Bad Penny (Staci Hart)

Nothing good comes after the third date. 

Date three is the crucial point when things get real, which is exactly why I bounce out the door, twiddling my fingers at whatever poor boy I’ve left behind. Because if I stick around, one of three things will happen: he’ll profess his undying love, he’ll get weird and stalky, or I’ll go crazy. Like, Sid and Nancy crazy. Like, chase-him-through-the-streets-begging-him-to-love-me crazy. 

Seriously, it’s better for everyone this way. 

So when I meet Bodie, I figure it’ll be the same as it ever was. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t put a single string on me. Doesn’t matter that he’s funny and smart and jacked or that he can play my body like a grand piano. Because even though I’m built for love, love has only carved me up like a Christmas ham. 

Resistance is something I can only hang on to for so long, and he has persistence in spades. But my heart isn’t as safe as I want to believe, and neither is his. And the second I ignore my cardinal rule is the second I stand to lose him forever.

This book is brilliant! No other way to put it: BRILLIANT!

This was my third book by Staci Hart, but definitly my favorite. I loved the writing, and different voices of the two man characters, the humour and sexyness. Staci Hart did an amazing job with this one, and I just want everyone to read it 😀 .

Penny is one of my favorite female characters ever. I loved how she gave zero fucks. She was unapologetic about who she was, she was loud and crazy and AMAZING. And she had purple hair!!! I understood her issues, even if I just wanted to club her in the head and scream at her to stop being afraid… but I got it, and so did Bodie. I loved how much Bodie respected Penny, how he gave her space and time, even when he was sure about his own feelings. But I also loved that he was honest about how he felt and what he could deal with.

And people… Bodie and Penny were all kinds of hot together. I think this was probably one of the sexiest books I’ve read, and I’ve read erotica. Their chemistry was off the charts, and they complemented each other amazingly well.

There was a lot of character growth on this book, especially Penny, and I thought it was super well done. The plot was amazing, and the book was paced amazingly well too.

If I could have one more thing, I would wish for more time with Penny and Bodie together, just being together and talking, they were just that great. I also loved all the secondary characters, and I’m pretty sure there will be a book about Bodie’s twin and Penny’s BFF and I’m all for it.

So guys, go read this book. It’s all kinds of amazing!

Release Day Launch + Review: Full Package (Lauren Blakely)


FULL PACKAGE by Lauren Blakely is Here!

A sexy and funny friends-to-lovers standalone romantic comedy, FULL PACKAGE is about a sexy, witty man as he falls head over heels for a woman, who just happens to be his roommate. It takes everything you love about a Lauren Blakely novel – witty dialogue, smoking hot sex scenes, and heartfelt moments –and puts them into one fantastic book! Told in the guy’s POV, with a creative look into Josie’s POV as well, FULL PACKAGE is the laugh-out-loud and insanely hot story of what happens when a sexy ER doc falls madly in love with his gorgeous roommate… and they’re forced to deal with all that simmering desire in a mere six hundred square feet of living space.

“Lauren Blakely has mastered the recipe for delightful and delicious. It’s called Full Package. I can’t find words to tell you how much I enjoyed this friends to lovers romance with enough sweet to melt in your mouth and enough spice to melt your panties.”
~ iScream Books


“Lauren Blakely nailed it AGAIN. This man man is perfection! HOT, SWEET, FUNNY, SMART.”
~ Queen of Hearts



✮✮✮FULL PACKAGE is here!✮✮✮

From the New York Times Bestselling author of MISTER O and BIG ROCK, comes a hot & hilarious new standalone romantic comedy…

I’ve been told I have quite a gift.
Hey, I don’t just mean in my pants. I’ve got a big brain too, and a huge heart of gold. And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest, the package included. Life is smooth sailing….

Until I find myself stuck between a rock and a sexy roommate, which makes for one very hard…place.

Because scoring an apartment in this city is harder than finding true love. So even if I have to shack up with my buddy’s smoking hot and incredibly amazing little sister, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.
I can resist Josie. I’m disciplined, I’m focused, and I keep my hands to myself, even in the mere five-hundred square feet we share. Until the one night she insists on sliding under the covers with me. It’ll help her sleep after what happened that day, she says.

Spoiler-neither one of us sleeps.

Did I mention she’s also one of my best friends? That she’s brilliant, beautiful and a total firecracker? Guess that makes her the full package too.

