet known. In the meantime, Fox has announced that a remake of the british drama is on the making, with David Tennant reprising his role as DI Hardy in the American drama renamed as Gracepoint. When the first season of Gracepoint and the second of Broadchurch will air is still undetermined, but poor David, he’s going to have a hell of a year!

I’m more than ever a fan of Mr David Tennant and his sexy scottish accent (that causes me to not understand half of what he says….)! Arthur Darvill can be hot even when he’s playing a vicar… damn you Rory Williams!


If you haven’t watched this amazing series yet, go for it! It’s one of the best dramas I ever saw… and I watch a lot of TV! The killer was the last person I would have thought, literally the last person! =| If I hadn’t read all the spoilers before I started to watched the show, I would have been seriously shocked.