2014/15-TVshows Week planning!

The season of 2014/15 TVshows is officially open! There are so many shows, that sometimes it’s hard to keep track when each one airs, so, here is how my week looks in terms of shows that I watch and intend to follow this season (some I still have to catch up, but I’ll get there)…


Shamelessly binge watching

I’ll have a rough couple of weeks, trying to fit a few months of work into 3 weeks… It’s complicated! Between several days DNA extractions, several DNA amplifications and finishing a poster for a congress on the last days of this month, I can only manage to get a day free each week… so today it’s my free day!


My original plan was to wake up early, get on my way to Barcelona, go window shopping and then go to the movies to watch the new Transformers movie that just premiered today. My plan didn’t quite work… I woke up and my will to leave the house was an absolute 0, so I changed my plan and stayed home finishing what I started yesterday: BINGE WATCH SEASON 4 OF SHAMELESS!!!!!


I had almost forgotten how much I love this show. And this is exactly how I like to watch it… 12 episodes in 2 days :D!

I’m in episode 7 and i’m loving this season: Fiona doing all the wrong things, Lip stepping up, Carl growing up, Debbie navigating her teenager years, Liam almost dying and talking now, Ian being crazy (and crazy sexy!), Frank almost dying, Mickey being at his best, Kevin and V with the prospects of 4/3 kids and no money.

3eaf6580-bc4e-11e3-a3aa-d3e7d834eab2_shameless-cast-season-4Haven’t finished this season yet and I’m already dying for the next one. I can’t believe that this amazing show was snubbed for an emmy nomination. Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White deserved some serious recognition for this season, and so did Noel Fisher.

Shameless finale (yeah yeah… I know I’m super late…)

For several reasons, I kind of put most of my favorite tv shows on hold for a few weeks, so now I’m catching up and this past few days were full of (long delayed) season’s finales (Note: spoilers ahead… if you haven’t seen yet and you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now!).

Snapshot 4 (25-02-2013 21-57)


OMG… what a heartbreaking episode… actually, final episodes… to sum up:

  • Frank will die if he keeps drinking, which is something he’s not willing to give up – Fiona begs him to stop, to live, if not for his kids who love him, at least for him 😦  and Carl visits his father at the hospital to shave his hair, so the sun rays can cure him, like they cured Carl’s “cancer” 😦 😦

 Episode 312

  • Nando (Estafania’s dad) makes Jimmy enters his boat and Beto throws his cell phone away… We are left not knowing weather he’s alive or dead;


  • Jody, Karen and the baby move away, leaving Sheila alone – I felt so sad for her… she’s sweet, and she did not deserve to lose her daughter, grandson and son-in-law/boyfriend at the same time… also, is it OK that I don’t feel bad at all for Karen?! She was such a bi**h…


  • Lip graduates and after a day of wandering about with Frank (that was sad and sweet at the same time), he learns that he got into MIT, with a full ride! He then goes to see Mandy (that despite all the bad things she’s done, she was actually a good thing for him), and tells her that he’s got in and she’s so happy for him (she did say that he deserved more than that place…)


  • Ian goes to Mickey wedding, the two make out and Ian begs him not to go through with it… but he does anyway… then after a few days of sulking, Ian decides he’ll leave and join the army, he goes to say goodbye to Mandy and end up telling Mickey he’s going away. Mickey still utters the word “don’t”, but somehow it’s not enough :(… Mandy asks her brother if that’s all he has to say to him :(… and after Ian says his goodbyes (without anyone realizing it), off he goes…


  • V and Kev finally get pregnant 😀


  • Fiona manages to get a full time job at the cup company and calls Jimmy answering machine to say goodbye to him… 😦


The most shameless Shameless ever

Last night’s Shameless episode (Cascading Failures S03E06) had, in my opinion, 3 of the most shameless moments ever on the show. The plot is quite simple: the kids are taken away, Liam and Carl go to a gay couple who intend to adopt Liam, Debbie goes to a house already full of kids, where they all work, and Lip and Ian go to a group home for delinquents; Fiona needs Frank to get the kids back, who along with Sheila (posing as Monica) takes parenting classes; all the while Veronica and Kevin are still on the baby mission that now involves her mother as a surrogate.