What’s a man stuck in a hard place to do?

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OMFG! I just LOVE these stand-alones, male-only-POVs, books. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! And I love the whole gang, each book is just as amazing as the previous one, if not more, and WOW.

So, once again, Lauren Blakely blew it out of the park with the writing, and here I think this is my favorite book of this “series”. We got a bit of the girl’s POV in Well Hung through Natalie’s texts, but here the book goes a step further, and we get a few glimpses into Josie’s mind through her amazing recipes. It’s honestly genius and it made me laugh, while at the same time thinking that I really wanted to try those things. The writing is fun, exciting, heartfelt, and just amazing and hilarious.

This book just combines all of my favorite romance tropes in one book! First of all, Josie and Chase are best friends, and they were so awesome BFFs, I just wanted them to have taste tests and talk about the most random things… AWESOME! Then there’s the fact that Josie is Nick and Wyatt Hammer’s sister, and Wyatt is Chase’s best friend too. So Josie is also Chase’s BFFs little sis! To top it off, Josie and Chase become roommates, which is also a trope I love.

Ok, let’s talk characters. I want a Dr. Chase for myself, because seriously, that dude is amazing. He’s smart, sexy and funny. He’s super caring, he listens to audiobooks while walking around, and he bikes everywhere. Also, he’s a freaking E.R. DOCTOR! Then there’s Josie, who is strong and determined and witty and fun, and who is a BAKER, and she makes the most amazing-sounding things… I just wanted to eat whatever she was talking about. I loved them both, I thought they were awesome as friends, and even better as a couple, they complemented each other amazingly well.

The plot was also very well done, it was entertaining, fun and a bit heartbreaking, because they were fighting so hard to preserve their friendship above all else…

One thing that really made this book even more special for me was seeing all the gang together, and seeing how deep those relationships go. I also really appreciated the lack of unnecessary drama… such a refreshing thing!


This book was just perfect for me, Chase and Josie’s relationship was amazing, and I thought that the tropes were amazingly done and in the end, the book left me craving for more. So, if you’re looking for a super fun romance, with a great story and a super fast read, pick up Full Package!


And don’t miss Lauren Blakely’s other standalone Romantic Comedies!

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About Lauren Blakely:

author-pic-lauren-blakelySince self-publishing her debut romance novel CAUGHT UP IN US over three years ago, Lauren Blakely has sold more than 1.5 million books. She is known for her sexy contemporary romance style that’s full of heat, heart and humor. A devout fan of cake and canines, Lauren has plotted entire novels while walking her four-legged friends. She lives in California with her family. With thirteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than seventy times. Her bestselling series include Sinful Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire as well as standalone hit romances like BIG ROCK, MISTER O, WELL HUNG, and THE SEXY ONE which were all instant New York Times Bestsellers. In January she’ll release FULL PACKAGE, a standalone romantic comedy. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter!

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                I point to the curved wooden stand with a hook at the top. “This. Explain this.”

                Josie sets her hands on her hips. “It’s a banana holder.”

                I give her a stern look. “I can read. I don’t need to know what. I need to know why.” I poke the object on the shelf at Bed Bath & Beyond, otherwise known as the Nexus of Unnecessary Things. Pretty sure there’s some kind of vortex or force field right smack dab in the middle of this store attracting all the weird, bizarre, and odd home goods. “Why can’t they sit on the kitchen counter? Or, how about in a bowl?”

                “Maybe the bananas just like to dangle?” she suggests. “Hang free and all?”

                Smacking my forehead, I go along with it. “Aha. That makes perfect sense.”

                “I’m here to help.” She tugs on my shirtsleeve. “But can we please get to the sheet aisle? You can’t sleep on a naked mattress.”

                “That may be true, but I could definitely sleep naked on a mattress,” I offer, and she laughs as we navigate through another sardine-packed aisle in the mammoth store.

                It’s one in the afternoon, and I just moved in this morning. That took all of two hours. Spending my twenties in med school and as a resident gave me very little time for the acquisition of things, so most of my possessions fit in a duffel bag. I have very little. Not even sheets for a queen-size bed. Ergo, I’m spending Saturday at Bed Bath & Beyond, which is a bit like wandering through a Buzzfeed post titled “Ten Things I’ll Never Use.”

                More like five hundred. Wait. Make that five hundred and one, because I just spotted the new number one item on the list.

