European Tour (L.V. Lewis)


Broken. Guilt-ridden. Ready to start over.

Brody Kent walked away from the pinnacle of rock superstardom and never looked back. Financially, he never has to work again, but takes jobs as a personal assistant to keep his mind — and other things — busy. The women he works for always want something, and he’s more than willing to help. But when he’s sent to work for a pop princess, Brody will do anything to make her happy — even if it means admitting the ugly truth about his past.

Smothered. Talented. Ready to start her life.

Successful pop star, Skylar Samuelson is about to embark upon the turning point of her career — a summer tour in Europe. Her manager mother has promised to pull back and allow her full reign of the overseas tour. When Brody Kent becomes her new assistant, Skylar can’t deny the attraction. He’s perfect. Everything she’s ever wanted. But Brody’s hiding something and the truth may break her. If someone else doesn’t break her first…

Lies. Betrayal. And the truth that could ruin them all.

I’ve finally managed to get to this book, that has been in my to read Netgalley list for a little while. I have to say that I saw a lot of potential, but unfortunately it ended up not working for me.

The writing was standard for most parts and the book is told in dual POV, first person. My main issues here actually the intimate scenes. I found the writing in these scenes particularly poor and cringy, and the language used didn’t flow well at all.

The characters also had some potential, and I thought their backgrounds were well crafted, however their voices weren’t that strong, and even though there is some character development, it’s choppy and I didn’t feel it was that believable.

But to be honest, my main problem was the plot. I didn’t like the initial premise of this book, or the fact that when Sky hires  Brody as a PA, she’s already expecting “extra services” from him. I hated this. It made me not believe in the romance at all. Everything also develops extremely fast, which I think I could have overlooked, if it wasn’t for the small thing I mention previously. The conflict was also very “meh“, but I was at least happy that there was trust between the 2 of them, and it wasn’t blown out of proportions.

In the end, this was a super fast read, but it had potential, it needed more development, more editing, and more relationship between the main characters, that didn’t involve exclusively sex, at least before they started dropping the L-bombs.