My Top 20 TV couples

»» New Top 20 TV Couples – 20 to 16 ; 15 to 11; 10 to 6 and 5 to 1 ««

Here’s my top choices for couples of TV shows and it’s so hard to choose…


1. Monica & Chandler (Courteney Cox & Matthew Perry) – Friends

They started out as friends, great friends, they had the closest boy-girl friendship of the group right from episode 1. They knew each other’s biggest secrets, they were always sitting close, holding hands, comforting one another. But it wasn’t ’till the end of season 4 that things moved forward… In a twist that no one saw coming, Chandler and Monica hooked up in London on the night before Ross’s wedding to Emily, and even though they decided that it was something that should be left in London, their return to NY saw the beginning of the more stable, adult and committed relationship of the show! They dated in secret for a few months, after 1 year decided to live together, 1 year after they proposed to each other, at the end of season 7 they tied the knot and the last episode of season 10 saw the birth of their adopted twins!

Why are they my favorite TV couple?! Chandler is the only man on TV to have successfully escape the “Friend Zone”; they never broke up when things got hard; he faced his fear of commitment; they dealt with being in a secret relationship, coming out, finding out they weren’t able to conceive and went through an adoption process, … They’re the best!


You’re a little high maintenance. I’m sorry. You’re not easy-going, but you’re passionate, and that’s good. And when you get upset about the little things, I think that I’m pretty good about making you feel better about that. And that’s good too. So, they can say that you’re high maintenance, but it’s okay, because I like … maintaining you.

I wondered if I would ever find my prince, my soul mate. Then three years ago, at another wedding I turned to a friend for comfort. And instead, I found everything that I’d ever been looking for my whole life. And now…here we are…with our future before us…and I only want to spend it with you, my prince, my soul mate, my friend.

I thought this was going to be the most difficult thing I had to do, but when I saw you walking down the aisle I realized how simple it was. I love you. Any surprises that come our way, it’s okay, because I will always love you. You are the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with.

My wife’s an incredible woman. She’s loving and devoted and caring. And don’t tell her I said this but the woman’s always right… I love my wife more than anything in this world. And I… It kills me that I can’t give her a baby… I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes, I’ll learn how to be a good dad. But my wife… she’s already there. She’s a mother… without a baby…

2. Chloe & Oliver (Allison Mack & Justin Hartley) – Smallville

Also known as Watch Tower and Green Arrow, this romance just took us by surprise… Ollie was a womanizer, who was still pinning for Lois (his BFF’ girl), and Chloe, who had lost Jimmy not that long ago, was all work and no play! So it started with a casual thing between two people who wanted to have a little fun, but it turned out that they fell for each other, hard, which lead to him almost loosing everything when she disappeared  and to them having a drunk wedding on the night of Clark and Lois’s bachelor/bachelorette parties. They stuck to their move and when she left to Star City, he followed her! 😉 In season 11 (comics) they continue to work together and she gets pregnant.


Oliver… I never thought I’d have to tell you how I feel about us, because the smile on my lips when I looked at you… pretty much said it all. But now that you won’t be seeing it anymore, I’ll have to use words to tell you. I’ve never loved anyone the way I’ve loved you. And I never will again. You will always be my brightest star, my knight in shining leather, my hero.

It’s the best decision, I don’t remember making.

3. Piper & Leo (Holly Marie Combs & Brian Krause) – Charmed

I’m a big Charmed fan, mostly from season 4 on! Piper and Leo love is epic! Destiny! They didn’t have it easy, she was a charmed one, he was her whitelighter, the Elders didn’t want them together, but they eventually get married and have a kid! Then comes trouble… he becomes an Elder, then he goes a bit crazy, then becomes an Avatar and finally becomes mortal, only so she has to loose him in order to save him! Through all this, with their ups and downs, they never stop loving each other.


Piper, through all the tears and struggles, I always knew in my heart that we’d make it here. I promise to love and respect you from this point forward as your husband, as my wife, my lover, my friend, and my soul mate. All I am is yours.

Leo, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was afraid that you were too good to be true, that maybe I didn’t deserve someone so pure and beautiful and loving as you are. But here we are surrounded by the people that I love the most and I feel so proud, and so blessed to be your wife. Leo, I was born to love you and I always will.

Heart to thee, body to thee, always and forever, so mote it be.


4. Lois & Clark (Erica Durance & Tom Welling) – Smallville

These 2 are the best! They meet in season 4 and the first time she sees him, he’s naked… But back then there was still Lana in the picture and Lois and Clark bickered a lot… They eventually become friends but it’s not before she dates almost every superhero he knows that they fall for each other. She kisses him in season 6 (thinking that it’s Ollie behind the Green Arrow get up) but only realizes that she’s in love with him in season 8. But it’s not until season 9 that they begin dating (aleluia!)! After hitting a rough patch because she thinks the Blur is another guy entirely, she learns the truth and the two become engaged and even have a wedding in the series finale (although it doesn’t happen just then!).


