The trouble of reading Harry Potter 7 in public

I usually do all (or most of) my reading in the bus and on the train on my way to and from college (work). This is usually not a problem, unless I’m reading Harry Potter…


Well, the other day I was finishing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I had to stop, put down my sunglasses and make an great effort not to sob uncontrollably… Dumbledore has just died! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is way worst. I manage do keep my calm during all the Ron and Harry drama, sobbed a little when he came back and destroyed the Horcrux, but the day before yesterday I was sitting comfortably and all of the sudden Fred died, and oh my God! It took all I had not to make a scene, I quietly cleaned my tears and put the book away.


But today, here I was coming to work on a Sunday (good thing the train was quite empty) and Snape dies! This is a really big problem… Such a sad book! =(


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