Snapshot 4 (25-02-2013 21-57)

All the episode is filled with little shameless moments as always, like Carl stealing from the foster parents, or the woman who’s fostering Debbie ordering a kid to clip her toenails, or Lip getting Mandy inside the group home for a conjugal visit and basically every scene about the baby making with V, Kev and mom. But there were 3 moments last night that truly took my breath away.


Frank stores pee in his mouth


In the whole “get the kids back” thing, Frank has to stay clean, but it proves a little difficult, so he pees before he takes more drugs. Because he will be examined before actually going to pee, he gets creative… and GOD, it’s disgusting!


Ian is forced to watch Mickey have sex with a prostitute


Ian sneaks out of the group home for a sleep over at Mickey’s. They watch action movies, laugh, eat (Mickey with oven mitts was amazing), drink, and for a moment there, they actually look like a happy couple. In the morning however, they are caught in a more intimate moment by Mickey’s father, that beats the crap out of Ian, then beats Mickey, while aiming a gun at Ian, and the he calls a prostitute to have sex with his son to “f**k the f****t out” of him, making Ian watch. The pain in Ian’s face was quite palpable, as well as the pain in Mickey’s mangled face, before he decides to get it over with… (I actually like these 2 together and this scene was brutal for me to watch!)


V makes Kev and her mom f*** that leads to a weird threesome


I thought last week’s idea of the “insemination” was pretty bad, but this week was way way shameless. Because the first planned didn’t work (because her mom always vomits the morning after she gets knocked up), V decides it’s time for a more traditional method of baby making. So, she talks her husband and her mother to conceive a child, the old fashion way! They start with her mom covered with a sheet with a hole in it, so Kev doesn’t actually has to see her, then they try again, without the sheet and Kev can’t do it, so V’s mom starts to cry, so V decides the best way is to warm up her man and have her mother come in on the last minute, but that doesn’t work that well either. So V decides it has to happen and that’s it, so she lays Kevin down, sits on his face and tells her mother to ride him. Weirdest, most strange moment yet for these adorable characters…

My Top 6 Moments of this Week’s TV

My favorite moments of the week! There were a lot of great other moments, like the Cam/Michelle/Finn triangulation on Bones, or Sheldon admitting that Penny helped him on The Big Bang Theory, or all the meet-cute’s of this week’s Cougar Town, or all the Sarah/Neal moments on White Collar, … But this is my week’s top 6! (Update: I just got around to watch last Sunday’s Shameless and I just had to include it!)



1. Community (S04E03 – Conventions of Space and Time)


This has been, so far, my favorite episode of the season. It had a great concept, costumes and my favorite 2 moments of the week.

The first is right in the beginning, when Britta has to sneak out of Troy’s room through the window so that Abed doesn’t find out that they’re sleeping together. She dresses on her way, in a highly skilled manner, curls her hair with Annie’s curly iron and lands on the corridor outside the apartment where she gets the bag of donuts she had hidden, along with her shoes and then she knocks on the door… genius…

And the moment when Jeff tells Annie that if she was really his wife, he wouldn’t be flirting with another woman in the hotel lobby… priceless!

(Note: I keep reading critiques to this Community post-Harmon era… I liked the 1st episode, I did not care at all for the second, but this one was pretty good! People keep telling that it feels off… well, every show has a point where it has to take a slightly different direction or it will have no space to grow…)


2. Beauty and the Beast (S01E14 – Tough Love)


That kiss… it finally happened. And by the preview of next week’s installment, that’s not the only thing that will happen…

Catherine: “Crazy stuff happens, all I want to do is share it with you, figure it out with you. My ‘normal’  it’s when I’m with you. I love you! I don’t need walls or doors.”

Vicent: “I’m so in love with you.”


3. Shameless (S03E05 – The Sins of My Caretaker)


Mickey kisses Ian! A moment I actually thought wasn’t going to happen on TV (probably because I read on Cameron Monaghan twitter that he thought it wouldn’t happen either). But it did. After Ian told Mickey that at least Lloyd wasn’t afraid of kissing him, and while preparing for a robbery  Mickey gets back in the van and kisses his man! Aleluia!

