Football and Feelings (and why I’ll be planted in front of my tv tonight!)

Well, as you might have guesses by my last few posts, I love Word Cup season! That said, I was really mad when I wrote my last post, so much in fact, that I wrote it in Portuguese, which, in fact, is something that I hadn’t done so far, so, that should give a clue as to the level of my madness!


If you don’t read Portuguese (shame on you =P), it was basically about how disappointed I was (still am) with the people of my country. Contrary to what you may think, and although I was extremely sad about it, I’m not or ever will be disappointed with my national football team. I’m confident that they give their best anytime they’re representing their country, even when they don’t get the results we wished they would. People should stop criticizing everything and start supporting more! ‘Cause it’s not normal that a random, probably not portuguese Tumblr user is more supportive of our player than us!


That said, I’m happy to read that our coach doesn’t plan on quitting, regardless of the results achieved. I’m happy about it because I think blaming everything that goes wrong in a couple of weeks on the coach is a bunch of bullshit, and I would like to see him get our team classified for the Euro 2016.


And because Portugal plays today, and even though our chances are really slim, they still exist, and I believe in the “Selecção das Quinas”! GO PORTUGAL! #IBELIEVE #EUACREDITO #SOMOSSELECÇÃO #SOMOSPORTUGAL