Top 16 of 2016


Is it too late to share my favorites 16 books of 2016??? I hope as hell not, because I’m doing it today! Here they are, my Top 16 of 2016 ūüėÄ . Click on the titles to get directed to my reviews of those books. And keep in mind, these are my favorite reads of the year, but most of them didn’t come out in 2016.


A Monster Calls | The Score | Isla and the Happily Ever After | Ugly Love | Price of a Kiss | A Court of Mist and Fury | Illuminae | Archer’s Voice | Highly Illogical Behaviour | Us | Anything You Want | Forbidden | Lady Midnight | Carry On | Wallbanger | Life After Juliet

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Posts


Welcome to another¬†Top 5 Wednesday! This meme was¬†created by¬†gingerreadslainey¬†and is hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes and you can check out the¬†¬†Goodreads group here. This week‚Äôs theme is Favorite Videos/Posts. So, let me share with you 5 of my favorite posts ever written… this will be tough because I have¬†almost 1300 posts published… Click on the titles to go to said posts.



This was my first discussion post, so it has a special place in my heart. Especially because I think the topic is important :).



One of my favorite posts to write is my Wandering About posts, and this one was special for me, because it combined my 2 weeks of traveling through South Korea and Japan.



A couple of years ago I wrote a post about the Portuguese Football National Team, during the 2014 World Cup. Because I loved to write about it, and because we are now in the Euro 2016 (and Portugal has today its last chance to go through to the next round), I needed to put this one on the list.


I didn’t want to include 2 posts about football, but I kind of have to. This one is in portuguese though, and it was a post where I was just letting out my frustrations about some attitudes and comments towards our national team.


top 10 tuesday

I love doing the TTT, and this one was one of my all time favorites. Check out which couples’ first kisses and hot moments I chose.



This was one of the hardest reviews for me to write, but also one of my favorites. I loved this book so so much, and I loved defending my view of this amazing book. Check it out.

Top Ten Tuesday: 8 Bloggers Whose Opinion I Trust

top 10 tuesday

Hello, welcome back to another Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Ten Bookish People You Should Follow On Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Snapchat / Facebook –¬†you pick the platform of your choice to talk about all the interesting bookish people to follow!¬† If you don’t use social media much you can pick your favorite bookish blogs or new blogs you’ve come across to follow.

I have to be honest, though I’m always with my social media on, I don’t really have that lot of recommendations on either of the platforms. Given that I think that this week’s theme is to spotlight other bloggers or bookish people in general, I decided to share with you 8 fellow bloggers whose opinion I trust, as in, if we read the same book, we’ll most likely feel the same way about it.

 1. Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much

C√°tia is a fellow portuguese blogger, and someone I talk to EVERYDAY! Yep, we talk all the time, and lately we’ve been reading the same books and doing tons of buddy reads. I trust her opinion and her recommendations because we always feel the same way about the books we read, and about the events on it.

I think the only thing we do not agree on is on Football teams and the whole Will/Jem thing.

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2. Kat @Life and Other Disasters


Me and Kat have been following each other for years now… TIME FLIES!¬† We talk everything, from books, to shows, to music, to everyday stuff. Just like C√°tia, I talk to Kat every single day too :).

Some of the first books I read here my blog, was because she recommended them to me, and they never fail. Whether she’s recommending me a book, show, movie, I know I’ll enjoy it.

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3. Sara @Freadom Library

In a more recent discovery, Sara and I share the same taste for a lot of books ūüôā , so whenever she recommends something, I listen!

We’re also about to have our first buddy read with Kat, that should be fun!

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4. Deanna @A Novel Glimpse


Deanna has recommended me some of the best New Adult books I’ve read, so I’m quick to read all her reviews, previews, blitz and so on, because I know that I’ll probably like those same books.

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5. Ari @The Daydreaming Bookworm

Through my recent-ish discovered love for the New Adult genre, I noticed that Ari has read a lot of the same books as me, and I just know that I can fangirl with her over our recent reads – and it’s awesome!

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6. Regina @The Bibliotheque 

Just like the ladies above, I know I can trust Regina’s reviews, they usually align pretty well with my likes and dislikes as well.

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7. Josie @Josie’s Book Corner


Although I haven’t been in the mood for Fantasy lately, Josie is the person to go to for Fantasy recommendations. She “made me” read Angelfall, after all, and I freakin’ loved it so much! So I always listen when she talks about a book she really likes, even when I’m not in the mood for the genre at the time.

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8. Joey @Thoughts and Afterthoughts

On a slight different note, Joey and I don’t have that many books in common, and he is, in my opinion, a tough reviewer. For this reason, whenever he reviews a book that I’m interested in, and says positive things about it, it makes me that much certain about reading it.

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Let’s Talk About: Do You Rate Before You Read?


Hello!!! It’s Friday and I hope I’m somewhere in Barcelona right now, maybe eating Ramen and preparing to go and watch Deadpool or something :D, but today I wanted to talk to you guys about something that kind of bugged me a few weeks ago and I wanted to hear your opinion on the matter.


As soon as a book is announced on GoodReads, a rating appears. People comment on it and rate it, sometimes based on their excitement, or because they liked the blurb or the title. Sometimes because they didn’t, which was the case that brought this to my attention. But my point is:


Some people defend that GoodReads allows people to rate based on their excitement level for any given book, but do they? I was checking their Review Guidelines, and they do allow rating prior to the book release, but not for excitement purposes:

Pre-publication reviews. Many of our members receive advance copies of books to review, either through Goodreads giveaways or another source. We have no way of knowing the exact date that review copies are available. As such, each book is eligible to be reviewed as soon as it appears on the site.

I for one am of the opinion that you can comment all you like on a book, but rating should be reserved for after you read said book.

A while back I posted a comment by¬†Patrick Rothfuss¬†to his 5 stars reviews for a book that doesn’t even has a publication date yet, and I’ll leave that comment here again:


I understand being excited for a book, or underwhelmed by its theme or synopsis, but is it ever OK to grade something that you haven’t read?