2016 Reading Challenges: First Trimester Update


Hello! As I had said at the beginning of the year, I’m doing 2 reading challenges: the Goodreads Reading Challenge, where I’m aiming for 75 books  and the Popsugar Reading Challenge. I’ll do a quick update here on the state of both challenges.


Starting with the easier one here… so I set myself the goal of 75 books back in January, GR_2016and now I’m kind of thinking that I might have to change that. See, It’s the beginning of April, and I’m 43 books ahead of schedule and I’m 83% done with my challenge. So I’m guessing that I should up this challenge soon, because I’ll probably be done this month or in May.


So far I’ve completed 16 of the 40 categories of this challenge, so I think I’ve been doing good 🙂 . Of course that now the ones left are the hardest, but I won’t think of that.

1. A book based on a fairy tale


2. A National Book Award winner

3. A YA bestseller


4. A book you haven’t read since high school

5. A book set in your home state


6. A book translated to English

7. A romance set in the future


8. A book set in Europe


9. A book that’s under 150 pages


10. A New York Times bestseller


11. A book that’s becoming a movie this year

12. A book recommended by someone you just met

13. A self-improvement book

14. A book you can finish in a day


15. A book written by a celebrity

16. A political memoir

17. A book at least 100 years older than you

18. A book that’s more than 600 pages

19. A book from Oprah’ Book Club

20. A science-fiction novel

21. A book recommended by a family member

22. A graphic novel

23. A book that is published in 2016


24.A book with a protagonist who has your occupation

25. A book that takes place during summer


26. A book and its prequel


27. A murder mystery


28. A book written by a comedian

29. A dystopian novel

30. A book with a blue cover


31. A book of poetry

32. The first book you see in a bookstore

33. A classic from the 20thcentury

34. A book from the library

35. An autobiography

36. A book about a road trip


37. A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with

38. A satirical book

39. A book that takes place on an island


40. A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy


31 thoughts on “2016 Reading Challenges: First Trimester Update

  1. Emma The Book Lover says:

    WOW you are doing so good in both challenges! I love this little update to see some of your favourites of the year so far in the mix!

  2. Sara @ freadomlibrary says:

    63 books?! You’re a machine!! I didn’t take the time to add all your amazing reading months so obviously you’re super far ahead in schedule. I feel like you could hit 100 books this year 👏🏻🙌🏻

  3. readersandmore says:

    You’re doing great! I’m like way behind on Goodreads. I just can’t remember to put the books I’ve read on there so now I’m way behind. Good thing I didn’t sign up for another challenge!! Or maybe I did…

  4. Word Wonders says:

    *applauding you* Your progress on the Goodreads challenge is amazing, Bravo ! it’s time to up it a bit 😀
    I wish I could read as fast as you. I think I am 6 or 7 books ahead (I set my goal to 50).
    I thought about joining the popsugar challenge but since it’s my first time doing challenges I didn’t want to take up more than I can handle.

    • My Tiny Obsessions says:

      that’s a smart move. I did the popsugar one last year, and I didn’t finish it. It’s still fun to try to fit books into categories and expand the reading to books you wouldn’t normally go for. I upped my challenge to 125 books yesterday 😉 (I’m still 30 books ahead though)

  5. wonderfilledreads says:

    Awesome job on your reading challenges! I’m seriously jealous of your Goodreads challenge. I thought I was doing good just being ahead on mine by two books but you’ve totally killed me on that, haha!

  6. Amy says:

    You have read 62 books in just over 3 months? Are you lowkey superwoman? What is this magical power??!!!? Congrats on doing so well girl! 😄😄

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