Tiny Pleasures #4

Hello, I’m gonna join the last couple of weeks, because nothing significant went on on the first one…


1. Phinally Done

During the week of 11 to 17 of May, two of my colleagues and friends defended their PhD Dissertations, one in Coimbra and the other one here in Barcelona. I’m beyond proud of both of them and so very happy. It was the perfect beginning and end of that week.

2. “Bacalhau com todos”

This might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re away from home, it’s so nice to eat typical food! In Portugal we use a lot of cod fish, but we use it dried and salted and not fresh like most countries. So this (cod fish, egg, vegetables, potato and chickpea) is my traditional Christmas food.

3. Movies

Going twice to the cinema in a week. This is not that abnormal for me, but it hadn’t happened in a while. Wednesday I decided to take advantage of the cheapest day to see a movie, a spanish movie, that I had wanted to see for a while but was already only in selected theaters. So I needed to go to Barcelona and took advantage of that…

4. And more movies

The second movie I saw was on Friday, my “rest” day! I was totally alone watching Pitch Perfect 2 and it was awesome!

5. Amazon and books

Thursday I came home and found my Amazon box!!!! Yupppiiiii! Unboxing books is the best thing ever. ūüėÄ

6. English Bookstores?!

Speaking of books, after a little research online, I found out that there are 2 English bookstores in Barcelona!!! I’m so HAPPY!!!!

7. Magnificent Reads

I finished 4 books in the past 2 weeks, but two I LOVED! Eleanor & Park (Rainbow Rowell) and Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda (Becky Albertalli) are awesome, gorgeous books and I never want to let them go.

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Movie of the Week: Pitch Perfect 2

Today Pitch Perfect 2 premiered here in Spain, so naturally I went to the first showing on the movie theatre right down from my house – good thing too… I was totally alone in there!


I loved it. I cannot actually say that I liked it better than the first one, for the simple fact that I don’t remember it (though I’ll probably see it again this weekend). This movie is super (SUPER) fun, I spent the whole time laughing out loud, and sporadically crying… yeah, that last performance made me cry!

If I had to pick a favorite part, it would be anytime that¬†Elizabeth Banks shares the screen with¬†John Michael Higgins. They’re hilarious! Anything they say is on point and super super fun!

Pitch Perfect 2

Other high notes include all sorts of cameos (Obama, Snoop Dogg, The Voice and its judges, the Green Bay Packers,¬†…) and some favorite actors from comedy TV shows. Anna Kendrick just totally kills it – as usual. And if I’m being totally honest, even Rebel Wilson was very allright here, actually she has a duet scene with¬†Adam DeVine that is just awesome.

Oh, and that last performance by¬†Das Sound Machine was amazing! But the Bellas were just even more, oh, wow… that last performance… well done!