Fantastic Four (2015)

After years of speculation, it was finally revealed a awhile back that The Fantastic Four will make their way into the big screen… again! And it’s a reboot, obviously… there’s no way they could keep up with those horrible couple of movies… So, it’s good news, I’m always up for sme superhero movie, if it’s good, which the first couple weren’t (not unlike The Hulk!). The movie is set to hit the theaters June 19, 2015.

The main cast was also revealed: Michael B. Jordan will be starring as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and Kate Mara has closed a deal to play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, Johnny’s big sister. Miles Teller will be Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Jamie Bell will play Ben Grimm/The Thing.

This is definitely a different kind of cast. First, they are all so much younger, and I guess that’s the point, right? I love Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, but for the life of me, how are they going to spin the fact that the Storms are brother and sister? I’m not seeing it…

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