Wandering About: Prague (2010)

wandering about

Today I’ll finally share with you the last leg of my trip to Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague. Yeah, today is all about Prague. Prague was probably my favorite city of the four I’ve visited, but that is also because it was the one I spent more time in. We were more relaxed, being the last city before going home and all, and it’s honestly so gorgeous… *sigh* (I’m just gonna dump a bunch of pics here, ok?)

Now, more pictures, yeah? Have I mention how much I loved Prague?

So, what did you think? Have you been to Prague? Did you love it as much as I did? 😀

Wandering About: Vienna (2010)

wandering about

On 2010 the third city we hit was Vienna, Austria, right after Budapest and Bratislava. The city is beautiful, but unfortunately it rained during the whole time we were there, so our days ended up consisting in bus tours and hitting several cafés. As I’ve mention to Kat @Life and Other Disasters – who lives there – I really need to get back.

We got there at night and it was the only day it didn’t rain (yupppiiii), so we ended up taking a carriage ride around the city… good thing too because on the very next day it was pouring.

Did I mention the cafés? We went to several famous ones, though the Cafe Central is the only one I have photos of.