The episode had another amazing moment: the phone call Lip does to Karen. Priceless!


4. Castle (S05E15 – Target)


That hug Kate gives Rick after Alexis has been kidnapped, while Gates is probably watching… it speaks volumes about her feelings for him…


5. How I Met Your Mother (S08E17 – The Ashtray)


Just loved the moment when when the Captain offers Lily a job as an art consultant… After she voiced her pain about not being anything more than a kindergarten teacher, it was a definite win for her and she totally deserves it!


6. Law & Order: SVU (S14E15 – Deadly Ambition)


Poor Amanda Rollins! She spends all her time trying to help her sister only to find out that Kim orchestrated the whole plan, to have Amanda kill her boyfriend… The moment when Amanda realizes what her sister has done and then she gets to her newly emptied apartment… heartbreaking!

Shameless recap: May I Trim Your Hedges?

For the past couple of weeks the only thing I watched was the 10 seasons of Friends, so I got behind in all of my favorite shows… way behind! So, just a few notes on Shameless from last week…


Shameless (S03E03) – May I Trim Your Hedges? – Holy S**t!!! This episode is basically about betrayal and cheating… and a sex offender (actually more than one… but we’ll just focus on the woman…)…

Kevin’s ex wife shows up and tells him the kid is his, so V thinks he’s gonna leave her (off course he’s not! they’re just one of the best couples on tv…) and turns out the kid isn’t even hers, let alone his. So V kicks her ass, makes her sigh the divorce papers and sends her packing!


After Debs witness a pervert on the bus, her brothers decide to go look for the sex offender living on their block (while Mandy – finally does something right – and teaches her how to defend herself), but it turns out the offender is a teacher who had sex with her student, and while Ian thinks it’s ok (because it’s basically the same thing he had with Kash), Lip is determined to prove that she’s a pedophile, so he goes to her house (pretending to be 15, nearly 16) and offers to trim her hedges, then asks a drink and a PJ sandwich, and he’s in… she trows herself at him and after he takes a picture for the cops… he ends up having sex with her! Things don’t go so well when she decides to make him smooth like a baby, because then Mandy finds out (and if she thinks watching porn without her is cheating… this is way off!)! So Mandy goes to her house and gives her an option: she goes away immediately  or the grave her brothers are digging is going to be hers! The teacher leaves, but it’s a perfectly good grave, why waste it?!


Fiona manages to get a job at the supermarket, after blackmailing the manager (because he only wanted to give her the job if she went down on him, so she send V as bait and videotapes the whole thing). She gets the job, and working only days!


Jimmy (poor guy) goes with his wife (Estefania) and Beto to take pictures for the INS, but she ends up overly-excited (with her boyfriend dead and all) and grabs his hand and… he doesn’t have any choice in the matter… when he gets home however, Fiona tells him that she trusts him, and that for her, trust is bigger than love… (wow… he’s in big big trouble!).

Frank, after hearing about an institution that gives stuff to kids with cancer (and not with down syndrome…), decides to enlist Carl as a cancer child, and even tells his son he’s going to die and makes him shave his head. However the institution doesn’t have anymore football prizes and the only thing they got is a summer camp, to which Carl get super excited (and Frank not!).

Episode 303

After Mickey goes and has sex with some woman, Ian gets clearly jealous, so when Lloyd comes by the store, Ian agrees to go out with him, which makes Mickey clearly very jealous… they go out and when they’re leaving the bar, Mickey attacks Lloyd, then Ian immobilizes Mickey, and then the two end up running away from the police and having fun while doing it… (but Ian apologizes to Lloyd for having to leave and tells him that he will call…)

Episode 303

And Debs, after being traumatizes by the spectacle on the bus, ends up having a nice afternoon with Kevin’s supposed son Kyle, and has her first kiss!!!

Just a note: Does everybody in that house sleep naked and with the doors open?! They do know they’re minors living there, right?!