Movie of the Week: The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies

The term “Movie of the Week” is being used with some latitude here, given that I actually watched it the week before Christmas… but never mind that. Warning, it might contain some spoilers (though, the book has been out for a long while… are they really spoilers?!).


The third installment of The Hobbit was a movie I was really looking forward to and you know what?! I wasn’t disappointed. I was able to catch the movie in IMAX (which isn’t easy, given that there is only one IMAX theatre in Portugal) – the screening started at 00:30 AM, I got home around 3…

So IMAX 3D, High Definition, I could almost swear that the elves and the dwarves and the likes of them were right in front of me… I could actually see their pores. Not to mention that during a certain bridge collapsing scene, I actually ducked (and no, I wasn’t the only one!). Visually the movie is amazing, even if the story feels dragged at times.


I do wished they had resolved the situation with Smaug at the end of the previous film, because if you walk into the movie not having watched the previous one – as was the case of my sister and nephew – you are actually lost for the first 15 minutes, because then the story changes… so, they could have resolved it differently and then they would have begun with the Dragon slain, Bard commanding his people and the Dwarves at the mountain.


Other thing that I could have done without was the romance between Tauriel and Kili, it felt way more forced during this movie. The only thing that their romance did for me was make Legolas more likable, and lets face it, Legolas was always pretty likable. It also gives him a plausible reason to leave his father and go to Rivendell. I have to admit that this trilogy is supposed to be all about the dwarves and the hobbit, but the elves, once again, steal the show, Thranduil is amazing!!!! I ADORE him! (the fact that he’s played by Lee Pace doesn’t hurt).


By the way, amazing scene when Galadriel goes to save Gandalf and ends up facing Sauron, while Saruman and Elrond fight alongside her.

All and all it is an amazing movie and a great way to spend 2 hours, and although it doesn’t rise to the magnificent of The Return of the King, being half of the run time slightly makes up for it. I do have to admit that I was a bit shocked by the deaths, not having read the book yet, I was unaware that so many important characters died… they will be missed! By the end, it all return to the beginning… so many tears…