Movie of the week: The Maze Runner

I was very excited to watch this movie, and with good reason, a dystopian future with all its grandeur, it’s always nice to see on the big screen.


To be clear, it’s a great movie, action packed some good acting and a good story too.

I only had one problem with it (and it was my own fault) – it differs a lot from the book. So far with these YA books, I tend to watch the movie first and then proceed to read the book if the story is interesting enough. But with The Maze Runner I was super curious, so I decided to read the book first, in fact, I stopped reading one other book to read this, and waited until I was finished to go watch it at the movies… this was roughly 30 minutes before the movie started.


So, with all of the events of the book still all too fresh in my memory, I stepped into the cinema and I found myself thinking about how things should have been…

  • Why the hell is Alby so nice?! Alby is never that nice!
  • Why is Gally so nice?! No changing for him?! What?!
  • Ben? Running? Shouldn’t he be lying in bed?! Stung in the middle of the day?
  • Wait, so no one has seen a griever?!
  • Bonfire? Really?
  • .. they run with their boots? Don’t they get running shoes? Shorts? T-shirts? Why is Minho running around with a buttoned shirt?

You catch my drift, right? They changed a lot of things, some I don’t think were strictly necessary, such as Alby, but giving that they gave them all much less time than in the book, they had to make us care for the boy. The Glade wasn’t anything as I had imagined it, they went for a more rustic feel to it, giving the boys shacks instead of a house and concrete buildings… that’s ok… the elevator scared the hell out of me, I’m guessing that’s why they made it see through and not solid. All together, they did an amazing story for the movie, with the same clear objectives, but with a different path to it. It’s visually appealing and its fast pace will have you gripped to the screen… no one can deny that that maze moving is freaking scary.


One thing that I actually loved more than in the book was the final scene. The subtle changes made much more sense (and the door with the “EXIT” sign was just genius!).  Can’t wait for The Scorch Trials! Won’t make the same mistake again, though… I’ll read the book a lot sooner, so I don’t keep comparing the two… =)

Amazon delivery day!

Happy day!!! Getting my 9 books I ordered last week on amazon today, totally made my day!


The Maze Runner trilogy + prequel; The Infernal Devices trilogy, The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire and The Neanderthal Man. Yeah… The Neanderthal Man is really out of place there! =P

Thank you AMAZON.CO.UK, for the very fast delivery!!! =D