                “That,” I say as I make a beeline for a shelf of crème brûlée torches. Grabbing a silvery one, I hold it up. “Please say we can have a housewarming party, and you’ll make crème brûlée, and I can stride all proud and awesome into the kitchen,” I say, puffing out my chest and deepening my voice. “And I can light it with a torch, and we’ll all ooh and ahh at the manly fire I made when I lit up a dessert.”

                  She arches an eyebrow. “A manly fire?”

               I nod vigorously. “And then you’ll let the guests take turns punching me in the face for being a total douche for owning a crème brûlée torch.”

                  She narrows her eyes. “You actually want people to punch you?”

               I’m deadly serious as I answer her. “If I ever own a crème brûlée torch, you have carte blanche to punch me, Josie. You really should.” I drop the torch on the shelf and take her hand, clasping it tightly in mine. “Promise me. From this day forward. Promise you’ll punch me if I ever own a crème brûlée torch, a rotating tie rack, or more than one kind of cheese grater. This is part of our roommate pact.”

                She grips my hand tighter, her green eyes glowing with stark seriousness. “I solemnly swear to pummel you under all the aforementioned circumstances. As proof of our friendship and roommate solidarity.”

                “You’re a saint,” I say, then wrap a hand around her head and tug her close for a quick kiss on her forehead.

                And hello, sweet, sexy scent of Josie. What is this delicious smell? Is it . . . oh fuck me. Cherries. My God, she smells like cherries. Like the perfect summer fruit. Like the naughtiest fruit. And I’ve got to wonder if that cherry scent is her face lotion, her shampoo, or her body wash?

                Body wash.

                My mind is adrift, and the word association begins. Because what goes with body wash but nudity?

                Naked woman in the shower. Washing. Lathering. Soaping.

                Ah, hell.

                Snap the fuck out it, Summers.

InkSlinger Blogger Final

Watch Me Rise (Tara R.)



After the loss of her brother, Chloe Reed left Fairville for a fresh start. Now she is back to get answers to the questions surrounding her brother’s death. But coming back home isn’t easy, especially when it’s a home filled with painful memories, a home where her life was ripped apart. However, there is someone who has been stuck in her head for a long time who makes it all easy. Her knight in shining armor who saved her life two years ago. Nick Grayson. Except this time maybe he needs saving.

Nick Grayson is back in the town of Fairville where it all started. The town that left him with nothing but guilt and regret, the town where he destroyed a family. He met Chloe on the worst night of his life. He knows he doesn’t deserve her but he can’t stay away – and neither can she.

Awhile back I was asked to review a novella, Feel Me Break, which I did, and quite enjoyed, so when the author asked me to review the sequel to that novella, I didn’t even hesitate and said yes right away (even though I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the release date).

This book starts right where the novella left off, and I won’t be able to talk about any of it, unless I spoil the novella a bit. So, people, this review will have SPOILERS for the Feel Me Break novella, so now it’s the time to get out, if you don’t want to know anything about it.

Both characters grow a great deal during this book, and I thought they did it in an organic and believable way. Chloe is still struggling to deal with the death of her brother, her mother’s addiction and her father’s abandonment. Even though she made a lot of progress since the night she and Nick met 2 years prior, she’s still self harming on some occasions, and dealing with a lot of pain. Same goes for Nick, who can’t forgive himself for having caused someone’s death on the night that he met Chloe. It doesn’t help that his family is still very distant from him, and he desperately wants their support.

I still very much liked these characters. They’re both super flawed, but their hearts are in the right place, and they both have so many layers to them. I love their connections and their romance. Even though it started out a bit of insta-love, they do end up having a deep and beautiful connection, and the chemistry is very much palpable. The romance evolved at a right pace, and I was glad for that, because after the novella, I thought that they would jump right into the relationship, so I was super glad that that was not the case.

I was a bit surprised by the direction the plot took, because I wasn’t quite expecting a mystery, but even though it’s not my favorite thing, the book managed to surprise me, and I thought it was a good twist to the story. It also gave it some much needed closure.

I’m somehow hoping that there’ll be another book, about their friends Danni and Nathan? Because there’s something mysterious there too, and I’m curious.

There was just a couple of things that I didn’t quite like. One of them was how perfect the wrap up was… I know that’s how it’s supposed to be, but it felt kind of forced, especially on Nick’s side of the story.

