Supernatural: “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

I finally watched the Supernatural season finale, Do You Believe in Miracles? and wow! The main outline of the episode is that Team Free Will wins, but at what cost?!


Metatron’s new plan is to have humanity, a.k.a., he wants to be it’s new God, and things go quite well for him, until Dean gets there. Dean gets punched around and stabbed my Metatron (which Sam witnesses), Gadreel sacrifices himself to let Castiel out of Heaven jail, so he can destroy the Angel Tablet and in the end Castiel locks Metaton in jail – and doesn’t kill the son of a bitch!

Dean and Crowley

Do You Believe in Miracles

Arguably, this season’s bromance has been the one between Dean and Crowley, way more than the “normal” one between Dean and Castiel. So, when the eldest Winchester gets himself locked up in the bunker, he summons his new BFF to get him out. Crowley by now knows that something is wrong with Dean… come on, first the guy doesn’t order anything to eat, and then he leaves his cheeseburger untouched… weird, right?!

Dean: What the hell is happening to me, you son of a bitch?
Crowley: Liquor before beer, bad taco, how should I know? It’s the Mark. It wants you to kill. The more you kill, the better you feel. The less you kill, the less better you feel.
Dean: How much less better?
Crowley: One would imagine the least best better.


There are good guys, there are bad guys, and then there’s this jerk!


Metatron! For God sake, the guy is a lunatic. In his pursuit of his new “God” status, he’s willing to let people kill for him, he even provided the weapon… crazy!

Metatron: Quick. Which makes me look more pathetic?
Neil: Why do you want to look pathetic? You just reunited all the angels under the banner of heaven. I mean, that’s like…
Metatron: Winning a People’s Choice Award? Not quite the real deal, now is it?

Castiel and Gadreel


The two angels find a way to get into heaven, only to be locked up as soon as they walk in. Without any other hope, Castiel tries to convince Hannah that he wasn’t responsible for the Angel’s suicides, that Metatron was in fact behind the, but she’s not buying it. So Gadreel does the only thing he can to prove that he cares more about humanity than his own suffering… he sacrifices himself to let Cas break out. At this, Hannah decides that Castiel was telling the truth, and helps him break into Metatron’s office, where he finds the Angel Tablet and destroys it. Without the Tablet’s juice, Metatron goes to Heaven convinced that he’s gonna entrap Cas, but he’s too smart for that and broadcasts Metatron’s evil speech for the whole garrison to hear. Castiel, however, proves that he doesn’t want any other Angel to die, and decides not to kill Metatron, but lock him up in jail instead.

Gadreel: So you said you had a plan of how we might convince them to let us pass.
Cas: Wookiee.
Gadreel: Brother I have  no idea what that means.
Cas: It’s a reference to a very popular film that…never mind.


Dean and Sam


It took Sam a while to accept that his brother was their best chance to defeat Metatron, but he did it.

Sorry I’m a little less than eager to hear that our best chance is arming the warhead and hoping it hits the mark. This is not a bomb we’re talking about, this is my brother.

So, he decides that they will do it together. Dean has other plans though, and leaves his little brother unconscious while he goes to fight the big bad Angel. This doesn’t go well for him… he should at least have listened to the whole plan… so when he gets there, Metatron is still powered by the tablet and Dean has no chance in heaven or hell to defeat him. He takes a pretty bad beating, which culminates with him being stabbed by Metatron, while Sam watches in bewilderment. Metatron gets lost (to deal with the fact that Castiel broke the tablet) and Dean is left to die. Sam tries to get his brother to safety, even though Dean wants him safe and that maybe it’s better this way… the mark as turning him into someone he didn’t want to be… But Sammy is having none of that.


Dean: What happened to you being okay with this?
Sam: I lied.
Dean: Ain’t that a bitch?

They don’t get very far away though, Dean can’t take it no more and stops his brother to say…


I got to say something to you. I’m proud of us.

… and then he dies in his brother’s arms… yep, he dies. And, OMG, I cried my eyes out because watching Sam (Jared Padalecki) cry over the body of his bro was just to much pain. Sam takes Dean home, cleans him up, and puts him in his bed, while he goes to do what Winchester’s do best: drink and bargain. He tries to summon Crowley but to little success.


Damn it, Crowley. You got him into this mess. You will get him out…or so help me, God


Dean and Crowley, pt2


Crowley does not respond to Sam’s summoning, because he’s already there…

Your brother, bless his soul is summoning me as I speak. Make a deal. Bring you back. It’s exactly what I was talking about wasn’t it? It’s all become so… expected. You have to believe me, when I suggested you take on the Mark of Cain I didn’t know this was going to happen. Not really. I mean I might not have told you the entire truth. But I never lied, I never lied Dean. That’s important. It’s fundamental. But, there is one story about Cain that I might have forgotten to tell you. Apparently he too was willing to accept death rather than becoming the killer the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life with the Blade. He died. Except as rumor has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this. Why set hearts aflutter with mere speculation? It wasn’t until you summoned me, no it wasn’t truly till you left the cheeseburger uneaten… and I began to let myself believe, maybe miracles do come true. Listen to me Dean Winchester, what you’re feeling right now is not death, it’s life. A new kind of life. Open your eyes Dean. See what I see. Feel what I feel. Let’s go take a howl at that moon.


Can’t wait for season 10!