My Top 10 TV Male/Female Friendships: 5 to 1

Yesterday I posted My Top 10 TV Male/Female Friendships: 10 to 6, now here are my Top 5:



5. Ted & Lily (Josh Radnor & Alyson Hannigan) – How I Met Your Mother

Ted’s best friend may be Marshall, but it’s Lily that always knows what’s up. They’re cute and sweet, and we can only hope to be as lucky as Ted to have such a couple of great friends.



4. Donna & Harvey (Sarah Rafferty & Gabriel Macht) – Suits

Donna knows Harvey better than he knows himself, and it shows! Maybe their special chemistry on screen is due to the fact that Sarah and Gabriel have actually been BFF’s in real life for many many years.



3. Liz Lemon & Jack Donaghy (Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin)30 Rock

Liz and Jack got married at some point in the show… but it was a mistake! They both made it pretty clear that there was nothing romantic around and still, the show is awesome! Jack mentors Liz and she becomes nothing like him, but in the process, the two became inseparable.



2. Derek Morgan & Penelope Garcia (Shemar Moore & Kirsten Vangsness) – Criminal Minds

These two have so many nicknames and cute ways of calling each other, that it’s a miracle that nothing ever happened. And I do hope it never will. They’re awesome exactly for that, because they are friends, besties, they bring out the best in each other, and they are just friends…



1. Donna & The Doctor (Catherine Tate & David Tennant) – Doctor Who

I love all of the Doctors companions in their own way, but Donna is special. From the first (and only) time since its comeback in 2005, we have a companion that, just as The Doctor, just wants a mate, and not “a mate”. She came at a great timing, right after Rose and Martha, both so clearly in love with him, Donna wants none of that! They are sassy and witty together and so much fun… Doctor-Donna! Her story is still one of the saddest for me… while all the other companions at least get to have their memories of their time with the Doctor, Donna will never know… oh… how I cried! And she was BRILLIANT with him. Catherine Tate and David Tennant are hilarious together!


Reasons why they’re my favorites:

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And more…

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and more…

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The Day of the Doctor

WOW! That’s basically it… WOW!


It seemed an impossible task, to make a story that would appeal to all whovians, classic and recent era fans, and that made sense, had depth and packed an emotional punch like you wouldn’t believe… well, Moffat did it!

The story starts with Eleven and Clara (with a lot of Easter Eggs along the way… I would need a post just for them). We don’t get to see how he pulled her out of his timeline, but it’s obvious that he did… so moving on. They are “called” to assist UNIT, where they face an impossibility, a painting with the name of “No More” and “Gallifrey falls”, that is a moment in time captured by Time Lord technology… it’s bigger on the inside!


So, we get a glimpse of that day, and we meet John Hurt’s Doctor, that steals a weapon of mass destruction and flees, going to an abandon place to detonate it. But the interface has a conscience, and it assumes a form from his past, or it his future, she always gets those two mixed up… it’s Rose Tyler, although, in that form, she’s called Bad Wolf. She offers him the possibility of seeing his future self, to know what we’ll become if he destroys Gallifrey and the Daleks on that day.

From here we go to the Tenth Doctor that is courting Queen Elizabeth I, thinking that she’s a zygon! After proposing to her and finding out that the zygon was actually the horse, he realizes that he’ll be king! After a quick chase, and now with 2 Elizabeth’s, Eleven makes his way into his time and now the fun begins.

The War Doctor soon joins them and with a lot a sass from all of them, they find out a way of dealing with the Zygon problem, in the past and in the present, but not before Ten marries Elizabeth I.

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

With the Zygons dealt with, it’s time the War Doctor makes a choice, and he chooses to do it, to “push the button”. After Clara realizes that his incarnation hasn’t done it yet, the Doctors go to him, and the 3 of them prepare to do it, for he doesn’t have to do it alone this time… but, Eleven changes his mind, and they all know what to do!

“Bad Wolf girl, I could kiss you!” “That’s gonna happen…”

So, they decide to save Gallifrey, to “upload” it into a stasis cube, where they will be in a pocket universe, in a moment in time, but alive and with hope. To do this, they require all 1200 years of calculations, so we see all of them… all 13 of them…


Not knowing if it worked, the War Doctor goes his way (beautiful scene with all 3 TARDIS) and starts to regenerate once inside is TARDIS, because he was wearing a bit thin… he does hope the ears are a little bit less conspicuous… (no luck!).

Ten, realizing that he won’t remember this, asks Eleven where they’re headed, which he tells him: their tomb. Ten says that things could be changed and that he’s better change them because “I don’t want to go!” (heart broken all over again), to which the Eleventh Doctor says to Clara “He always says that”.

