After 24 hours, I arrived!

I’m in Brazil! I’m excited, though it’s hardly my first time here. I came here twice before to visit friends, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. After 3 hours at Lisbon airport, a 10 hour plane ride, a 6 hours wait time and a 5 hours coach ride, we finally arrived… yeah, 24 hours… you read that right!


But now we’re at a small town in the interior of São Paulo and it’s wonderful, it’s family within a magical place full of good weather, a lot of flowers and trees and cattle.

The 10 hours plane journey was quite alright, I finished reading my book (and cleverly had no other at hand, all of the others were in my very huge suitcase), I wrote a lot of blog posts to post at a coming time, I watched 4 episodes of different TV-shows, until my PC battery died and we were almost landing.

When we arrived at São Paulo, a friend picked us up and took us to have dinner at a nearby shopping mall, where I could not help myself and bought 3 new books… I realized that I can’t get inside any bookstore.

When the time finally came for our coach ride, we were very pleasantly surprised by the beds… yep, they have very huge chair that transform into bed, with a pillow and blanket, and I slept for the whole of 5 hours.

We arrived at São José do Rio Preto at 5 a.m. =)

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