Another thing that bothered me was some parts of the writing. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the writing in general. But there were some expressions and sentences that made me think that maybe English is not Tara R.’s first language?! I’ll give one example, throughout the book the expressions “rookie cop” was used a lot. If I read this, I will understand that it’s a newbie cop, right? Because that’s the meaning of rookie, but Tara R. uses the expression as indicating a corrupt cop, and not a newbie one, so… ?! o_O

Other than these couple of small problems, this was a good read, and I would read more from this author, for sure.

Product Review: Mystery Date With a Book Etsy Shop


Hey guys! This is something that I never done, so I hope it goes well 😉 . So, awhile back Fernanda from Mystery Date With a Book asked me if I could review some products from her Etsy shop, MysteryDateWithaBook – where she sells handmade bookish accessories (mainly bracelets, necklaces and keyrings) – to which I said YES (of course)! Take a look at her shop:


 So, here’s what Fernanda sent me.

As soon as I opened the package I was excited, because I’m pretty crazy about these books. So, what did I get? First off it’s a Harry Potter bracelet, the book is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, and the details are insane.

Next I got a Little Women bookmark :D. I love this story, and even though I haven’t read the book – though I own 2 – I’m in love with this bookmark. Check it out!

Now I have to admit, my favorite piece is definitly the keychain, because it’s FANGIRL! I’m so in love with this keychain :D.

Aren’t these items just the most adorable thing? Visit the shop, go follow the blog, twitter and facebook. Keep an eye on what more it’s coming, because I’m sure I’ll be. I love my new bookish items :D. Let me give you the links you should follow ;-).

Mystery Date With a Book Etsy ShopBlog | Twitter | Facebook

Because I Love You (Tori Rigby)


Eight weeks after sixteen-year-old Andie Hamilton gives her virginity to her best friend, “the stick” says she’s pregnant.

Her friends treat her like she’s carrying the plague, her classmates torture and ridicule her, and the boy she thought loved her doesn’t even care. Afraid to experience the next seven months alone, she turns to her ex-boyfriend, Neil Donaghue, a dark-haired, blue-eyed player. With him, she finds comfort and the support she desperately needs to make the hardest decision of her life: whether or not to keep the baby.

Then a tragic accident leads Andie to discover Neil’s keeping a secret that could dramatically alter their lives, and she’s forced to make a choice. But after hearing her son’s heartbeat for the first time, she doesn’t know how she’ll ever be able to let go.

HEY!!! I read this book as a buddy read with  Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Kat @Life and Other Disasters. You can check out  Kat’s review of this book here, while go to Cátia’s blog on the next few days to read her thoughts on it.

Every once in awhile, I read a contemporary that really sticks with me and surprises me in the most amazing way. This was one of those books. I have to admit that I was a little reticent at first, because I thought that moral values and church would have a more prominent role in the storyline that they ended up having, and that was a damn good thing. This book also ended up being about a lot more than a teen pregnancy and what should she do about the baby. The book emcompasses her intire journey, with everything in her live coming into play. It deals with adoption, teen pregnancy, how to have a relationship in the condition, the role of friends and family. The most important thing is that blood does not mean family, and that is showcased several times during this book. In a way, this book reminded me a bit of Anything You Want, but the characters are utterly different.

The book is told from Andie’s POV, and it’s narrated almost like a movie voice over at times… I liked it! I will definitly want to check more books by Tori Rigby, because I really enjoyed the style of writing. The pacing was also very well balanced. It’s kind of natural for books about pregnancy to focus a lot on the first half of it and skim the second half, but Because I Love You maintained a very good balance.

The characters are a bit tricky… with that said, I really liked Andie, even though she sometimes was a crybaby and all, but hey, she’s 16 and carrying a baby, so she has every right to cry as much as she likes. She grows a lot during the book, and learns to trust the right people and her own emotions. You know from the blurb that Andie’s two best friends will abandon her as soon as she finds out she’s pregnant, but not only do they do that, but they also turn against her, and one of them is the baby’s dad… that got me super mad! But she does find two amazing people who more than make up for her sorry excuse of friends. Neil and Jill become her support system, with Neil becoming way more than that. And Jill is just awesome!

I loved the romance between Neil and Andie, it was perfect! Neil is an amazing guy, and the more he lets Andie into his life and heart, the more we get to see how perfect he is for her. He deals with her pregnancy like a true friend ought to. He’s supportive and he loves her unconditionally. I loved how patient she was with her, and how he always gave her time and space to decide things for herself, while still being there to support her.

