Wandering About: Death Valley, Palm Springs and Calico – USA (2006)

wandering about

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing some photos of a small leg of my trip to the USA in 2006. In my first time in the US, I went to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with a detour to Palm Springs. After leaving LA we stopped by The Death Valley, and it’s just gorgeous and big!

Then we saw the Badwater Basin.

And the Artist’s Palette, amazing colors!

Then Palm Springs is just an amazing little city, and I loved it there :D. Also, crazy weather we got there! It started hailing when we were shopping in Palm Springs – we were wearing flip-flops…

Finally, when we were on our way to Las Vegas, we stopped near Calico, at an amazing place which I totally forgot what it was called, because it was 10 years ago!!! lol.

I really enjoyed this trip 😉 , I hope you enjoyed the photos too.