Movie of the Week: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


Wow, did you know that it has been well over a month since I posted about a movie? Yep, apart from a korean movie I watched on board when I was on my way to Korea, this is the first movie I’ve seen in over a month! WOW indeed!

Yesterday I had a lazy Sunday at home and decided it was well past the time to watch Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, based on the novel by Jesse Andrews of the same name, which I reviewed back in June.

The reviews of the movie have been fantastic so far, so I was expecting it to be good, but man, I wasn’t expecting it to be that much better than the book. And it is! I liked the book, but the movie is absolutely amazing.

I was right back in June, this plot and story work way better in movie form than on the page. On the book, we never quite know exactly how Greg feels about everything and everyone surrounding him, because he is never really honest about it. This works way better on the movie, given that we can actually see his expressions and desperation written plainly on his face. Also, the relationship between the 3 main characters is way deeper in the movie than in the novel. Here we go through almost an entire year of bonding and OMG, it’s so so beautiful. I was crying like a baby – sobbing really – throughout the last third of the movie.

So, everything works amazingly well for this movie. The cinematography is completely unique, and there are a few scenes with a still camera that will give you the chills. Greg and Earl’s movies also work out great on movie – duh! This is a very visual plot, so I think it’s natural that the film can give it something that was severely lacking in the book.

I completely loved this movie. I adored Olivia Cooke as Rachel, and I think we can expect great things from her – and oh, her voice, I love her voice. Also, Nick Offerman as Greg’s dad was an unexpected pleasure 🙂 . I also loved RJ Cyler as Earl 🙂 .

And OMG, Hugh Jackman! I totally gasped at that scene, I was not expecting it at all.

To finish, I really loved it, and I think that even if you didn’t enjoy the novel all that much, you’ll really like the film. Trust me 😉 !