Clara leaves the Doctor alone with his painting and soon after he meets the Curator (a.k.a. Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor), who tells him the correct title of the piece “Gallifrey falls no more”… which means that it worked!


Now the Doctor has a destination, he wants to find it, he knows where he’s going!



I loved how it was a nod to the past, without forgetting to look ahead to the future. Many people complained that the classic Doctors should all have been in the special, and to a certain extent, they were, old footage was used to show them manipulating their respective TARDISES and the scene in the end (although clearly a montage) it’s a tribute to all of them. It would have looked weird to have them all in it, specially when most of them don’t look nothing like they did in the 70’s and 80’s.

Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt, what a treat! The bickering and ironic comments was amazing. Their chemistry was unbelievable, especially Matt and David, and I truly felt that they belonged there, together.


Billie Piper!!! Steven Moffat did an amazing job with that. He’s right, bringing her as Rose Tyler would be a mistake, because that story is finished and so well told. Bringing her back as The Moment was a truly genius idea, and Billie was better than ever.

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

#SaveTheDay – The Day of The Doctor!

Two weeks to go, oh yes! And finally BBC released not one, but 2 trailers of The Day of The Doctor Anniversary Special, after a teaser had been released a few days ago.


In the teaser trailer, Clara and the Eleventh Doctor clearly see something that’s not suppose to be there (right about now the net is swimming with speculations). But the thing that probably caught every Whovian eye was the scarf that the lady is wearing… right? If you see this and don’t know what I’m talking about, see this: Fandoms and Knitting: 3 goals!.


Then today, BBC released the 2 trailers for the special that brings together 10, 11, Rose, Clara and the Forgotten Doctor.

Here wee see Gallifrey, the Daleks, the Dalek fleet, John Hurt is looking for the Doctor and Ten remarks that he came to the right place (eheh, his face is epic!).


We get the Zygons and UNIT, and a lot of things blowing up. Eleven in a fez and Amy’s glasses and Ten in his glasses – EPIC!

Rose – thought I’m not quite sure which Rose this is, because she certainly doesn’t look like the Rose who traveled with either of the Doctor! But she looks freaking amazing, she does!

Ten getting out of the TARDIS on horseback, and Eleven falling from the TARDIS. Clara teleporting?!

A big red button, that looks like a diamond, that John Hurt has to push and Rose telling him that “The moment is coming” and he’s ready!!!

TARDIS coral theme, a.k.a., the TARDIS from the 9th and 10th Doctor, oh YEAH!


On the second one, we get a lot of the same things, but more John Hurt, which is amazing. ALLONS-Y! Someone in a bike heading for the TARDIS. Eleven hanging from the TARDIS in central London.

Ten and Eleven comparing sonic screwdrivers… hilarious!


The big question: “Why are we all together?”.

Eleven redecorated, Ten doesn’t like it!

Why Tenth is my Doctor!

I’ve read so many times that the first Doctor you see is going to be your favorite… And I guess it might be true, but not in my case (and I guess, not in many cases, given the Tennant’s fever!). The first Doctor I saw was Matt Smith, when I caught a random episode of Doctor Who on TV and then I watched the first season with Christopher Eccleston and truth be told, he was an amazing Doctor, but way to heavy and a bit dark, sure he had his funny bits, but not hardly enough to compensate the other stuff…


Then along came David Tennant’s amazing Tenth Doctor, and WOW! He manages to be funny and serious, young and extremely old, so wise and so clueless, with so much and so little… he has everything and loses so much… and he manages to go through all this range with such ease and brilliancy! He’s the Doctor that loses and has to let go of his love, Rose, and see her stay with his human clone; he screws up Martha’s live and her family’s; he has to erase all of Donna’s memories and in the process he loses his best friend. He makes us laugh out loud so many times and no episodes are sadder than the ones he cries in (and there’re so many).

And his smile! OMG, he smiles and you just have to smile with him…



His catchphrases are just my favorites:


The amazing way he says “Well”, you just know something amazing is about to come…


“What? What? What?”

Come on… how adorable is that “what”?!


“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”




“Rose Tyler” and “Martha Jones” and “Donna Noble”…

there’s just something special about the way he says their names, with such love and affection…



Because no matter how many Doctors come along, or how many companions they have, this is probably still the saddest episode of all: when the Doctor loses Rose!


“I bet you’re gonna have a really great year”

After he says his goodbyes to the ones who will remember him, the Doctor goes to see Rose, before they even met… and it’s heartbreaking…


“I don’t want to go”