I wanted these vows to be perfect, but perfection’s a hard thing to get your hands on. But life is meant to be a little messy. And when it comes to love, it’s like my dad always said when it comes to the army. You only sign up if it’s the only thing you can ever imagine doing, and Clark I can not imagine spending a moment of my life without you, so I promise that I will always have your back as you will always have mine. You’re my best friend, you’re my home, you are my true love and I am yours and will be forever.

I, Clark Kent, take you, Lois Lane, to be my companion, forever. With you by my side I will never be alone. Though the world sees a strong and independent woman, I’ve never known someone with such gentle grace and more pure heart. When I’ve been lost you’ve always been there to bring me back, so on this day, at this moment, I pledge the rest of my life to you. You’ve always believed in me, and I believe in you. When you believe in someone it’s not for a minute, or just for now, it’s forever.

5. Marshall & Lily (Jason Segel & Alyson Hannigan) – How I Met Your Mother

What a crazy crazy crazy couple! Brilliant! What’s left to say?! They named their kid Marvin -Wait for it- Eriksen!!!!


If I could nail a celebrity it would be Lily. She’s the star of my heart.

For me it would be Hugh Jackman.

6. Chuck & Sarah (Zachary Levi & Yvonne Strahovski) – Chuck

They are supposed to be in a fake relationship, but he falls for her, so hard! And it’s the geek and the beauty… and then she falls for him too! They eventually start dating, get married and set up their own business… but in a twist that had me crying the whole episode, she loses every memory she has of him =( !!! But they end up together (even if he remembers the last years and she doesn’t!).


I love Chuck Bartowski and I don’t know what to do about it.

7. Richard Castle & Kate Beckett (Nathan Filion & Stana Katic) – Castle

After 4 long years of a “will they, won’t they” dynamic  in the season 4 ending they finally did it! And it wasn’t just a one time thing, no, they’re in a relationship and they look so cute, all in love, with their “handshakes”,…


Every morning I bring you a cup of coffee, just so I can see a smile on your face. Because I think you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating, person I’ve ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you, if you care about me at all, just don’t do this.

8. Robin & Barney (Cobie Smulders & Neil Patrick Harris) – How I Met Your Mother

It took them long enough to get that they were perfect for each other and then they broke up! But then, with one of the most amazing proposals in TV history, Barney proposed to Robin, leaving his womanizing days behind him!


Step 1: Admit to yourself that you still have feelings for this girl.
Step 2: Choose the completely wrong moment to make a drunken move after hanging out at a strip club… and get shot down on purpose.
Step 3: Agree that you two don’t work, locking the door on any future you could have together, which will drive Robin nuts.
Step 4: Robin goes nuts.
Step 5: Find the person who annoys Robin most in the world and ask for her help. Explain everything to Patrice and hope she agrees to help.
Step 6: Check with your doctor about possible broken ribs.
Step 7: Pretend to be dating Patrice.
Step 8:Wait until Robin inevitably breaks into your place to find The Playbook and show it to Patrice, which you’ll monitor via the hidden cameras you have in your apartment.
Step 9: After Patrice “finds” The Playbook, have your first “big fight.”
Step 10: Prove your loyalty to Patrice by burning The Playbook, and actually burn it. You don’t need it anymore.
Step 11: Because your friends have no boundaries, they’ll inevitably have an intervention for Robin, which you’ll monitor via the hidden cameras you have in Marshall and Lily’s apartment.
Step 12: Tell only Ted about your plan to propose to Patrice.
Step 13: Wait and see if Ted tells Robin. And if he does, it means your best bro in the world has let go of Robin and has given you his blessing.
Step 14: Robin arrives at her favorite spot in the city and finds the secret final page of The Playbook… the last play you’ll ever run.
Step 15: Robin realizes she’s standing underneath mistletoe.
Step 16: Hope she says yes.

9. Scotty & Kevin (Luke Macfarlane & Matthew Rhys) – Brothers & Sisters

They were so adorable together! Need say more?! (and how hot is Luke Macfarlane?!)


Kevin, I don’t love you because of how much money you make or because you can take care of me. I love you because your heart is bigger than your very annoying brain. And even if you did want to be competitive with me it wouldn’t make sense. Because you’re the reason I am who I am now.

