Arrow: Draw Back Your Bow

This week’s Arrow, Draw Back your Bow was all about relationships.


Just a quick recap:

  • A crazy fangirl named Cupid is dropping bodies to get the attention of Arrow, her one true love… she’s cray-cray and ends up on the right place for her;
  • Thea is opening the club and has a new douche DJ/love interest (I like Austin Butler, but did like him as Chase);
  • Ray Palmer asks Felicity out on a platonic non-date diner, that ends up being not platonic at all – it starts with him on the salmon ladder and ends up with a steamy kiss. Ray, the salmon ladder is not yours… and Felicity, don’t get blinded by diamonds worth 10M$ or couture dresses… you love Ollie, don’t ever forget that!!!


  • Oliver is not happy about Felicity’s love life, I fell for the guy. After Diggle tells him that if he doesn’t move, he’ll lose her, he goes there to tell her and finds Felicity kissing the other dude… not cool!!!

  • Diggle suddenly is everyone’s counsel, he tries to tell Felicity how Ollie fells, and then manages to get Ollie talking – good for him. The last scene was particularly nice, with Roy and Oliver showing up at Lyla and Diggle’s house for a late diner, showing how much they are now the family that the 2 guys don’t have… also to illustrate the gap that’s going on with Felicity and Ollive right now, she wasn’t there… instead, she was craving for more kisses from Mister Ray Palmer.


  • Meanwhile in the island, sorry, Hong Kong, Maseo goes out for an assignment and fails to deliver news for over 9 hours. Worried about him, Tatsu wants to go after him and so does Oliver. So they both go, leaving their differences aside for a moment and providing a good moment of bonding between the two, which I guess was the whole point of the flashback… When Oliver asks her: “Why did you leave Japan?”, my first thought was: “Well, she went after Logan (Wolverine), didn’t she?!!” =P


  • Katana is a fitting name for Tatsu in deed!
  • On a happier note: no Laurel this week!!! =D

Movie of the Week: X-Men – Days of Future Past

I just couldn’t wait for June 6th for the movie to premiere in Spain, so I took advantage of the fact that I was in Ireland for the weekend and went to see it last sunday! =D =D =D Although, I plan to watch it again once it premieres here in Spain…

I loved it! I always loved the time traveling stories in X-Men (animated series and comics), so it was great to see it on the big screen. I will probably drop some spoilers ahead, so if you want to avoid them, stop reading! So mainly, Wolverine has to get back to the past to stop Mystique from assassinating Trask, so that they won’t build Sentinels with her DNA that are capable of adapting to everything that’s thrown on them.

I love the 70’s era, it’s great to see the young actors portray the characters that we know and like so much. Although I was a little disappointed that they only showed Havoc for a brief scene and that he wasn’t anywhere to be seen later on, I do enjoy having a lot of Hank McCoy in the screen, because Beast is just awesome. James McAvoy totally stole the movie for me, I always knew that he was a great character, but bringing bitter and nasty Charles Xavier to life can’t have been an easy task. Amazing as well were all the scenes with Evan Peters as Quicksilver, specially the kitchen scene… you know what I mean!

But I have to be honest, the scene where I totally gasped was the totally nude Logan coming out of bed! Come on, how hot is Hugh Jackman?!

And how cool did Jennifer Lawrence looked in this movie?! And the fighting?! And so different from X-Men: First Class, right?


Equally great was seeing the future, however destructive it was, because it showed Kitty and Bobby as true leaders, it gave us Bishop (ohhh, I always loved Bishop) and a good Magneto. More importantly, it gave us Blink and Warpath – by the way, how much has Booboo Stewart grown, right? – , both of which I was amazed by! Not so cool was watching them die, several times… although Storm’s death was agonizing, I have to admit that seeing Iceman’s head roll over, or Colossus being torn in 2, was far far worse.


Luckily, Wolverine manages to do his job, Mystique doesn’t kill Trask, she stops Magneto, and everyone get along with lives. Bonus points to Mystique for fishing Wolverine out of the water impersonating Stryker. When he gets back o the future, there is no more war, no more Sentinels, just the institute, with everyone there. Bobby and Rogue (she lives, although mostly cut from the movie), Colossus and Kitty, Storm, Beast (in his Kelsey Grammer “suit”) and Jean, oh yeah, Jean Grey alive… and with her man… Scott Summers (I cried on this one, because I love Jean and Scott so much!)… and off course, Professor Xavier, who found them all, because he had “a promise to keep”!

Les Misérables: the amazing Hugh Jackman

I’ve said it before that I loved (loved) this movie! I loved it so much that I’ve watched 3 times in this last week (and mind you that the film is 2h40min long…) and I’ve been listening the soundtrack for the last few days as well (people who see me in the subway must think I’m insane or something, because now just listening to certain pieces can put tears in my eyes, the most effective for that effect are I Dreamed a Dream, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables and the Epilogue – with Jean Valjean’s death and the reprise of Do you Hear the People Sing? with all those adorable dead people singing…)


By now I also saw a few of the cast’s interviews while promoting the movie and a common comment made is that there would be no film at all without Hugh Jackman! He never complained and he truly supported his mates. He also did incredible things to give credibility to the role: he lost 15 pounds for the beginning of the movie, when Valjean is a prisoner  and went 36 hours without drinking a drop of water in order to gain that gaunt look in the very beginning, and then he had to gain 30 pounds in order to get unrecognizable and to mirror his character’s success!


Then there’s the “small” fact that the man can sing! And he can act and sing at the same time… his death scene is just brutal… I cry every time he looks at his daughter…

And in case you haven’t noticed it (because maybe you haven’t seen it and that is just wrong!), the man carries everyone and everything around through the movie: first is the France flag (enormous thing), then he lifts the carriage that had trapped this man, then he sweeps Fantine off her feet to carry her to the hospital, then he runs around carrying little Cosette and finally (as an old man) he carries Marius from the barricade though the sewers (and that wasn’t a dummy or anything, was the real deal, Eddie Redmayne spent 2 days (if i’m not mistaken) being carried around on Jackman’s shoulders! In an interview Jackman actually joked that given that he had to loose so much weight to do the movie, Eddie could have done the same thing, because carrying him around was not an easy job (he also said that Eddie’s ass got a lot of screen time, but I’m not complaining about that)!

And how amazing was their performance at the Oscars?!


But we can see him doing all of that, right?! The man is Wolverine, for god sake! 😉