Let’s Talk About: Spoilers and Social Media


Hey guys. I swear I didn’t mean to stop doing discussions for so long, but you know… LIFE and lack of ideas and so on. But this week, while on twitter, I started to see a pattern and I wanted to talk about it.

I usually have no problems with spoilers, but I don’t appreciate when they’re thrown in my face, you know? If I’m curious about something, I go and look for it. But scrolling through my timeline and being bombarded with spoilers for several books and shows, it sometimes pisses me off.

I’ll give you a three examples that threw me a bit off, delivered through different methods, but all with the same end: it was a major SPOILER.


I’ll start with a pretty basic one: Game of Thrones. And for this one I was spoiled by the official show account! I get it, you have to bring in audience to your show – though to be honest, everyone is already into Game of Thrones – but do you have to plaster a picture everywhere of such a big moment that totally gives a very important thing away?

I mean, raise hands if you’re still in the dark about what happened to Jon Snow. Anyone? Didn’t think so. They could have used a picture of one single second earlier of the same shot, and that wouldn’t have spoiled anything.


The second way I was spoiled a lot recently was with fanart, specifically from A Court of Mist and Fury. Guys, I love all the fanart going around on twitter and tumblr, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it is highly spoilery and pretty hard to ignore if it pops up on your twitter feed. While you can chose not to read a tweet, a picture is, by definition, VISUAL, so there’s no way to escape it.

Another one that kind of did it for me was a fanart of Simon and Blue from Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. It’s one of the few things that I think it’s still protected, that bit of spoiler, and while I do love the fanart, posting it on twitter will literally spoil the book.


Thirdly, I would like to mention written spoilers. Anyone can slip and write a spoiler when reading a book, whether because you’re discussing it with someone, or because it just slips, right? Especially while live-tweeting a book. It happened to me at some point.

But consciously writing a spoiler for a book that won’t be out for MONTHS, not tagging it as a spoiler, and then saying that you did nothing wrong in doing it? No no no guys… don’t do that!

You can tweet your feelings and reactions all you like, but tweeting a plot point or a twist, can spoil a lot of people.


Yeah… easier said than done! If you’re aware of a show or book coming out that you don’t want to get spoiled for, you try to overt it, sure, but after a week, a month, spoilers will be everywhere and they’re unavoidable.

So, if you can’t avoid it, what can you do?

Well, I think there’s need to be a little more consideration from those doing the spoiling. Comments can escape, sure, but don’t give away spoilers just because. Be careful about what you write.

Same with fanart, which is amazing, but if you’re drawing a spoiler, be sure to mark it as such when you share it, because that gives people the chance to avoid it.

TV shows spoilers are intriguing to me, given that most people have DVR nowadays and don’t watch the shows live, you would expect that at least the official accounts would be more careful about giving out spoilers, right? Apparently no!


Quick Question! Which day is best for a discussion post?


Hi!!! I took advantage of this amazing feature on twitter and I want your votes. I want to start doing regular discussion posts, but I’m unsure of which day of the week would be best. Wanna help me out?

Vote on the poll or leave your answer below, so I can take them all into account. Thank you guys for your help ;).

I’m leaving, on a airplane…

… But I’ll be back in a week! LOL. I’m leaving today to go HOME!!! Oh yeah, I’m really needing a few days with family and friends. I’ve already packed and came to 2 startling realizations, first, every single t-shirt I set aside to take with me (a.k.a. my most worn pieces of clothing) are all fandom related! Yup!


Second realization, my suitcase has around 27 books inside right now… and the only purpose of even taking clothes is to not damage my precious books!

IMG_20150917_230257 DSC04678

My TBR shelf here is considerably lighter, but I can’t hold on to all my read and unread books here, so I just left those that I’ll probably get around to in the next 3 months.

I’ll probably ease up on the posting in the next few days, I suspect I’ll have a somewhat filled week, between helping my brother and sister in law furnish their new house, seeing some friends that I haven’t seen in months, being with my sister, hugging my nieces – because I miss the both of them so so much, and obviously, spending some time with my dad (I live in his house and all…). 😀

But I’ll be around and I’ll be on twitter a lot (because I’m hooked!) !

Short Update and Social Media

Hello there. Two and a half years after I created this blog, I finally decided to change the theme, somehow it wasn’t working for me anymore, so it was time for a change.

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#DistractinglySexy 3

It’s the # that keeps on giving… (part 1 part 2)


#DistractinglySexy 2 (because it keeps getting better!)


Yesterday the #DistractinglySexy started trending on twitter and I compiled a few of the post here. But because it is still very relevant, and I can’t ignore it, I’ll share a few more with you. (part 1part 3)

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Nobel Prize winner Sir Tim Hunt shared a few insights while on a conference, saying that labs should be same sex only, because women in the labs cause some trouble… either the men fall in love with them, or they fall in love with the men, and then they cry. Yep, that’s what the bastard said! He then apologized, saying how wrong of him it was to say it in front of journalists (yeah, not sorry he said it and thought it, just that the journalists were present…).

In case you’re wondering, he resigned yesterday from his UCL post. I have to admit, I’ve been in science for about 12 years, I’ve been working in a mixed lab since I entered my Masters (a while back) and before that I worked with guys in the lab… NEVER HAD THAT PROBLEM. Crying?! Sure, it might have happened, you know, when I work for a whole month and PCRs keeps coming up contaminated or negative, sure, I might shed a tear, but I never had any sort of inkling towards a male colleague…

SO, without further ado, here are some more fun tweets about this.

#DistractinglySexy is the best response ever to Tim Hunt

A Nobel prize-winning scientist has been forced to apologise for saying female colleagues “fall in love” in the workplace and “cry” when criticised.

Sir Tim Hunt, a Cambridge PhD graduate, has come under fire for telling a group of Korean scientists that women distract men from work and should be in same-sex laboratories.

Three things happen when they are in the lab, you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry,” he said.

The 72-year-old also admitted to the audience that he was a “chauvinist pig”.

Huffington Post


When I read this yesterday I was obviously outraged (me being a woman in science and all), but today, not only did he resign, but Women in Science took twitter to have the last word under the hashtag , and you just have to go look, it’s amazing. Here are some (see more part 2part 3):