‘Blue Monday’, a cold, Jane Austen and Galavant

Oh yes, today is the gloomiest day of the year. When I got to work at 8 a.m. I saw this and thought: “nonsense, today is great, my baby niece turns 7!”.

By 10 a.m. I was pretty sure that all the predictions were right. The cold that was threatening me for over 2 days finally hit me, so hard that I can’t stay away from a tissue for longer than 15 minutes and that’s the maximum amount of time I can look (without loosing focus) into my computer screen.


By this time I knew that most of the work I did yesterday was in vain. By 12 p.m. I was counting the minutes so I could leave and come home, which I eventually did around 2 p.m., announcing at the same time that I’m in no condition to go to work tomorrow – to which my advisor told me “oh yes, stay at home, please do”.

ferris-bueller-sick-dayThe rest of the day went by in the darkness of my room (bright light hurts my eyes), watching a Jane Austen movie I had here – Northanger Abbey (which I loved) and then discovering the amazingness of Galavant.


Tomorrow I’ll stay home, hopefully I’ll feel good enough to do some work, I still have one movie and 2 BBC miniseries by Jane Austen that I need to catch up on…