Some people really surprised me in a good way in this book, and I was shocked by some twists and turns that Because I Love You took. I DID NOT SEE IT COMING!

This book turned out to be an emotional ride, and it got me laughing and crying and screaming at my phone, while loving every second of it. While some things could be predicted, I liked how they were handled, and that not everything was a huge deal. I loved how the end of the book is not their end, if that makes any sense. Well done!

Distraction (Westbrook #1) (Laura Clark)


Seventeen-near-old, Laila Patterson, would never describe her heart as fickle. She understands the difference between reality and fantasy, which is why Sam Woodson is not realistic boyfriend material. After all, he is in college, and college boys simply do not date high school girls. Plus, he is Laila’s older brother’s best friend. According to the unspoken bro-code, messing around with your friend’s little sister is pretty high on the list of forbidden taboos.

What happens when Laila discovers that her secret crush on Sam isn’t quite so one-sided? What if the only way to keep him is to keep their relationship hush-hush? Is Sam worth all of the lying and sneaking around?

As if things weren’t confusing enough with Sam, an old family friend suddenly shows up after being gone for more than three years. She isn’t expecting Trevor Maddox to move back to Westbrook. She isn’t expecting him to attend her high school, and she certainly isn’t expecting him to be so damned gorgeous.

Laila doesn’t want or need this unexpected distraction. . . or does she?

First I would like to thank the author, Laura Clark, for contacting me to review her book. Secondly, I really love this cover, it’s just gorgeous. Unfortunately the book did not fully work for me.

I’ll start with the positive. I’ve mention that I love the cover, and I’ll say it again, the cover is simply gorgeous, and I would pick up this book any time based only on that. I also like the premise of the book and I was curious to see how the relationship between Laila and Sam would develop. The story, mainly between the both of them was mostly cute, and I wanted to see more of that, but it ended way too soon.

Now, a lot of things didn’t quite work for me =/, and one of those things was the writing… I found it too descriptive, derivative and repetitive. In my opinion, this book need some serious editing. I found Laila to be a terrible narrator, she would rant about the most random things within her main narrative, and grrr, it was frustrating. Other thing within the writing that made me cringe was the abuse of italics. Just no!

This wouldn’t have mattered if I had actually liked Laia, which I just didn’t. I actually believe that you can be in love or in lust with more than one person, but Laila was never fully into her relationship with Sam, except for the rare moments they were truly alone together, otherwise she would spend more time thinking about Trevor than actually considering her boyfriend. I think that it would have been more convincing if both boys wouldn’t have appeared in her life at the same time…

For the most part, I actually liked Sam, though this book doesn’t gives us a clear picture of him or the situation given its abrupt end. I understand Sam’s actions, the only thing I don’t truly understand is the whole of his feelings for her. I do think that Laila was extremely childish in her reactions to the situations, but maybe my 16 yo self would understand that. I also liked Trevor, except for the Avery part, I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

Back to Laila… grrrr… OMG, she’s so frustrating. I understand some stuff, but flirting with your best friend’s possible boyfriend, while she’s in the same room as you? NO! Laila was a bad friend and she wasn’t a good girlfriend. I was just so irritated with her for most of the book.

One thing I didn’t really like was how fast Laila and Sam’s relationship developed, especially after she asked him to go slow and he promised he would… suddenly, bikini tops were flying and they were once again in full make out mode on her bed, partially undressed… *sigh*

I also hated that ending. The book ended too abruptly, nothing gets resolved in this book and in the end, nothing really happens in it, except for the beginning and end of Laila and Sam’s relationship, and the beginning of a friendship between Trevor and Laila. We never know what’s in the letter Sam wrote to her, though I understood why he broke up with her and never thought he needed to explain further. I also felt that she was a bit unfair to Sam, given that she never actually told him what she wanted, and that he was right in breaking up with her… actually, I’m not sure he should even have begun something…

We never really get what’s going on with Kyle and Avery, though I suspect that they’ll end up together, and what about Georgia? I like series and books that will compel you to pick up the next book in the series, but this ending was just too much (or not enough).

Even though this book just really wasn’t for me, I’m kind of curious to read the next two, because I need to know what the hell happens. Given that this series has 3 books, I suspect that it will be only in the third book that anything really gets resolved, and probably something will happen between Laila and Trevor in book 2… either way, I’ll probably have to give it a go. I just need to know…