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Guys, do you love The Sims? I do, so when Deanna @A Novel Glimpse tagged me to do The Sims Book Tag, I jumped at the chance. Also, now I kind of want to lose myself in my Sims… I must not!

This tag was originally created by Hailey in Bookland.

The Original Sims – the best author debut

Why oh why have you not read Marci Lyn Curtis’ The One Thing? I’ve been telling you to do so for over a year. And look at that gorgeous new cover!

The Grim Reaper – the saddest character death (SPOILER!!!)

So… there is a death in Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma, and I can’t even believe I’m telling you as much… sorry!

Sims Getting Stuck – a character that just got in the way

Definitely Mary, Elliot’s sister from A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart. Read this book!

Simlish – a book with amazing writing

Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan for sure has amazing writing. Again… read this book, you won’t be sorry.

Expansion Packs – a series where the books keep getting better


The Stroked series by Meghan Quinn gets better with each book 😀 .

Sim Romance – the worst case of insta-love

Worst case of insta-love EVER!!! ugh…

Cheats – a book that was entirely unrealistic

I couldn’t believe anything about Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, and it ended up being one of my least favorite books of 2015.

Needs FULFILLMENT – a character that made all the wrong decisions

Amelia from The Movie Version by Emma Wunsch makes all the wrong decisions throughout the book. ALL OF THEM!

Error Code 12 – a series that started off well but went downhill from there


This was a tough one, but ultimately I’m saying the Frosh series by Mónica B. Wagner. Frosh: First Blush was cool and fun, but book 2, Frosh: Second Chances, just didn’t quite make it.

The Sims Vortex – a series that completely engrossed you


A lot of them. I’m a sucker for series… but I guess the True North series by Sarina Bowen is a good example of that, given that I read the book one right after the other and I loved them all.

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The Beautiful Blogger Award + The Creative Blogger Award

Hey people, it’s time for another Blog Award(s)! Four fantastic bloggers nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award, so a huge thank you to Amy @CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER, Dee @THEBOOKISHKHALEESI, Shannon @Books That Love You Back and Prim @Messing in my imaginary world. And Jessica @My Fantasy Escape and Hajra @Another Ramble nominated me for a Creative Blogger Award. Thank You!!! Please go check out each and everyone of these blogs, ok? Given that both these awards are facts-related, I decided that it would be ok to join them 😉 .


This will probably my last post (for a long while) about awards that are fact-based (because I think I’m totally running out of facts! You can always check the One Lovely Blog Award to see all the facts I listed about myself.).

Beautiful Blogger Award – Rules:beautiful-blogger-award

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Given that my blog is called My Tiny Obsessions, today I’ll share 5 small obsessions that I had throughout my life:

1. Tribal Wars – From sometime between 2008 and 2009 I was highly addicted to Tribal Wars, which is medieval strategy game. It started when my boyfriend (at the time, now ex) and our group of friends started playing. At the time he gave me one account he had just created and taught me the rules. Soon enough I had a super high level and was managing several villages (like a lot), in several different Worlds of the game and belonged to several Tribes. This implied launching attacks at all hours of the day (and night) and spending several hours building buildings and troops… good times.

2. Body Training Systems (BTS) & Gym in general – I started to go regularly to my local gym when I was 17, at the time with 3 friends, 2 of which gave up pretty soon, but 2 of us stuck to it! We started going a few times a week, but soon it became a daily event, and soon after that I was going to the gym for at least 2 classes a day, 6 to 7 days a week… Damn, I would wake up on Saturday morning to be at the 10 a.m. class, and I would be there until 1p.m. – GOOD OLD DAYS! Body Combat was always my favorite thing, so much that I knew most of the routines for all the tracks and didn’t even need to look at our instructor… Body Combat was something that I did at least 3 times a week…

It would go something like this: Monday – Body Pump, Body Combat; Tuesday – Body Balance, Funk/Hip-Hop, Body Combat (and sometimes Body Attack after); Wednesday – Body Pump, Body Combat; Thursday – Body Pump, Funk/Hip-Hop, Body Combat; Friday – Body Jam, Body Attack; Saturday – Body Balance, Body Jam, Body Combat (and sometimes Body Pump), Sunday – Body Combat (weakest day). Are you tired yet? Because I am, I have no idea how I managed to do all that, but I did and it felt great, and stopping was the worst thing I ever did.

3. The Sims – For a brief period in 2010 and then in 2012, I was completely addicted to The Sims 3. Building stuff was always my favorite part. I do own most of the expansions for The Sims 3, and I have The Sims 4, but it’s not the same…

4. Sailor Moon – ‘Till these days all my cousins (all male and younger than me), know that if Sailor Moon was on, they would have to watch it, or else… I loved it, I was completely obsessed and it lasted several years. I would watch all episodes that aired in the portuguese TV, and given that at the time I lived very closed to Spain and got all the spanish channels, I would record SM on TV Galicia and TVE, because spanish episodes were more recent than those airing in Portugal. Each day I would come home from school and watched the recorded episodes… every day! I had them all. I recently watched all the episodes and movies, that anime was a gem!

5. Baywatch – Baywatch would air every summer, and again, my cousins knew better than to mess with my TV hours… 6 p.m. was Baywatch time, religious! I loved it. I can probably still remember most of the characters and season arcs…

Still my favorite season…