Shadowhunters BTS 2 (Malec & Izzy!)

Yesterday, some more photos on set were released…

First we had Emeraude Toubia Isabelle in white, for the Pandemonium scene, and I have to say, I’m really liking her vibe, I feel is very Isabelle-ish. Yes, in the book she wears a long dress, but just to cover the runes, which here are shown considerably faded (which I’m sure they will explain on the episode).

Then, a photo of a photo of Magnus was shared… And I’m starting to get curious, because from all the photos I would guess that they were shooting the Pandemonium scene, where we all know, Magnus wasn’t present, but hey, we have a picture of Magnus!

Then we had a glimpse of Kat and Alberto as Clary and Simon at Pandemonium:

After that, McG teased on twitter that he would show a Malec picture… if we behaved…

And now we have it!!!!

=D It’s kind of incredible that a Malec photo had more hype about it than the Clace one, but hey, Malec is everybody’s big ship, so I’m super cool with that. I actually think they both look nice. I’m a bit disappointed with the eyes… Magnus eyes are not catlike, and they really have to be, obviously this is a BTS, not a still, so it’s probable that this is not their final product. Alec’s eyes should be blue, but hey, Matthew Daddario has gorgeous eyes as it is, so I’m ok with that.

And now this… wow…

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