10. Ellie Bartowski & Devon ‘Captain Awesome’ Woodcomb (Sarah Lancaster & Ryan McPartlin) – Chuck

They have the kind of relationship everyone wishes for! They’re supportive  attentive, sweet and they are both really hot! (Ryan McPartlin appears shirtless in many many episodes – thank GOD!).


Whoa. Whoa! Stop right there. You are Eleanor Bartowski-Woodcomb. PHD. MD. The brainiest, sexiest, kick-assiest woman I have ever known. You’re not just anything, Ellie. You’re Mrs. Awesome.

11. Elena & Damon (Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder) – The Vampire Diaries

She started by dating his brother, but the chemistry between Elena and Damon was always something off the charts. Now they are officially a couple – although I guess in last night episode he kind off gave up on her… They’re super cute together (the chemistry might just be because they are really together in real life). I’m a Delena fan! Stefan and Elena together are just boring…


You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger…  I want you to get everything you’re looking for.

12. Leonard & Penny (Johnny Galecki & Kaley Cuoco)– The Big Bang Theory

One just have to love these two! He loved, she didn’t, then she did, they tried, but she felt pressured and they broke up. Then he started dating, she realized she made a huge mistake and then they slowly get back together. How amazing is that?!

The Tangible Affection Proof

I know I propose a lot. So, how about this: I promise I will never ask you to marry me again. If someday you decide you want to get married, you have to propose to me.It’s all on you. But I gotta tell you, when the time comes, I want the whole 9 yards, I want you down on one knee, flowers, I want to be swept of my feet. And I’m cool with surprises, but nothing on the jumbo tron, I don’t want to cry in a big screen like that.

13. Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo (Emilia Clarke & Jason Mamoa) – Game of Thrones

It started out as an arranged marriage with a lot of (not so consensual) sex. They didn’t even speak the same language! But she learns it in time and they grow to love each other, a lot! She’s left devastated with his death and loses their unborn child in the process.


Moon of my life.”

“My Sun and Stars.

14. Lexie & Mark (Chyler Leigh & Eric Dane) – Grey’s Anatomy

For me, the best couple ever on Grey’s and the reason I stopped watching the show after they broke them up because of Callie’s pregnancy. And then after they make the fans think that everything is going to be fine between them, BAM!!!, they go and kill Lexie and obvious, then they had to kill Mark, because it made absolutely no sense for him to live… what a shame! =(


I’ve always been in love with you. I’ll always be in love with you. Which is why you have to stay alive. We’re going to get married. You’ll be an amazing surgeon. We’ll have kids.

15. Angela & Hodgins (Michaela Conlin & T.J. Thyne) – Bones

How perfect are these 2?! When we think of Bones, we immediately think of Booth and Brennan, but I think that, as couples go, Angela and Hodgins are more right than the main twosome. They even get the most original of weddings: they get married in a jail cell!


Angela, or whatever your name is … I’m your guy.

16. Lois & Clark (Teri Hatcher & Dean Cain) – Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Before there was Smallville, there was L&C: The New Adventures of Superman. Super shy Clark eventually wins over the bossy and stubborn Lois, and she becomes torn between the 2 man she loves, only to come to the conclusion that they one in the same. After many obstacles, like amnesia and time travelling, they finally get married and adopt a baby in the end of the show.

Both Teri and Dean later guest-stared in Smallville: Dean as Dr. Knox and Teri as Lois mother.


Who’s asking, Clark or Superman?

Speaking of which, when were you planning on telling me? The honeymoon? Our first anniversary? When the kids started flying around the house?

17. Zoe & Wash (Gina Torres & Alan Tudyk) – Firefly

She’s the tough one in their marriage and it worked great! They were so happy… unfortunately, after the abrupt end of this great TV show, Wash gets killed in Serenity, leaving Zoe heartbroken…


I’m a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

18. Lorelai & Luke (Lauren Graham & Patterson) – Gilmore Girls

Who didn’t love Lorelai and Luke together? But they had a tough time, until they finally started to patch things up in the series finale.


Yeah, they were lucky. I guess if you can find that one person, you know, who’s willing to put up with all your crap, and doesn’t want to change you or dress you or you know, make you eat French food, then marriage can be all right. But that’s only if you find that person.

19. Veronica & Kevin (Shanola Hampton & Steve Howey) – Shameless

In a show full of dysfunctional relationships and crazy people, they manage to be a bit more normal than the rest, if you don’t account for all the porn they video broadcast.


I just wish you’d given me a heads up before I went with the whole whore thing. I don’t want our kids first impression of you to be that you’re a whore.

20. Emmett & Bay (Sean Berdy & Vanessa Marano) – Switched at Birth

I know they’re not together right now, but I’m still hoping! They were so great together…


I will always come find you.

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